Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 41: Holy Cracy Climate Batman!

Well hello everyone!! Isn't it just a nice... FREEZING COLD DAY! :) Actually this morning when we went into central it wasn't bad, now its a lot colder...

So we definitely have lots to talk about!! 

First off, the shirts, Thank you for buying me more! :) But isn't it ALWAYS the coincidence that when we buy something when we lose something we always happen to find it??? We found our shirts, but still we haven't found the laundry bag, and you're gonna laugh when you hear that they were in the other elder's room, where I had looked at least 5 times......... But we found them this week, and have shirts! But now I can have more shirts, and at this point I am hoping for long sleeves because it is so cold during the days, I am saving those hand warmers for the first day it snows on the ground. We had "Rain Snow" is what they call sleet, that was awesome to see snow in the first time in a year and a half, but it means that its officially cold season... So I'm hoping that we have long sleeves! :) Thank you my loving mother who always cares for me even when I am half way around the world! 

Second, Baptism with Miriam is this Saturday!! Wooo hooo!! Finally! After putting it off for two weeks, its going down!! Elder Christopherson is getting in the water, and I will be giving the gift of the Holy Ghost, which I am pretty nerve wrecked for, because I have to not only give a blessing, but blessings are in tu form, which is super tough for me to talk in..... It'll be fun though!! 

Next, oh man, how letters come at the right time! The Cominsario gave us a call the other day with references for us, and then commented how Elder Holt gets like the most mail in Coyhaique! From girls all over the world!! How Jealous he was, and I still hadn't seen it, because I have gotten like nothing, but I got like 13 letters this weekend which was awesome! I was having a hard day the other day and I got a letter that I read from Brandon which was awesome!! Then I need to thank the Call's for the booklet of Kaylie and Carter that I received like a month ago which was awesome! Thank you! and I got a bunch of letters from friends which was awesome!! :) Thank you everyone! just wait for the replys! :) Also thank you Ally for the updates and the photo that I printed out today and is going in my book with grandpa as well! 

OKay, now since this weekend has been AMAZING!! I got my spiritual high and I am ready for another 6 weeks until Zone Conference! The Last Zone conference with President Rappleye.... :( 

We started Friday with Interviews with President which was awesome!! I had some leadership questions to ask him about, and he helped me out with those and told me to read D&C 121 and make a list of Do's and Don'ts for Leadership which is actually an Amazing Section! So if you haven't read it in awhile, go check it out! 

Then on Saturday we like didn't have any time for proselyting at all, because we were working with the District Conference all day! We had the Adult Session that evening and Priesthood right after!! The adult session was Awesome because President taught the Plan of Salvation (My FAVORITE LESSON TO TEACH) and then in Priesthood he taught about meetings like BYC, Ward Council, things like that, and we got some great notes that I will use all my life for those! Then in the General Session on Sunday he got up and said, since I am presiding I want two Missionaries to come up and bare their testimonies and gave a brief description, of a Sister from So. Utah and how she is so Amazing because she left on the Mission with her Mom being sick, and how her Mom just recently passed away, and she is Killing it out here still and didn't go home! Then Elder Dominguez who is from Dominican Republic and that is where President Rappleye STARTED the church there! It was super cool! After, he had Miriam get up and bare her Testimony which was so inspired because, no one really knew her for some reason, and she wasn't ever going to give a talk, but she put her whole heart into a small testimony and now is going to be an AMAZING member I just know it!! Right along side her Husband!! 

You know you have an Awesome comp. when he takes losing to Slug Bug like a man... Yeah you heard me. There are Slug Bugs here in Coyhaique, the only place I have seen them. His goal is just to break my streaks of killing him... ;)

After the Sunday General Session we were going to Lunch with a family that their son just got back from his Mission the day of Saturday conference! We walked with him to wait for a colectivo to go to the house! As we were waiting there were no cars coming, and it was Freezing!! So I was praying that a car would come soon, so we could leave and get out of the cold... Then this guy in a van drove past us, and stopped and got out of his car and walked into this house. This return missionary named Geraldo then told us, "We have to give him a Book of Mormon" luckily I had a Book of Mormon in my backpack that we were planning on giving someone else the same day... But we got together and offered a prayer that he would come out soon so we could give him the Book of Mormon. After we finished the prayer a colectivo finally showed up, but now we didn't want it so we waved it on, and after the guy came out again! So we walked and met him before he got to his car and stopped him, and Geraldo knew him, he was the president of his High School. Then we bore our testimony and gave him the Book of Mormon, it was funny because after we found out who he was... He was only the ARCH BISHOP of the region AYSEN!!! Yeah, huge. Chile has 14 regions and regions are like a state in Utah, so he was pretty big in the Catholic church here in Aysen.

Then after lunch we went to the house where we were planning on giving a Book of Mormon to this lady who had asked for a Book of Mormon from us early in the week! It was awesome! Because I fasted on Tuesday that we could find someone prepared to hear the Gospel! So we got there and she answered the door, and we started talking and we explained the book and she asked us other questions and 30 minutes later we had a little lesson on the Book of Mormon and what we believe! So we gave her the Book of Mormon and without us asking, she said "If i have any questions I will write them down and we can talk later" so pretty much said we will be coming back. Golden? I think so! The best part was, when she said "I don't want to join your church or anythiing" and I thought to myself "Not yet" while imagining her in White for Baptism! It was awesome!! 

Really we have had lots of success this week! It was awesome! Can't wait to see what comes of the last week of the Cambio! We find out this Saturday if we go or stay! Guess we'll see what happens, I think Elder Christopherson will leave because he has the most time here in Coyhaique with 2 other missionaries who I think will leave as well! 

Oh I also started another white tie today since I haven't heard anything on the first one, so I sent it out and a picture, that is what the picture is of me with the tie! 

Hey do you guys have a plaque in the church?? If so what is the scripture you guys put on it??? 

Last thing, go check out this website, I  know its not Easter but its Awesome!!! 

I Love you guys so much!! Thank you for everything you do for me, because you really do sooo much!! I am so lucky to be a Missionary here in Chile Osorno where the Missionaries are so blessed to be fed by Members every day except Monday and that I just gotta fend for Breakfast, (no time for dinner) and just to be a Missionary at all. I see blessings everyday, especially to get to serve with all my friends at the same time who are serving, who will be ending their missions soon, and who are just getting calls and will be leaving soon! So cool!! :) 

You guys Rock my world!! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt :) 

P.S. Mom.... I AM A SERVANT OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! (Just imagine me on a Mountain yelling that to the world. :)

Herbal Tea for warmth

White tie project #2

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 40: Feliz Semana Santa

Holla at yo Yankee! (I feel like I sound like Elder Robbins sayin that...) ;) Random Chilean Fact, some people yell "Ir por su casa Yankee" tryin to be offensivo pere no lo es. It is kinda patriotic to call someone a Yankee in Los Estados Unidos! ;) So I just start to think of the 4th of July with a Big Smile on my face... ;)

Hmmmmm where to start off, haha that is funny... yeah I lost like 6 shirts or something, I dunno, I just know that I have 6 shirts total now, so I just wear three every week, its not too bad, it was funny I was ironing my shirt this morning and realized that it was the shirt that I started the Mission with, which was a shirt that I've had since I was a teacher and has a REALLY small neck and isn't super long, but it was funny cause I remembered that I don't have my shirts and I looked over at Elder Christopherson and asked in a Jokeingly way "Why couldn't you have lost this shirt??" Hahahaha it was super funny! But it is funny, I have come to the sense that there are people in this world that lose things more than me (My companion for example) he has lost quite a few things in our time together and it just makes me laugh now, but I have learned that I have to help remind him! ;) Yesterday he lost his backpack! Ha now that was a funny story! ;)

Can I just tell you how much I hate Pday?? Okay, lie. I Love it, but I hate emailing, because there is just not enough time to talk about everything.... It kills me... What can I start with??

No Jayden and Josh don't send me their emails that is why I asked for them! ;) Chris on the other hand is a stud and has sent me them since day one! 

Well things to start out with, our Branch President served his mission in Pocatello and so he is fluent in English (Thank Goodness) because sometimes I can't express myself in Spanish, he also is an English Teacher in a High School! We have started this new thing with him, where we go in and we help him teach his students! It is awesome! Because we get the opportunity to talk in English! We just go in and talk with them, and we get to be a Missionarized as well! So as we walk in he introduces us as the Missionaries of the church, and then we just get to work! I am just myself with all these guys so its my FAVORITE! Definitely makes me a little trunky for High School.... But IT was awesome, because we switch groups and after the last time, a kid told the teacher after being in my group, "Wow these guys are Awesome!  I dunno why I haven't ever let them in my house before, next time they come to my house I will for sure let them in!" So not only are we helping English, but we are making Missionaries seem Normal which is awesome! So we just gotta start knockin on doors... (HATE CONTACTING THAT WAY) I just Love talking with everyone in the Street! Its my favorite!!

OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!! ELDER HAWKES (my last companion for only 3 weeks) CALLED ME WITH SOME AWESOME NEWS!!! Well, lets just say this past week was kinda a bummer, not as bad as Elder Robbins but, almost ALL of our citas were canceled and we didn't have a high week with numbers... But on Friday things changed when we got this phone call! As I heard the phone ring I was thinking in my head "Sobre Cambio" then Elder Christopherson stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes got HUGE because we saw the name Rappleye. Although he didn't know it was hna. Rappleye because we have a black spot on the phone, but it was just Elder Hawkes which was Awesome!! Do you remember my awesome story of Jaime in Chiloé?? yeah, well... HE GOT BAPTIZED!!! :DDDDD Then this Saturday HE is going to baptize his cousin!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! If I hadn't followed the spirit and talked with him, I never could of gotten that!!! That is Amazing!!! :)) Made my entire week, and my attitude changed completely!!! 

Another thing?? Thursday was the Wedding and it was Awesome!! I have pictures of that! So that will be good! We got to be the Witnesses and it was just us 4. It was in the government building, nothing to fancy! Then we were planning on having her Baptism this weekend, but there was a District Conference called for Sunday, so President Rappleye will be here for the conference on Saturday night, and now we are going to have her Baptism the 3rd of May and she is just fine with that!! :) 

We have this new investigator named Moíses! He is Awesome!! He is SOOO attentive and sees EVERY little detail, for example we gave him the assignment to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon, and he read more! He was so attentive to the details he noticed the date that when Moroni came to Joseph Smith was September 21, 1823 and then he notices it later on as September Twenty Second 1823 and so he was confused! We searched for like 10 minutes to find it and then all of a sudden we found it and it was on September twenty second 1827!! So it was super cool!! But somehow we got on the topic of Uncle Daren! I then received some big palos, he asked me if I have done all that I can?? How would I feel if he died tomorrow and he still isn't talking to my uncles and my mom?? He said that we need to do all that we can, and I realized how true that was, so I definitely sent him another letter today, since my last letter to him was for Christmas! So now I am going to ask the same Question to my family. Have you done all that you possibly can?? 

We have an awesome member named Monica (She is going to be my Brother Dutzi) she has already told me she is planning on coming to Utah in ten years once she saves the money! But when I first got here, she was menos activa. She was smoking. and she couldn't read because she didn't have glasses. Now? She has glasses. She quit smoking. She CALLS us with questions like was Joseph Smith and Joseph F. Smith the same person?? Like she is a Completely different person! I think of the scripture in D&C that says when you bring someone into My fold how great shall be your joy, but if you shall bring more souls into My fold then really how great shall be your Joy?? 

Well not only Monica is back, but Isaboth is AMAZING! We went to their house yesterday because they didn't come to the activity OR church and we were thinking shoot, she is our convert of 3 weeks and is going less active... NOPE! As we got there, her mom Sandra told us she was with her dad, and she LOVES Seminary! She wakes up every morning at 6 WITHOUT help, and apparently she was a lot like me before 9th grade and was really hard to wake up, but now she loves going to seminary!!! 
We ended up teaching about the Atonement since yesterday was Easter and all. Which turned out to be a lot better for me than I thought! We made a video last week, that I gave away last night, of the atonement from the bible videos from and we watched the atonement with them yesterday, I realized that as we started the videos that I could see my reflection in the tv, and only mine, next to the image of Jesus Christ. So I thought in my head (He suffered for MY sins) and then the Spirit just punched me way hard... It was so cool! Then as we watch him suffer on the cross there he was next to my image (He died for ME) then the Spirit AGAIN! and the last thing?? HE was Resurrected and which means (I  will be Resurrected one day) Oh wow was the Spirit so Strong for me, and did it help me to testify? You Bet it did! It was Amazing!!!! 

Last thing?? I realized that I haven't been as Humble as I should be... I always say that I am humble and then when someone corrects my spanish like my comp. I am always like "Yeah, I know" or something, that is one reason I haven't enjoyed Spanish, so I realized that I am not humble with learning Spanish... SO here I am NOW that I know and changing my attitude, and I hope I can learn even more!! :) 

Wow. after looking at my email, this week really didn't turn out as bad as I thought it did... Ha! So for my Friends who read this who are also on Missions? When you have a tough week?? Just think about the awesome things!! :) 

Wow, I Love you all! Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do for me! You are all Amazing and thank you for all the friends who are such great Examples and help me get through the week! I know that this church is true, I KNOW that this is where I am supposed to be, and I KNOW that my Redeemer lives and is here for us and that he suffered and died for OUR happiness. 


Elder Connor Gordon Holt.

P.s. Can you send me Elder Jone's address? Just in case if he doesn't?? And the zipcode of Sister Bailey?? I am going to send another tie... Don't think the other one got past Dallin Russell since he was in a different mission when I sent it.

1 and 2: wedding stuff with Mirijam and Eduardo

3 the Familia Contreous (they are moving... :(((((

4. This sign just made me laugh that they can't even spell White... HAHAHA

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 39: Hot Cold Hot Cold am I in Utah or what?

Yo Yo Yo what's flippen on the Grill G?! How are them patties in Utah?? I can definitely say that its some times frozen meet here and the next time its not... Meaning that I have no idea what the weather is doing, one day its warm and the next day its not! But other than that, whats going on?! 

First off, what what what Ethan is coming here?! How sick is that!! He'll get here at the same time as the new President! But if I remember right, I played on a Peewee Baseball team with him as well! That is so cool! He'll get here right at my year mark!! Weird.... Super Stoked to know another person here in the Mission! :)

Hope Brandon had a killer Birthday! That sounds like fun at the Pizza place! I think we might go back to the all you can eat Pizza place here in Coyhaique at the end of April if we still have money, which I think we should! :) (I hope, I love pizza)

Here is a thought for your Mission mom and dad, well, dad knows what the 24/7 mission is like, and its different for you guys, but if you do ALL that you possibly can, you will definitely feel happy in December when you guys are released! 

OKay now to talk about some things here in Coyhaique! YEah, Mirijam and Eduardo are gonna get Married this Thursday, but she told us yesterday that she doesn't want to get Baptized until the 26th which is sad, but hey its better than no Baptism! Its only a week longer! She also said that she wants me to confirm here a member... That is kinda nerve wrecking because its not a memorized prayer... I guess we'll see what happens! :) 

Roberto went back to Santiago where he lives with his parents because he has this mental disease that is very hard to deal with, and we haven't had the chance to talk with Roxanna, but we have tried! Maro?? Oh yeah, we went and visited him last night and it was AWESOME! He said that he read part of the book of mormon that we gave him, 2 Nephi 31 which is on Baptism and it was just awesome! We only had like 10 minutes to talk to him, because we were late to a family night we had planned with the family of our Mamita! But he READ! He also asked if our church was planning anything for Easter, and so we told him about the activity we are having this Friday with the Branch, we are going to watch a movie on the life of Jesus Christ and have FOOD! :) He said he was very interested and we'll see if he will show up or not! I sure hope so!! 

Elder Christopherson and I have at least 3 weeks left, cambios are the Wednesday before Mother's day, so we will see! We are guessing that he will be transferred because he has been here for three cambios at this point. Our DL guessed that he will be a DL and that I will be a trainer! That would be cool! (Or if I could wait until Ethan got here, that would be even COOLER!) 

So how are plans for Mother's day??? We here are pretty much set I think, unless I have cambios then I sure hope my new comp has everything set, but what are you guys thinking for things??? Just so we can start getting all set up for things and what not, especially if you guys are in the capilla in the morning way early that definitely doesn't work!!! Definitely the same plan that we had for Christmas?? :)

Also I gotta send out a shout out to Kaylie and Carter for being so cute! Thank you Call Family for sending me the Valentines booklet, I received it 2 weeks ago, and I have been meaning to say something this entire time!! But the face of Carter just makes me so happy, so I know if I have a bad day, I just have to look at that face and I'll be cheered right up! ;) 

Also before I say anything else, can you send me a word document of the Priesthood lineage that I have?? That would be soooo AWESOME! :) Also, a picture of my Amazing 95 year old Grandfather please and thank you! :) (Mom you can take a picture of him in his chair if you would like, just gotta get the cute old man to smile! ;))

OKay, where to think of this week?? I dunno its kinda been a hard week, like I dunno, we taught lots hmmmmm... Well we can start off by saying our mission changed rules, we don't count "Other Lessons" anymore. We only count "Lessons with Member" so we can work more with the members and listen to the words of the prophets and work more with the members, which is awesome, and not awesome at the same time, because we don't have a lot of men that can help us.... So its difficult! But you know!! 

OH ohhh ohhhh!! Yeah we contacted this lady last week, on Tuesday and her name is Cindy! Guess what... SHES JW!!!! What??? Yeah. Jehovah witness.... Its SICK!! Okay, there are tons here in Chile, but SHE WANTS TO TALK!!! WOOT!"!!! We went to her house and had a lesson, and it was awesome! We taught the restoration, but the lesson was kinda all over the place because she had so many questions! We left on the thought of "Next time we will talk about what us Mormons believe in after Death" So that was lots of fun, but we have tried every day for the past 3 days to go and teach her, and she hasn't been able to, but she is in her 20's with a daughter and as far as I know?? No Pareja (Boyfriend) and so that would mean she could get Baptized if she was ready!! 

Oh! That is one other thing! One thing I REALLY enjoy doing is, when we are teaching people, sometimes its kinda tough, but I always try to imagine people in all white getting ready for Baptism, and it makes teaching a lot easier! It's something that kinda helps me focus on THEIR needs, so I can know what we need to teach them! 

You know you have an Awesome Companion when: He showers before you and then while you are in the shower makes your bed! Boy was I happy this morning and I didn't have to do that! What an Awesome kid!! :) 

I know this email is kinda all over the place... But yeah, that is how my week felt, I am hoping to have a little better of a week this week! That you for everything! When I had all the emails on word this morning before printing out it was like 15 pages, so I had to change the fonts to 8. Thank you for all the Emails from other Missionaries, because I Love to get ideas from everyone, and definitely thanks for all the prayers! Don't forget the words from this past conference and hit up the Scriptures, Family home Evening, and Family Prayer!! :) 

Love you all!! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt :)

here are the pictures from this past week!! 

We had an awesome rainbow after a 2 minutes downpour, but we were in a lesson when it was the coolest... so here is what I got! 

The puddle master is back 

And yes... That is snow... in the mountains!! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 38:2/4 (means conferences)

Hola Muchachos! Este Semana fue muy Buena, especialmente con Conferencia cierto??? 

Wow, what an Amazing week! Really though, like I said last Monday, "Its gonna go Fast" and here I am AGAIN. Writing. Again. Wow. Time... Where does it go?? Just like Elder Sommercorn said last week, he and Elder Robins are gonna be at a year next month, and the other Elder Sommercorn hit a year last month, wow. Then like Elder Beardall said, all them Seniors are getting their calls... Wow where is time going?? That was me a year ago....... If I blink it soon will be me two years ago! 

Wow. really though, you guys should see the damage here from the Earthquake.... ha just kidding, I figured I would of brought it up since EVERYONE has talked about it, its cool, THANK you for your extra prayers in my behalf, but next time? Pray that I will feel it, please? :) I would LOVE to see some Action! 

Yeah sorry about no pictures last week, I realized at the end that I didn't send any, I got your back today, no se pre culpe. 
Isaboths family attended the baptism, and after we went to her house to talk with them all, it was really cool, she also invited two of her school mates! It was crazy, because one of them was the Chilean Version of Shaurie Coleman, like dead on... But we got to answer their questions and we are going to see more success from that family I believe! 

We still haven't had the chance to go talk with Yennifer again, but thats okay, we are going to go back this week I think, and the Steak lunch was just because they were having it! So they gave it to us as well! :)

Mirijam if all goes well, will be getting married a WEEK from Thursday and then she will get Baptized the Following Saturday! and yes her Husband is a member!! :)

I have been hearing more and more of David Archuleta, that is crazy so yeah with him going home that puts Murray High School at 3 here in Chile, with Elder Cheshire in Santiago, Elder Adams in Rancagua, and Elder Holt in Osorno. Sick. Then soon Elder Stam in Santiago as well! How sick! 

Hmmmmmm anything more for the package? I can¡t think of anything, more because I don't want to ask for anything else because I have been very "Asky" for the past little while, sorry bout that. Changing I promise! Thank you for everything and I Love you very much!! 

Having a talk in Church, that is pretty cool! Not gonna lie, that was one of my favorite meetings, now I will have to start to think of some good one liners for the ward! ;) 

Okay so to start out for this week, lets just say it was Awesome! First off...

You know you have an Awesome Companion when he can quote the ENTIRE movie Music, Sound Effects, and All of Bugs Life, Monsters INC, and I think we are gonna start Lion King next! ;) It makes for quite the exciting proselyting hours! 

Now, this is an experience super Amazing. This was on Saturday, between conferences, we had a Cita with Roxanna and Robert, and so we went up to their house which was super awesome! We then Found out that her husband has this device that can not talk very well, and his muscles are uncontrolled. So it was super deficil. We were there and we were talking when I got this impression to watch the Mormon Message called "Mountains to Climb" I haven't watched it since the MTC and so we ended up watching it, its not in Spanish, only in English, but by the end, ALL 4 of us were crying (I lost my man card) but it was super crazy! After I testified of Christ and we left to catch the next session of Conference, and if we are lucky the two of them will be baptized on the last saturday in 4 weeks! I sure hope so! 

Then yesterday after the last conference we were going to go to teach them, and they called us two minutes before we reached there house (Random Fact: Its my Half Birthday today) they called us and they said that Robert wasn't feeling well and they were going to go to the hospital, so we are going another day. So at this point we changed our idea, and we went down the mountain as we were walking I got the impression to go to the house of a guy we contacted once, and we ended up talking with Mario for like an hour, and it was a super awesome lesson. We'll see how he turns out in the end! 

Its been a super awesome day! I hope that you guys all have a wonderful week and that everyone can listen to the words of Elder Ballard and come to know that Preach my Gospel is for everyone! :)

Love you All!! 

Elder Connor Holt

1 y 2 Baptismo de Isaboth

mi shadow de la otra dia

4 y 5 los arboles! (Autumn colors of trees)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 37: Baptismal Font of Jecoozi (Spelt WAY Wrong)

Howdy Ya´lls! 

So um yeah, if you didn't read that heading, read it again, because its TRUE! :) But first off, I will get to replying to your letter super fast!! 

Marriage, yeah, its free in the church, but like with the Government, you still have to pay to get married, so if you get married just by signing the papers with the government its like 2 dollars, and then if you get married by any church, you have to pay the government more. Why? I am not sure, so the Government can torture you in the buildings that are ten thousand times worse than the DMV in Utah.........

Ha it was REALLY hard not to say anything about Robb Terry! He was so awesome to see last week! Then he offered to call you guys and I am like... Hmm I have a Mom who would really be happy with that! ;) So I gave him the number, and he was just like everyone else and Loved Dad's number!! :)

"Palo" means stick and when I use it like "I got a palo I have to work on" it means that someone is beating me with a stick saying "IMPROVE" and so yeah, like usually General Conference is full of Palos! ;)

Thank you for the emails! I love reading about my friends and knowing how they are doing, and then using their ideas to improve the work here as well! :)

Sounds like the ward has lots of people and lots of new kids for the Primary! How fun! Can't wait to see my first calling when I get home with the primary or the young mens! ;)

Yeah I will still get to Conference Live! Which means we watch it at 1 pm 5 pm and 9 pm you know its pretty cool! Although the woman's conference is this Saturday at 11AM But I am SOOOO STOKED!!! 

Shoot, sounds like _________ is having a tough training, but from what I have seen in him, at home. This is nothing for him! He is gonna KILL it in England! He has so much Love for the Gospel!! 

Okay, about this past week?? Hmmmm well, first off you know you have an Awesome companion when you have best friends serving in the same Mission! Elder Sommercorn and Elder Webber in Washington sick! :)

This week, has been... Absolutely the hardest week of my Mission, I have seen lots of things, and its funny because Elder Christopherson told Isaboth, the week before her Baptism, that Satan was going to try and do everything and anything to change her mind, but every time we checked up on her, she was even stronger! I started this week off with a feeling I haven't ever had the entire Mission "I don't want to contact..." Then a couple days later it changed and was "I am really missing home, family, and friends," Never been homesick the entire Mission, and then in the end it was "Oh shoot, now I am really sick" SO yeah, It was tough, I then realised it was just the devil messin with my head, since he knew he couldn't do nothin with Isaboth, he was gonna mess with Elder Holt, with Rebellion, (which didn't work) Homesickness (which obviously didn't work cause I am still here) and then finally with a HUGE headache and Stomach ache which I just went home an hour early and slept for 10 hours so really Satan just helped me gain some more sleep hours! *Thanks Buddy* But yeah, it was the Longest week of the mission, and now seeing how fast today has gone, this week is gonna be a Snap! 

But lets see what more? Well how about this? You know that you have a Golden Investigator when you get served a Steak Dinner (Lunch) on the first visit... :) It was awesome! Her name is Yennifer (Jennifer) and has a husband, who we have only met when we contacted them, but we just got to answer some questions and we are going back this Tuesday to show her the Restoration, so I hope we see some progress with her! 

Okay for the Moment you have been waiting for since you read the subject line of my email, ISABOTH WAS BAPTIZED!!! WHOOOO!!!! Yeah, it was so cool! I had the opportunity to Baptize her, and it was funny, I missed one word so I got to do it twice! Then the next day Elder Christopherson confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost! I got to be in on the circle of three with the Branch President! After the baptism, we went to her house to talk with her and her family, because she had lots of family at the baptism, and we are going to see more baptisms here with her family I believe! It is going to be awesome!! After I baptized Isaboth it was super funny, she sunk into the water, and didn't want to get out because it felt so warm, and I was agreeing with her, because it. is. SOOOOOO COLD here!! All the mountains have snow on them now! But the Baptism was awesome!! 

Mirijam is ready! She passed her baptismal interview this past Saturday and will be baptized the following Saturday that she gets married, we are still waiting for the papers, but the day the papers come, they asked us to be witnesses and then we will go that day so they can get married, them and us, and the following Saturday she will get dunked! :) And filled with the Spirit!! 

The only thing I thought of this past week that I "Need" is possibly my under armor if Brandon hasn't taken it?? That would be awesome if you could stuff it in a small box for April! 

Oh and Spleeeeeeesh is Not from Holes, that would be Splooosh. Spleeeeeesh would be from Zelda Windwaker :) With the Canon Game! :) 

Anyways... I Love you guys, and just know that Elder Holt is doing Great like always, this week is gonna go by so fast and then I will be here again next week writing! I LOve you all!! :)

Elder Connor Holt