Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hola Como Estas Familia,
I have arrived at the Mexico MTC, It was about an hour ago that our bus finally showed up. I have learned one new word since I have arrived here. It would be the Lovely word of El Gringo. We hadn't even gotten off the bus before we had all been called Gringo over Viente times.
I got to travel from Salt Lake to Dallas, with 9 other guys who are going to Osorno with me, and I am staying in the same appartment with the guy who added me back on facebook! Also, we traveled with the elders who were going to Georgia, who hadn't gotten their visas for Argentina yet. The guy who I sat next to on first plane was to what I believe LDS and we had a nice conversation as we saw the sun rise until he fell asleep.
Once in Dallas, I didn't think we were going to have 9 elders trudge around, so I didn't try to place any Book of Mormons in the airport... But we did have McDonalds! :)
The second plane I sat next to Elder Dower (The guy who added me on facebook) I was hoping that he would be my companion but it didn't happen the way I wanted, I am companion to Elder Robertson, and he has been way fun all day as well, so I am very excited for the next 7 weeks to come to pass!
The reason why I say "welcome to Jail" is because there is one way in and one way out of the MTC and it is through an armed gate that is watched 24/7. Guess I am stuck here... Just kidding! :) but there is a big cinderblock wall along the outside, and then on top of that a chainlink fence, and on top of that barbed wire! Wow... Yeah, that's prison for sure!
On the upper side, it is Beautiful here, although it is very smoggy! It is the temperature of 70 degrees or so, and it just feels like heaven! It is crazy to see all of these elders and sisters here to serve the Lord! I can't wait to see the struggle of what is going to happen this week, and hope it isn't too hard. Even if it is tough, I'll just have to remember a scripture that Juan told me when I was a teacher, that I almost put on my plaque. Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me"
I Love you all, tell everyone I say Hola and hope you guys have a wonderful week!
From the Land where the Elders can't Check out the Sisters and the Sisters somehow already speak spanish...
Love Always,
Elder Holt
P.S. I haven't unpacked yet, so that is why there are no pictures. But I will find and get them up next week, unless I forgot something... Love you!

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