Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 88: Slow N' Trunky

Hey alls!!

Well I honestly have no idea where to start with this email, because not that much happened this past week... If you want to know the just? We sat in the house every single day and slept. I am so sick of the house. Ha... We are on day ten in the house. So hopefully the results of the exams come back good this week so that something can happen!! But I guess I do have some things to talk about! Mom you can choose whether or not you want to post it! After receiving the palos from Brandon that is why I only sent it to you guys this week, since there is nothing crazy Missionary work! 

Okay well lets see... 

Tuesday the Zone Leaders got permission from the APs to come to our house and bring along all the other District Leaders of our Zone and have our leader's meeting in our house, so that was lots of fun!!! 

Then Tuesday in the evening I think it was Tuesday we went to the Neurologist and he said from hearing what happened ten days ago on Saturday that I have Epilepsy. So he told us I had to go have two more exams and that I had to start a medicine as well, (I don't remember what the medicine is called so you will have to ask Brandon.) 

Wednesday we went and had the exams. In the morning I had this exam where the doctor hooked all these wires up to my head with this special cream and told me to close my eyes and relax. 45 Minutes later she told me to wake up and then I had to open and close my eyes 3 times and then hyperventilate for 3 minutes then relax and breathe deeply for 2 minutes and then it was done. (This is the results we are waiting for tomorrow

Then in the afternoon I went in and had another MRI and I just slept through that one as well, so that was fun! 

We got the medicine on Wednesday and the doctor told me that for the first 5 days that I would be super tired. Yup he was right, I have been sleeping like a freaking rock every single day since I started it. I take one at 8 in the morning and at 8 at night. But today is day 6 and even though I am tired I haven't slept yet, but I think i will go home and have a little nap when I am done here with writing you guys! :) 

Now lets see, something that has been really cool? I didn't really catch this because I have been sleeping all week, but one thing that I realized is that Pres. Obeso put Elder Linares with me (I think) to help him get better, since he is really sick with his heart as well, but here is the really cool part. Even though he is super sick with his heart he has been helping and serving me the entire week. I have gained a new Love for the kid, and will always Love him! 

Now you guys are REALLY gonna laugh at this one. Last night I had a Nightmare, and I am not kidding, it was a Nightmare... You will all understand very soon.
So I was walking the halls at Murray High, when all of a sudden I heard some singing, so I went to go do some investigating and then I realized it was my Madrigals!! They were doing the massage line and warming up for the concert!! At the moment Scotty was leading the girls tryout choir (Forgot the name) and was on stage with them singing. All of the Mads were like "Bro what are you doing where is your Tux get out here Scotty is gonna kill you!!" Then I realized that I hadn't gone to my concerts either this term, and so I just waited it out and then took the stage down after the concert and Scotty didn't even talk to me... Then I woke up and was like "few its okay, Scotty won't be to mad because I can't leave the house because the enfermera told me I have to be here" but then I started freaking out again because I realized that I was being disobedient and at the school even though she told me I couldn't!! Then I realized it was just a dream and went back to sleep... hahahaha I laughed my head off this morning when I remembered it! Hope you guys get a good laugh about that one! 

But the other thing that was really cool?? On Saturday when the Enfermera told me there is a chance I will have to go home early, I was super bummed, and the Zone Leaders came over and just chilled with us, just talked about things and it was great. I felt so much better after that. I Love those guys too!! 

Now you want to know why it was Trunky?? Well Mom you will understand that better in a couple of weeks, but really our neighbors are awesome! They all have 18 years and are in the one of the universities here in Valdivia, but they are awesome! And we are all good friends and we have talked all week long (When I wasn't sleeping) and we would hear them talking through the walls, and with just sleeping there is A LOT of time to just think, and thinking just puts you back at home, so yeah. I want to work again soon. Although really this week wasn't to slow, I don't remember it very well, its a blur. 

Anyways, I Love you all so much, and hope that I haven't given to much of a scare! I am just so bored in the house. I want to get out and work again. Esp if I have to come home soon. I wanna work even harder now! Anyways, I Love you all, and thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers!! :) 

Trying to make you proud (even if I am in the house...)

Elder Connor Holt

What Week am I on again?? Oh yeah Week 87: ¿Por que Ahora?

Hey guys, 

Well MY thing with the whole "The Letter" thing on writing everyone's name for sending the letter is not working, and I can't focus enough in the moment to try and get it to work, so I put down just a few of ya'lls with the family so we can get down to Business.

This past week?? Well looking back on it was super long, but in reality just yesterday and Saturday were the really long days... So we will get going with all the days that I can remember!! 

Monday was Sushi night!! Oh my gosh, someone is gonna have to go tell Erik how much I Love Sushi, so that when he comes back we can eat this time!! Hahaha it was so much fun!! We bought $20.00 worth of Sushi and took it back to our house to share with our neighbors and we got to know them!! Oh man these guys are super awesome! We practically talk to them every night when we get back to the house! (More on that later) But with Sushi it was awesome we got to get to know them all and so that was fun!

Then on Tuesday, we had an Awesome District Meeting on Faith and Preparation! If you want to go read why Preparation is so important... Alma 49. Strait up. Nothing more to it. But in the evening we were out walking when we got a phone call from a menas activa who we are working with asking us if we could come over for a bit of service because he Dad (75-85 years) was moving all the wood. So we got there and moved the rest of the 12 metros of wood! Then at night we were talking with our neighbors again!! So that was lots of fun!! We were talking about Prophets with them, and its awesome, because they are always asking questions about us, and the church!! 

Wednesday we had interviews with Presidente! so that was super awesome!! Don't worry mom, I brought up "The Feeling" and we talked about it. But I am really bad at trying to explain it... His response was "The Feeling could be some kind of feeling we receive from the Spirit to be preoccupied about something that is gonna happen." So I took that as my answer like okay!! 
when we got home from the interview Pablo (Not Pedro or Pancho because I always get his name wrong...) Was outside and said "Hey I forgot to ask you guys something about your prophet... Thomas S Monson?? Last night." So we told him,give us a sec, we gotta change outta our suits because its hot and then 2 hours later, we had a great lesson on God (He is atheist and prayer and it was super awesome!! So so cool. Really though.

Oh yeah the Ambulance, that was right before we got to Benito on Wednesday night, and I just want Brandon to know that Life guarding has not only taught me how to clean but also with CPR. The guy who was holding his head?? Yeah, let go to put the head rests on.... I thought wow, if he was working at the Murray Rec, the guy would have just been fired on the Spot. hahaha

Now here was a fun one!! We have been working with Benito here this week as well! We got there on Wednesday Morning and we talked about Service, he has been fighting us on how people "abuse the privilege" of our service but it was kinda a lame lesson. That night we had to stop by his house again, and he asked for our help. So we went back on Thursday in the afternoon to help and that was loads of fun!! HA JUST KIDDING!! But its okay, because I love serving now. Anyways, he needed help constructing a window, so my comp did that. Benito rents out the rooms of his house to people, and they all use one bathroom, and so when I saw how dirty it was, I decided to clean it. I cleaned that one, and then I decided to clean his as well, because it wasn't much better, besides the point of how there were things growing out of it... (Literally I took out a tree...) But I can't tell you how much Clorox I used.... It smelled like the locker rooms at the Midvale pool... Back when I was a kid. That's what it reminded me of... Anyways I have those pictures too that way you guys can see how clean they are now, I forgot to take the before pictures, but its probably better! Anyways at the end of cleaning the 2nd one he came up to me and wad like, "Why are you doing this??" And so I made him go find his BoM and read Mosiah 2:17 again and this time POR FIN HE UNDERSTOOD!!! Then was like Wow... Service... Then went and told my companion what he learned and it was so cool!! 

Anyways, now with the fun part?? Saturday Morning, I don't remember any of it... This is all from what my companion told me... At 4 in the morning I started to shake, I was super pale, and then I started to scream. When I started to Scream there was Blood coming out of my mouth and got all over my shirt... So he called the Bishop super fast and he came over and they took me to the Hospital. Then Right before the Hospital (I mentally started to wake up) This is where I remember a bit. We got there and the doctor in the ER was looking at me and he said something I don't remember any of this. I remember they made me take a CT Scan and an MRI and I had no idea what was going on. Anyways in the end they gave me the results and I'll send pictures so that Nate and Brandon can tell you what they mean because I have no idea. The Doc wasn't too happy and neither was the Mission Nurse or the Mission Doc. Although we didn't tell them until Saturday in the evening when they called to see how the heart of my companion is doing?? So then he told her about me, and she was kinda upset that she wasn't informed... SO we went to the ciber to send her my results and she called back and said on Monday you need to get to the neurologist and so I was like okay. But at the ciber we were talking with the guys who own it, they are our friends, and then I got another attack of "The Feeling" But the thing is I have no idea how to explain it, so I was very happy when my companion saw everything that happened that when Presidente Obeso called us that night he could explain it all to him! Presidente was planning on having me go to Osorno but then he was told the best doctors are here in Valdivia, so that I should wait until Monday. Well, today we went in the morning with our Lider Misional to the hospital, and they said that there isn't a neurologist open until the end of April. So then he called his wife (Who works there) and she came and told them that I was her cousin and now maybe I can get in this week. If not, the Mission Nurse set up an appt. with a neurologist in Osorno for Friday. So we will see what happens. But that is what happened this past weekend. We have just sat in the house and I have been so bored.... (We actually got permission to watch the avatar, so we have watched the entire thing...) I also got your package today, so I will be reading conference this week, since they said we can't leave the house until I go see the neurologist (I still have no idea even what a neurologist is...) Anyways yeah,

That was the longest time it has taken me in my mission to write a letter... Hopefully it all makes sense for you guys!! 

I Love you all so much, no need to worry to much! :) We are gonna have a slow week in the house no mas... 

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

the ambulance

the bathrooms

The Brain Stuff

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 86: Cosas en el Mundo de Latinos de nuevo.

Hola todos, no se si voy a tener la oportunidad para hablar en Inglés, no he hecho esto  en como una semana completa ahora, y puede ser que he olvidado... Lo Ciento, posiblemente un traductor puede ayudarles entender este correo electrónico como Hno. Juan Becerra o Hno. Palma! ;)

Naw Just Joshin with ya bro! 

Hey alls how you doing?? Wow, it has been an exciting week here in the Land of Volcanos... Yeah, we got Evacuated, and I kinda lost some clothing cause it got to out house and yeah... So maybe sending a few more white shirts to finish out the Mission Mom...?

Naw Just Kidding!! The Volcano is about 2 hours North of us, although it was splurging out at 10 Meters high and has now lowered to only 5 Meters, it could still go up again and blow up our entire city!!!!! 

Nope another Joke.. But really though, the biggest thing that I noticed was that the air was dirty, but it just seemed like a hot summer day for me all week, that looked like we were in Vegas or Salt Lake or something. No biggie.

Now about coming here?? Well, if you guys really want to come, and meet people here, I would be happy to assist you in that journey, its all up to you guys! :) Now the only thing is with that, we were talking about it this past week, like last night, and if you guys want to come and pick me up, you would probably have to call the Mission office or something, so that you could tell them that you are gonna come and pick me up!! Because with the "Carta Moroni" from last cambio that was telling them all my info so they could get plane tickets bought in advance and what not, but really? Its all up to you guys! (Although there is always a chance of one of the other 1,300 Volcanos or Earth Quake, or Freezing to Death from a Down Pour of Frozen Rain!) ;)

The Feeling? I am not saying more until I get home, but no its not that big of a deal, so no worries Mom! :) I Just have No idea how to explain it... So that is why I need some more time still, but I dunno about Stress, because its been something from my entire mission, I felt it the most in Coyhaique! 

Family history update? Well, with Benito its been Awesome! We haven't gotten any names on it yet, but EVERY time we are doing it with him, the guy is about 2 inches from the Computer screen and EVERY time he sees a name he knows like his parents, children, etc. He is like "THERE THEY ARE! THAT'S MY FAMILY!" I dunno how to describe it. I think if I were to say "Cute" I would technically lose my Man Card... So Not sure on that one... Anyways we are still working, its hard because I have never done it before until here in Valdivia, so I don't know the secrets and what not. About the Smoking, he had been done for at least one day, but we haven't seen him since Thursday, so we need to go pass by tonight!! 

We actually had a cita set up with Diego and Joseline last night! But it fell through, so we'll see what we can do with the two of us!! 

No Ensign yet, I haven't gotten mail for awhile, being up here in Valdivia, not in Osorno, you have to wait longer.. So we'll see how it goes, I mean we have interviews on Wednesday with Pres. Obeso, so maybe that means he'll bring some with him! :) That would be nice (For more than one Reason) 

Semi-homecoming huh?? Sounds like you guys are gonna be leaving again real soon then! ;) Sorry only a couple weeks at home, then you need to leave again!! 

Dallas?? Send some Lovin to Logan for me! ;) I guess Allyson and Jedoni as well! 

Oh and Dad? You have to record ALL the talks of the Boys comin home before me yeah?? I want to hear ALL their talks when I get home! :) 

Now lets see, the only thing I haven't answered yet is talking about Elder Linares, my new companion!! Well as you can see in the photos, he sure isn't Gringo! He is from Peru, and was trained by my 4th companion Elder Vargas! He is super awesome! And Fun Fact?? He is gonna be finishing with Me!! (So yeah, this past week has probably been trunkier than normal...) Although we get ALONG GREAT! :)

Now to think about the week, we have had some new things this past week that our Zone Leaders want us to focus on. They want us to Fast once a week and focus on our Prayers more, and then to find at LEAST two REAL news, and lastly to have 10 families in teaching by the end of the Cambio. we'll see about that, of Investigators we only have 3 families at the moment, but if we can show our Faith we are gonna have 10. 

Then on Thursday Morning, we didn't have our Weekly Planning, because we had to go to the Hospital, and that was fun... I had to get a small surgery because I... Just kidding (I can only imagine your face Mom...) My Companion had to come here, because he is having some Heart Problems right now. So we had to go to the hospital. There the enfermeda was there and her new companion, and her new companion was one of the hermanas in my last ward from Ovejeria!! So we had a good 30 minutes talking about how everyone is there!! 

Then we had an intercambio with the Zone Leaders that day and I was with Elder Keetch, I have been with him as a Zone Leader now for the last 4 cambios! Hahaha it makes me laugh, but we worked with Benito, and then we went to the house of a menas activa familia and we read with Hna Jocelyn Jerez. She has 24 years and is Great! I didn't want to leave because I have wanted to work more with her! She was super great! Saturday before Elder Root left, we had lunch with them and then we read the 1Nefi 2-3 which was awesome and then we challenged them to see what happened in 1 Nefi 4 but when we went back on Tuesday of this past week to introduce my new comp. They still hadn't read, but then when we went on Thursday she told us that SHE read, and had The Question about 1 Nefi 4 and then she said she read the others like 2-3 times and now has interest to keep reading!! WOOT!! that is JUST What I wanted! Then we finished the night with putting an investigator Jaime with fecha bautismal for the 21 March!! Woot! So we'll see how that goes!! 

Lastly?? Last night we set up a cita with our new neighbors, we live next to 6 college students. We are gonna see if we are gonna have a party tonight!! You are gonna have to tell Niccole, Erik, Jesper, Kenji, and Cami that I am gonna be eating Sushi... I mean now that I like all foods why not?? We are gonna try and get to know them all!! I am super excited!1 Although its kinda weird, because they all seem to be my same age or YOUNGER. Man, I am Old guys.... I haven't even started college yet, that is in 5 months... Gah!!! 

Anyways I Love you all so very much and hope you have a wonderful week!1 You are ALWAYS in my prayers! :)

Trying to make you the Proudest Family Ever,

Elder Connor Holt

"The Missionary Paperclip" It started in Osorno when I found it and now the trades have started! ;) Gettin ready for when I get home!

Last one with Elder Root

First one with Elder Linares

Yeah look at the picture closely, then look at the comments, I am famous here in Chile now, because now there are even MORE "Me Gustas" ;)

Hna Findley and me in the Hospital

I saw this while we were teaching Benito, so I snagged a pic. Look at it closely

My last Latino Comp (E Rasgido) and my Actual Latino comp (E Linares) Yeah they ganged up on me and were tickling me.. (Latinos are Touchy) hahaha

How we taught English this last week

My Spanish "English" saying

My Cambio Pic.. :(

oops this was suppose to go to The Mexican.... But yeah! When I get home! 

Valdivia! :)

Our fun "Lobos de Agua" We saw them today as well! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 85: An Unexpected Change

Hey all ya'lls peeps from Home! (Nope I almost have 20 months on the mission and still dunno how to start these things... Guess I am getting old or something... ;))

How are you all doing?? Sounds like there has been some fun at home and what not! :) Ummmmm I guess I can start by talking about Mom's email there!

First off in my defense with telling my Sister when I came home was she had a valid excuse... My goal was just to wait until Mother's day to make it better, but that didn't work out because she needs to buy plane tickets now and what not... So at least you know now! ;) 

Crap, starting this month then all the boys start coming home..... First Makell and Riley... Now Elder Bryan... and so forth... Crap.

Um for you guys coming here... My thoughts my whole mission was just of coming home with my group and seeing you guys there in the Airport, then I realized today, whatever makes you guys happier! If you want to come here? Come, and then I can introduce you to a few of my Chilean Friends! :) But you just gotta remember today it just started raining a little bit (Photo of River) and if you happen to come in June, there will be NO sight seeing, because you are in the Dead of Winter there going into July.. So I dunno how fun it would be for you guys, not to mention very cold, and very wet, but its up to you guys! Let me know! :) 

Great to know on Uncle Bruce that my prayers have gone through on that one to help a little more! :) 

I forgot all about that package, because when we sent it, they said it may come back to us here in Chile, because of whats inside, and I have meant to tell you it was coming every week. If you want to know, you will have to get in contact with Elder Root's Mom, he bought one very similar to mine! 

Suit? Can you find something Grey for me?? I have fallen in love with the pants I have here in the Mission, the ones from Christmas are always my "Pday" pants hahaha and I wear the other grey ones during the week now, before they were my "Pday pants" 

The Carnet diffence is in the new one?? I GOT THE SMILE OFF!! YEAH BABY!! I was practicing all morning... (You can't smile... but I was rebellious.. ;))

Anyways now onward with the week lets see....

Well, first off, Diego and Joseline haven't come to church yet, so their fecha fell through yesterday... 

But we have another investigator named Jaime! What a great guy he is!! I wasn't so sure about him at first when I got here, but with a little bit of work, he is now progressing very well!!! About two weeks ago we started him on reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning, and I thought he would be like every other chilenos and barley read anything, but when we passed by on Friday night, we had a great lesson and found out he was almost to Jacob!! Que Genial!! Creo que va a bautizar este mes!! Espero por lo menos. 

Now with Benito? We have had a great week!1 We have helped him so much with so much stuff... We did a lot of work with and we got him a family tree started out! He was just so happy with doing this! He wanted to find his parents and all that fun stuff, but we haven't gotten to that part yet, so he wanted to find his grandparents of his adopted parents and we found their names but not their dates, and so he ended up going to the cemetery on Saturday and found it out!!! How cool is that?! :) Then Saturday night we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, because he smokes a ton, we came over the other day and was drinking a little bit with the people he rents rooms to, and he we see coffee on his table. But he said he can give up coffee because he never drinks it, and he only drinks alcohol "en ves en cuando" which means "every now and then" but the problem is Smoking.... So Good thing I got a copy of the program that Elder Christopherson and I helped Hna Monica Saldaña a year ago to quit smoking! He is the second this week we will get on this program!! So that is gonna be fun!! 

We ended the week on Saturday with Fireworks! So that was lots of fun!! The month of February is the Birthday of Valdivia, and they were right out our window and the music was sOOOOOO loud hahaha so I'm sure everyone who was in central is now deaf... 

Then Yesterday I got "The Feeling" I am not gonna say much more about that. It's something that I have gotten my entire mission starting in the MTC. But its something that I will talk about when I get home. I haven't had it since I was with Elder Rich, because I had him give me a blessing on it, and so I was super happy, but I just got it yesterday.. Grrr.... 

Last but not least, the Unexpected change... Today while I was getting a hair cut, the phone rang, so I passed it to Elder Root, and he picked it up, it was the Zone Leaders calling to say that we have a Sobre Cambio. So it looks like Elder Root is going to Ancud Chiloé!! So I am gonna have a new companion tomorrow!! I think he is Latino but I am not sure, I don't know him, but I am definitely gonna have Elder Root take a few notes down to Chiloé with him! :) 

Anyways, thank you for all the Love and Concern! I Love you guys so much! You all do so much for me, and I can't wait to see you in just a short time... Really though. See you all in a week!1 

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Beautiful Sights de los Ríos de Valdivia

The "Río Cruces Gang" before two are now out.

When I cut wood, I do it like this...

The family chart of Benito

These guys are awesome! They work in a ciber in our sector and we have a great relationship with them!! 

Golden Berries (I am drying one out to bring seeds home in July)

Benitos Golfer's hat?? ;) Lets go Golf Dad! 

 Regalos that I received this week! The guys from the ciber gave me a new Mate cup!! Then the Bishop yesterday gave us some incense and I haven't lit it since I was in the "Man Cave" mmmm it smells great! :)