Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 19 Working brings miracles

Wow Wow Wow what an AMAZING week! 

Hello everyone, thank you for partaking in reading of my email/blog today! I just want you to know this is a special email! Why you ask? Well go ahead and read it! 

First off, last week, in Elder Josh Nelson's letter home, he said some things that really hit hard on me! One of them was, "Why is God going to send you people who are ready for the Gospel, if you aren't working?" or something along those lines... So with my new Companion Elder Whitaker, we have been working SUPER HARD! Like not even a joke! In my zone we have a goal of 10 contacts a day, and with Elder Walker, we didn't contact much, but we have gotten 10+ everyday with Elder Whitaker!! We have met some CRAZY people and a lot of new people who are ready to hear the Gospel! Wow, like I don't even know how to describe it! :)

So speaking of new companions, let me say something... I HATE CHANGE! But if the world never changed it would be Super Boring! He is a good guy! He has been here for 6 months, before he studied at BYU for a year in Chemical Engineering and all that fun stuff  but he LOVES to sing! I was secretly praying my next companion would Love to sing, and because of that, we have a duet in the priesthood session of Stake Conference this Saturday night!! Woot! That'll be fun! But over all he is a Hard worker and I know we are gonna have Success and Baptisms this Cambio!! 

Okay, I want to say how Amazing my President is. President Rappleye is such a Stud and has So many AWESOME experiences to help out the missionaries! After General Conference I was going through my notes and I came across something that Elder Scott had said that I wrote down, "Repentance is not Bad, it is Super Good" or along those lines, and after reading that I felt like I had the need to go talk to President, I did that and holy cow... Spirit Change. I feel the spirit like crazy right now!! So I want to share to the world, REPENTANCE IS NOT BAD!!! It Brings the Spirit into your life and you can be Clean of ANY sin!! Jesus Christ went through the Atonement so ALL human beings can be clean of any faults and how Lucky are we to have a Savior like him! I will Eternally and Forever be so Grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ!

 And hopefully I can have more talks with President! :) (Obviously for Other Reasons)

So this past Thursday we thought it was Thanksgiving, so I liked the Pizza idea, we called a New York Pizza, and had them deliver us a hawaiian pizza! SOOOOO GOOD!! IT was like the States and YUUUMMMM Then we realized that Thanksgiving was this week, so looks like we are gonna have to do it again... :) 

I ended up getting the package today!! This one came super fast! Why don't they all just come this fast?!? 

From what I hear, I am positive we will be skyping one month from today, but I will ask President if we can use Google+

We don't have a lake by us, we have a river! So that was just a river from last sunday! (last week's fishing picture)

No way!! Sacrament sounds like it was super awesome! It was cool to see Kelly DeHaun, because he was the one who directed the Murray/Cottonwood Choir this past year, he also helped with All State! Then we saw him on the Priesthood Session directing the boys from Murray! That was super cool!! Our Sacrament was super cool! It was our Primary Program, it was ten times better than the Las Vegas ward! The very last number that was sung was the song "A Child's Prayer" I think that is one of my favorite primary songs, I think a lot of the people's eyes were wet after that one, I almost had some tears too! The primary sang the first verse, then the relief society pres, the 2nd counselor of the bishopric, and the ward secretary sang the second verse and then they all sang the 1st verse again! The Spirit was there and yesterday was probably the first day I have felt the Spirit on Sunday here in Chile, because usually its never as good as yesterday!! 

Speaking of how awesome Yesterday was, remember Daniela from a couple weeks ago?? Well I wanted to take Elder Whitaker with me over there, because I felt like he could help! So we had been trying all weekend! Then last night, we had divisions with Papito Chaipul and Papito Delgado, I felt the Spirit tell me to go to Daniela's with Papito Delgado, so we did! We went over there and her sons were playing fùtball outside, and so I came up and was super friendly with them and asked if their mom was home, they said yes and went inside to get her! We waited for like 5 minutes and finally we rang the doorbell, and after another 2 minutes she came out! We ended up going in, and then making the connection that Daniela and Papito Delgado know each other because their son's had been in the same class at school! WOW! How did that work! So they chatted it up a bit, and then her husband came home! Then we started talking about their religion and our religion, we started into lesson one with "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" and then Prayer, I felt impressed to share my prayer experience about reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it for the first time when I was 15 and the guy was SUPER curious! We are going to give him a Book of Mormon this week! I think we have 4 future baptisms right there!! The Spirit was SOOOO Strong there last night! I hope they felt it as well!! 

Then today, we had this awesome idea, right after we are done emailing here, we will be going over to a park, and we are going to draw the Plan of Salvation on the ground with Chalk, but we are doing it with Daniela because she is an Artist! Super awesome! So its fun and a lesson! Hopefully it will make others interested as well!! :) Don't worry, there will be a lot of pictures!! 

Super Jealous of your Donuts, Super Jealous of Jen and Nate in Cali, hope they are enjoying Disneyland today! I got a Christmas letter from Jed and Ally today! From Cali! :) Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Super Jealous of Dad's new Skiing business, and Brandon for skyping with my friends and hearing about it.... But I know you are ALL Jealous of me, because I get the chance for the next year and a half to just preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not have to worry about Money, school, work, friends, or family because I know that God will be taking care of all of you while I am gone! 

I know that if you work, the Lord really does line you up with people who are ready for the Gospel! Be ready for some Crazy emails in the next 6 weeks!! 

I Love you all so much!! 

Elder Connor Holt

Pictures: Well, I would have pictures, but I think that a virus just killed my card... So help me, if that is the case.... We are in trouble and this Elder is gonna be one un happy man.... GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 18 Chocolate Donuts are NOT Dunford Chocolate Donuts

Yo yo yo What's up my Homie G's?

So okay here is the scoop, Chocolate Donuts here, are NOT and I repeat NOT Dunford donuts... So Someone needs to talk to Brother Stevens and get him contracting with Lider in Chile, because I was VERY disappointed every morning this past week, when I bought a package of "Donuts Chocolate" and they come with 10 little packages. Me thinkings, "oh sweet they will have like 3 donuts each!" Nope, it ends up being 5 SMALL cookies... NOT Donuts.... Super Bummed.

Other than that, it really has been a slow week, not to much has happened. It was the week, before Transfers so we were all getting excited this past weekend to see whats going down, and so I will get a new companion on Wednesday, I think his name is Elder Whittinger or something along the lines, not real sure who he is, no one I've talked to knows him. So I guess we'll see what is going on! But I am staying here in Camino Real and leading the sector! Woot Woot! Super stoked to be out of my training now and start the Real schedule of a missionary, and what not! Elder Walker is going down south to Puerto Mont, that is where I guess I was going to go, but I am staying, kinda a bummer the Elder Connor's are being broken up, but it will be fine in the end! :) New Companions means, New Adventures! 

Sounds like being a Missionary in the Philippines right now would be SUPER sick! Half of my prayers are praying that the Volcanos will erupt so that the people here will be humbled a little bit, or Earth Quakes I didn't even think of that! But see, I have been told all my life there is going to be a Huge Earth Quake in Salt Lake, Hasn't happened... But with my luck its gonna happen while I am NOT in Salt Lake *Knock on Wood* Although those stories of all the prayers being answered is SO cool and awesome to know that God is watching out for us all! 

OH! By the way my Teeth have been Hurting since last Tuesday *wink wink* Yeah got the package finally! The Candy was still good, and gone by Tuesday night and I am sure the medicine will be gone by Christmas I have already used it on my muscles and it feels so good, so instead of taking Ibuprofen when I am sore, I just rub some of that on and I am A okay! 

Ummmm With Daniela last week, well ha about that... We went right after we were done writing to go talk to her, but when she said her husband wasn't home, we got a really bad feeling, but she wanted us to come in still, she insisted, we told her that we couldn't and then finally she said, if you don't come in now, then you won't come in ever. So we were kinda bummed that we lost an investigator, but when the Spirit leaves, so do we! 

On Saturday we attended the baptism of the boy who has the menos activa mother, it was super awesome! Super Apostate, but super awesome! Elder Walker and I got to be the guys who watch and see if he goes all the way under or not. That was super cool, then after he was baptized he came out of the water and started Screaming with his hands up for Joy! It was super funny, which then got all of the other little primary kids jumping for joy running up to the font and trying to climb over and get into the water! So Elder Walker and I had to pull them off and close the doors super fast! While we are closing the doors the boy is going up the stairs still with his hands up screaming for Joy! It was super funny! Then after the end of the service there was a little girl who gave the closing prayer and I thought she was just giving her testimony because thats pretty much what she did instead of praying. It was pretty crazy hahaha! But in reality, I know we shouldn't come out screaming for Joy after Baptism, because it should be reverent, but I look at that as an example. Because why not Scream for Joy? After Baptism you are clean of ALL of your sins, it does not matter what in the world you have done, you are clean! Then after every Sunday you have that same chance to become Clean after taking the Sacrament, what a blessing we have to be in this church! I Love it so  so  so much! :)

Yesterday, all of Chile had church at 10 for only an hour because it was the day that they voted for president! So that was pretty cool! Only have sacrament! Then we were lucky enough to have the Primary program of the other ward, since we combined both wards together! It was pretty sweet! I Loved it! Since there are only like 8 kids in their primary every kid had to give like 2 talks, yes talks not little sayings, it was pretty sweet! But then they ended it early because sacrament was only an hour! Then this next Sunday we have our Ward Primary Program! Woo! :) 

Last night since Elder Walker is leaving on Wednesday we ended up spending the night with the Chaipul Family, and they were going fishing down at the big river by their house, so they were digging for Worms, and so we helped them and decided to go with them! It was super cool! Their fishing poles were... Different, (Look at the picture) They used a can, fishing string, and a hook and bolt. Then they use a stick for the pole! It was super cool, I am trying to upload a video of it now to Drop Box! Hopefully it will be done before we have to go! It was super cool! It started to Rain/Mist on us, and then before we left the sun came out and made a FULL Rainbow Right in front of us on the other side of the River, in fact there were TWO! It was Super cool and Super Beautiful! I definitely got pictures and yeah, then after that we had an Amazing Sunset! Like, it was just a perfect way to end the night! I Loved it! :) 

Today was kinda a stressful P-day, we started out by printing the emails and then going down to central, I pulled out 50 mil which is about $100 then we went to print pictures, and I bought christmas gifts, after we went to the mall and we were going to eat with the Zone, when we remembered that the post office place closes soon! So we had to Run down get the pictures and run to the post office to send everything! So I ended up sending about $70.00 worth of Mail today... But you will see why in a couple weeks when it gets home, ummmm in the letter to you guys, there is two pictures, one for Mom and Dad, and the other is for Brandon! Ally and Jen have one going to their house! Just so you know though, I forgot to put the Letter with the package in the package, so I put it behind the pictures, DON'T READ it or it will Spoil what is inside of the packages coming....... Or you can just read it and yeah... Just know that I lied about Carter and Logan (sorry Boys, there was nothing here for you...) Then we finished by eating lunch at the mall by ourselves and hitting up Lider for food and then came home and Elder Walker got a Haircut, and now we are here. It has been super crazy! 

Oh yeah, and at the Mall today, it was super sweet! We saw a Nativity Set! It was pretty cool! I was like hey, thats a Nativity set! The only place you would see that in the states is on Temple Square, as we got Closer we noticed something was missing, .... Can you tell what it is?? .... I was like "Where is da Baby Jesus Man?!?!?!" It was pretty funny! So hopefully they will get that there before Christmas...

Anyways, that was the week, kinda slow and low I know... But this week is gonna be Great! I feel a lot more success coming on this next Cambio with Elder Whittiger (or however you spell it) 

I Love you all So much! Thank you for the emails and the letters, they help me a ton and make Mondays SOOOO much better! :)))

From the South Pole,

Elder Connor Holt
Chilean fishing pole

 The Beautiful Rainbow that was right in Front of us, it was barley just big enought that my camera couldn't catch the whole thing.... :/

The Crazy Sunset after the Rainbow, Loved it!! :) 

The Nativity Set with No Baby Jesus!!! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week:(My Favorite Number)

Hello Friendly people from Murray, Utah, and everywhere else around the World that reads this,

How are things back home? :) Things here are just dandy!! :) I first off need to reply to a few things! 

Christmas has hit here in Chile as well, which REALLY throws me off because there in no Snow?! What? No White Christmas?? That is gonna be hard for two years... But the Mall was decked out today and Lider has a whole christmas section as well! 

I did hear about the Phillipeans, just right before I read your email though, I read Chris's and sounds like he had a fun trip through the storm, but it wasn't nearly as bad as they were expecting! But that isn't good about the missing elder! Hopefully they can find him!! 

Zone Conference picture: Me, Elder Clawson, Elder Barney, and Elder Nielson

I still haven't got the package yet... Which means the candy corn is gonna be super hard!! :/ 

Our primary may do a program I am not sure, they once sung in Sacrament a couple weeks ago, yeah they sing songs like the states that are just translated in Spanish so that is super cool as well! :) 

Thank you for the pictures, I got em printed off today and in my book! 

Okay.... Now for a Crazy week! 

So it starts on Tuesday, after P-day. We had Inter Cambios with the elders in our House who serve in Rahue Alto. I got to lead my sector and be with Elder Jauregui (District Leader from Mexico) He really doesn't know a TON of English, so the entire day we were pretty much talking in Spanish... That was fun! I Hope that in a week, when we have transfers I am with a Latino Comp. So that my Spanish will come faster! But we contacted a TON! He is a Contact master, and so we talked to tons of people, we talked with two people at their doors and gave them pamphlets and set up lessons to go back and talk to them on Thursday! So that was an exciting day! 

Wednesday was SUPER cool! We had Divisions with ward members, they are both Identical Twins, and something cool is Camino Real has two sets of Identical Twins in the ward! 2 are 23 and 2 are 4! That is pretty exciting! But anyways we went on Divisions and it was starting to get cold around night time when we were out, but I decided we should go and contact part of our sector that is kinda out of the way, so we don't go over there much. Phillepe and I weren't having much success and it was almost time to end our divisions, so I told him. We have 15 minutes we HAVE to give out 1 pamphet! He was down, so the very next house we knocked, a woman answered! I started to talk to her, and then she said she was Evengelicast, but I didn't let that stop me that the woman from a couple weeks ago, I used that to my advantage and started asking her questions! Anyways before we left we ended up setting up a Cita (appt.) for Saturday and giving her the Restoration Pamphlet!! Woot! That was a Success!!  

Thursday it started to Rain and didn't stop until Saturday night! we went out in the Rain ready to serve! We took off to the other side of the sector and were looking for something to do, since there weren't a whole lot of people outside because of the rain, we went and gave a Menas Activa a lesson, so that was super cool! :) After we went to Both of the people who we met up with on the inter cambio with Elder Jauregui, but they ended up being your Typical Chilean and not even coming to the door.... Bummer. We ended the night at the church with a Oncè with the leaders of the ward which was sweet! We drank our Matè Tea bags, while they all drank their Matè! :)

Friday rolls around and the entire day we were getting ready for the English Class that we set up last week! Elder Walker being a downer didn't want to do it because he says no one ever shows up... So I had to keep pushing it because we want change in our sector! So we put a little propiganda up last week and it was sweet! 7:00 rolls around and so we were at the church all set up but no one was there... By 7:15 the Chaipul Family showed up and that was super sweet! So we ended up just teaching them, but that was super fun! I blame the rain, because whenever it rains here, no one goes anywhere since people don't drive, they don't want to walk in the rain! Ha! Afterwards, we had a Family night with the Chaipuls and the Twins who we did divisions with and the Mom of the Twins who isn't a member! We talked all about Preservierence (Killed that) in Spanish its perseverar! I shared a cool experience about Swimming, that would have been So much cooler for everyone else if I could Speak Spanish better, but I think I got the point across! 

Then on Saturday we went off to work and when we first started the day, we were planning on going to a baptism for the Zone Leaders! So to go, you have to bring an Investigator, so when we went out we stopped at a Menas Activas house and asked her and her Non member Daughter if they would want to go with us, we would pick them up at 4:30 and they said they would love to! So we left it was about 3:30 and so we decided we were going to go visit the lady who I contacted on Wednesday, Elder Walker didn't really want to walk all the way over there for someone who wasn't going to answer her door. But I pulled him along! As we got there I yelled at the door, and then a boy answered, and we asked if his mom was home, and he said yes and went to get her, she didn't come for like 5 or 6 minutes so we thought that they were just pulling a joke on us, and seeing how long it was going to take to get the missionaries to leave... But then she showed up and let us in! We asked if there was a man presant and she said yes, so we went in. I looked at the clock and saw it was3:45, so I knew we only had a little bit, we started to answer her questions, she had SOO many and then I looked at my watch and it was 4:15 it felt like 5 minutes! Then after another 5 minutes it was really 5:15 and when we finally left it was 6:15... So we definitely blew off the Baptism... But at this lesson with this lady I felt the spirit super strong! We are going back today to go teach her again and have oncè with her family!! We then after that went back to the Menas Activas house and started to talk with them, when some kids came by and wanted her daughter to come out and play, so we ended up talking with them, then they made up holla hoop and play games with them, and so we did! We found out that they still ended up going to the baptism even without us, and she said it was "bonita" which is Beautiful, so I really hope she felt the spirit! We ended the night with helping them take chairs back to the church that they borrowed for some reason, on a super Ghetto hand cart thing! That was super fun! 

But that was the week, it was awesome! Hopefully this week we will teach Daniela a bunch more (the woman we taught) then we are going to go contact the kids houses and hope that they will remember us and that will get us into their house! 

Last night I finished the Book written by Elder Ballard, such a Cool book! It explains so many small and simple things about the Gospel that Just make sence! I Love it! :) I encourage everyone to read it, and if you have then read it again!! 

I Love you all! Thank you to everyone who sends me letters and emails, they help out a lot! :) It boosts my spirits for the week to come!! 

The Church is True.the Gospel is here to help everyone one day return to Heavenly Father and to become like him, and all we have to do is be Obedient to the Commandments, I Love you all! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

More pictures from the Day of the Dead celebration fair

"MIB: Missionaires in Black  (It was really just sunny at lunch because the sun was on us though their sky light thing, so they gave us sun glasses to eat with! 

 A Sunset from earlier in the week, I still Love sunsets! I feel that it is a small thing from God saying that he is pleased with our work that day! :)

You wonder why it takes me ages to read the Scriptures? Well every page is filled like this from 1Nephi to 2Nephi where I am now! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weel 16 Happy Halloween!

Hello Family and Friends,

I kinda feel like I am "Stealing" that title for my email, since almost all my friends who are elders used the same one.... So definitely not unique hahahaha oh well...

Kinda bummed that I only got pictures of Logan and the Moody's... Call's you guys better have pictures for me this next week! I mean come on guys, I have pictures or at least ONE picture every week! Brandon I know you were the Lego man, ya'lls better be sendin me some pics so I can fill up my new photo album book that I bought a couple of weeks ago! I like printing pictures of family and friends back home, so if you send them in files, I can print them here! 

Um package?? No, letters yes! I am finally getting caught up on letters sent from a months ago, and those that send it first class like from two weeks ago! Woot! That is awesome! Thanks for loving me enough to send it First Class! But they said that packages are being received about 1-3 months after sent... So it isn't an emergency I guess! 

So this past week has been probably my favorite of this Cambio! We started the Awesome week on Wednesday at Zone Conference or Special Training. It was super awesome! Although not much was said in English so I kinda zoned out a bit.... But I did catch some things, and I was caught up after! Some of the things I loved?? "I bought an $80.00 watch and it is Awesome, so why by a watch for $400.00, when my $80.00 watch does the same thing?" I Loved that! Because it is so true! Why do you need to waste money and by some crazy watch that does the same thing that a cheap watch does?? Another thing?? "Doubt your Doubts BEFORE you Doubt your Beliefs" and the last thing was "You know how many seeds are in an Apple, but you don't know how many Apples are in a Seed" That last one is one of my favorites, because obviously we don't have many Baptisms here, we are one of the lowest baptizing Missions in the worlds with a whopping 7 baptisms a Month Mission-wide. So if I baptize someone in the next two years I just have to hope that seed grows into an Apple Tree! 

Then that night we went out contacting, and we had a couple doors open for us! One was a guy named mircol, but he was working and I am not confident with my Spanish, so I said okay, and we set up a time that we could come back with him Sunday night, but he ended up not showing up... Then at the end of the night on Wedesday, we were gonna be done, when we were just kinda standing on a corner, I turned around and saw a little small blue house across the street with lights on, and I decided to go contact it, so we did! When we Yelled for them, (you don't knock much here, you yell at peoples houses and they come out) We saw this Big lady turn around and not looking to happy she came to the door! When we talked with her, she got happier, and we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon because she said she has been investigating churches and said she would come to church on Sunday (she didn't) but it was awesome! Hopefully we can talk to her again because she was the most promising contact yet! 

Then Thursday was Halloween! It was super sweet! I gave my idea to Elder Walker that we should "Dress up" I remember seeing some elders do it before, but I didn't think he would want to because it wasn't "cool" Thank goodness he thought it was sweet! So we switched ties and name tags on Thursday and were each other the entire day! It was super fun! He took around one of my photo albums and acted like Niccole was his girlfriend all day, and had his camera on him taking pictures all the time... Making fun of me.... hahahaha oh well! I just had the phone and the basketball at night to be him in the picture (as you can see) Fun fact of the day, Halloween is NOT big here yet... It only started like 4 or 5 years ago, and lots of people don't celebrate it. But there are families who do do it! So most of the costumes are just face paint and kiddies are knocking on lots of doors with no success (hmmm sounds familiar) and at the end of the night they have like 80 little hard candies, no chocolate! But it was the best at our house! I bought candy last Monday because I wanted something to munch on during the week, but one of the packages sucks, to open the little candies, so when halloween came around and we had to go home at 10:00 I heard the neighbor's kids outside and ran out and gave them handfuls of candy and they were all happy! Then one little kid knocked on our door and so when I opened the door, I noticed his older looking brother sitting on the curb waiting, (not happy he had to waste the night with his brother) I gave the kid not one, not two, but THREE big handfuls of candy and every handful his eyes and smile just got bigger and bigger! Even his older brother had a huge smile on when they ran off in joy! :) 

Lets see.... Friday?? Hmmm oh yeah! We took out Papito Chaipul with us to go and contact Menos Activas (girls) So we could invite them to church on Sunday, we gave a lesson to one lady and a couple of her 6 daughters, that went really well! Then after we visited this family of three, a mom, daughter, and son. Who were all sick! We gave a small lesson, and then we gave them blessing, I gave the first blessing, and then annointed another. It was super tough because I still don't have the language down, but first Spanish Blessing woot woot! 

Saturday was super long! We had a service project to DEEP clean the church! So we were there at 10 and were the only ones there... So we started to clean and by around 12:30 we had more people there! After we were done cleaning they had people making Spagetti which was pretty good! Before we left home to change clothes and work for the day, we went out and played a game of one on one basketball! I ended up losing by one basket, but I was surprised and my skills difference! It was super fun!! 

I have decided the church here in Chile is SUPER Apostate... Yesterday Papito Bravo (Our Real Paptio who we Eat with) got up and bore his testimony, and said "I feel worthy to stand here at this pulpit, because worthiness is NOT measured by Money, I know it, and God knows it!" He doesn't pay tithing and so yeah, it was a party... We are trying to teach him it is a COMMANDMENT! Then last night in Ward Council they said they aren't going to give the priesthood to a 12 year old kid, because he isn't "mature" enough?? Come on! He has his agency!! Gah!! Also, they are going to baptize an 8 year old on satuday, don't get me wrong, it is awesome! But into an Menos Activo Famila and so his hopes for staying Active are not looking good....

Today was super fun! We cleaned, I LOVE cleaning here I've decided because no one cleans hahaha so I always clean the bathroom! Then we took off down to central to get our church money, and I pulled 30 mil ($60.00) out of personal. Then we went and sent letters, and we bought groceries and then went to the stake center in Central because our Zone was playing Basketball and Volleyball! We had a 3 on 3 turni and my team ended up taking 2nd to my compaions! We beat them the first time, but they beat us in the finals... Shoota! Oh well, next time! :) It was super fun! I Love Pdays because I feel like a normal person again, and we get to be in the "real world" don't get me wrong though, I am Stoked for the rest of the week after Pday! :) I also bought some Matè today, but it is like the tea bags, we are allowed to drink it like this, and it tastes SOOOOO GOOOD! I have missed Matè. I also bought a shirt... That is blue, but since they don't have any Y stuff, I had to go with the U! So Blue is the True U! Its for one of the Chilean professional Fùtbal teams, and I used to be a Colo-Colo fan, but I am now a U fan! woot woot! So Southern Hemisphere it is a U, and Northern it is a Y!
Well that is all, time to hook you up with pictures for this week! :)

Love you all!!! 

2 Nephi 33:12

Elder Connor Holt

The four of us were in the CCM together, and now we are all in the same Zone at our First Zone conference!!

Elder Connor Holt is now Elder Connor Walker
Happy Halloween!

So I decided that this is what I'm going to be when I get home. A full-time cotton-candy bike salesman. We hit up a fair for the Day of the Dead on Saturday and so that was there!

Get your laughs at me wearing a U, but Blue is the true U!