Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 54: We celebrated the 24th a little early...

hi Hi HI!!!! :)

Hello how is it going?! Hopefully just dandy!!! I don't even know where to start once again, this past week, has been absolutely mind blowingly crazy....

On Tuesday we were in Puerto Montt for our awesome district meeting, and it was super fun like always!! 

Wednesday there was some crazy things that went down!! We walked so much, I don't even know how to describe it, other than I was a Missionary who sang as he walked, and walked, and walked, and walked..... ect. hahahahaha it was awesome!! Then around 6 o'clock we went to the only gym here in town and we were there with the elders quorum, and we kicked a soccer ball around before they started the game!! While they were playing, I went and contacted the man, who was in charge of the gym and taught the whole plan of salvation to him! that was some fun stuff!! 
After the game we were all exiting, when all of a sudden, two Bomberos (Fire Trucks) came SCREAMING by and we were just joking ha "How funny would it be if it was our house?!" And so we left to head out for an appt. that we had, and people in the street were running by us to go see this fire, when all of a sudden Hno. Jorge (Menas Activo who was playing with us) called us and Elder Jurado answered the phone and told us "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!" That is all I heard! So we turned around So fast and started sprinting in the other direction!!! As we got to the top of the hill, we realized it wasn't our house, but the house of the President, who lives right in front of us!! So we booked it past all these other people in the street, the other elders behind us, and we got there!! The house was a blazed!! The entire second floor was blowing up!! It was crazy! So we entered our house dropped to our knees offered a prayer for the family and then ran out to help!! We helped the Bomberos with everything and anything that we could do!! After twenty minutes I found the President, and asked him if his family was alright, luckily they were in Osorno and it was crazy! I noticed that he was crying, so I took him in my arms and just held him for a bit. Then we kept helping with the fire!! At around 10:30 it was all the way out, and the entire branch was there with us! If they weren't there at the house, they were on the other side of the caution line the bomberos made waiting!! 

President slept with us that night, so Elder Lopez let him sleep in his bed and slept on the floor. 

The next day it was Thursday the 24th, we spent the entire day with the branch cleaning up the house. The Mission President came to help. Later on the Stake President of Puerto Montt came (Not our Stake) to help out. It was just super cool! There were lots of people who weren't members either!! 

That night, Hna. Alicia told us that her son (who was helping that entire day) said that he had a desire to come to the church now, because of the unidad that he saw here with all the members of the branch! It was super cool to hear, because when we are teaching there he is always in a different room!! 

Then on Friday we had an inter cambio and I was with Elder Dennis! We were in their sector! And we taught a guy named Jaime. It was so cool!! He has 21 years and wants to know the TRUTH! He is looking for the truth, and read the entire pamphlet of the restoration and watched the 1 hour version of the restoration with his girlfriend!! After we taught him the Restoration, he wanted to pray, so we taught him and to pray our way, and then he asked to pray, so of course we let him, and the Spirit was just sOOO STRONG! I told him after, I was so jealous that I didn't get to teach him, because I have only seen one other person like him my entire mission!! 

On Saturday we received phone calls late at night from the President.... Elder Dennis is going to Chiloe, and the two new guys are going to be training two of the 27 new elders, and I am going to the Black River! (Rio Negro) which is super sweet because it is in my first zone/stake so hopefully I will be there for stake conference that I can talk with people there!! Or at least General Conference in October!! I am super excited!! :) It is going to be crazy!!! 

Then today we played Ping Pong for like two hours in the church!! I have come to gain a little bit of skill here in Los Muermos of Table Tennis, definitely nothing like Tennis, but little is better than none. Then we were going to email like two hours ago, but a menos activo invited us to come over to his house at 3 and we had a cita planned at 6 so this worked out, and we went and ate Pichanga with them!! Oh my gosh how I absolutly LOVE Pichanga, you should look it up and try to make it if you can!! French Fries, tomatoes, guacamole, meat, pickles, cauliflower, ummmm cheese?? I can't remember it all, but it is just so amazing!! :))) 

Anyways, life is crazy here! Yeah I know Elder Medling, he was in Coyhaique during my first cambio there! Now that I am going to a sector close to Osorno maybe I will see him!!! Hope that I can see Ethan soon! That would be super cool!! 

I hope that everything is well at home, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers always!! 

If you guys could keep the Familia Osario in your prayers that would be Amazing!! That is the family of the president!! I Love you all!! Thank you for all that you do!! :)

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

My "Tronquito" it was for an hermana who is finishing her mission this week, but she didn't want to be "trunky" so I ate it instead.... So I was trunky... JUST KIDDING ;)

The House of the President on the 24th

The wall of the kids, everything was burned except the picture of Christ, it made me think of the Provo Tabernacle fire.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 53: Be Careful what you wish for!

What up all ya'lls from "Alemania"?!

I say Alemania because I always tell people that I am from there! ;) So that is always lots of fun!! 

I don't even know where to start with this past week! It was Awesome!! 

First off, I lied last week, I am not the 2nd counselor anymore! Hahaha but I will get to that a little later! 

We have had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much success this week!! It is Sweet!!!! 

I can't believe that there are three videos in the temple now... Super jealous just the fact that you guys can go.... Can't wait for when I get home, definitely the first thing we gotta do. Not kidding. Before anything. We are going to the temple.

Crazy to think of the drug dealer there right in the sister's house, but keep working with her, and the Lord will bless you guys and her!! 

Okay, I will now start with this past week and our success...  

We had... NINE New investigators this past week!! How awesome is that?!?! We taught so much!!! I Am so happy!! Like it was so cool to see the difference that has come here in my sector from before and after the Sobre Cambio!! Its cool to see because the cambio was exactly in the middle of the transfer! So I will get the equal amount of time with both companions!! 

But really though, we taught so much!! My favorite lesson with investigators was with 3 people. Serjio, Jovita, and Luis! This lesson was on Thursday and we taught so much!! We taught the Restoration, and it was just so cool, because Serjio was a contact like two weeks ago, and then we past by on thursday and Serjio invited us into his house where his wife was! She is in a wheel chair for the past 11 years, and so we started to teach them about the Restoration, when there son Luis walks in, and so we teach them all. THE SPIRIT was present! It was so cool to see! At the end Luis told us that he works with Hna. Alicia who is a member of the Branch! So that was lots of fun to see that we have connections! I think we will have to have a ´Noche de ¨Hogar with them!! We have another lesson with them this week, so I will let you know! Keep them in your prayers please!!! :) 

Also, another awesome lesson?? Last night, we taught a man named Jorge, he is a Less Active, but we taught on the Book of Mormon, and we have been teaching about the book of mormon with him for the past three times, but last night we showed him the Mormon Message with the guy from England who is a Bishop and explains the Book of Mormon PERFECTLY and then we read with him the Introduction! And reading the Introduction of the Book of Mormon is one of my favorite lessons, and we taught and testified of the Book of ¨Mormon, and the SPirit was just present!! It was so cool to see!! We invited him to read that night and pray about it!! Then we will see how he feels about it here real soon!!! 

On thursday we also had interviews with President Obeso!! It was super awesome to get to know him a little better! This was my second time with him, because we got to talk to him as a house hold of Missionaries, before the sobre cambio! Presidente Obeso is such an Amazing Man and is going to help this mission so much! He is just so full of Love. He just told us how much he Loves us!! It is so cool, he just explains that at the beginning! I got lots of good tips on being a leader!! He told me I should Some scriptures that were Amazing, but I don't have the exact references here with me, it was in D&C 107, D&C 43, and Alma 13. If you ask me next week I will explain it a little more, with the references!! The scriptures were just Amazing!! IF you get a chance look it up!! 

The reason I am not the 2nd counselor is because at Interviews the zone leaders talked to Elder Lopez about it, and said that President doesn't want me to be the counselor, so now everyone here in Muermos (Missionaries) Think that I am gonna have cambios next week, since we get transfer calls this saturday!! Crazy!! The first three weeks were like three years, but the past week and a half?? so fast.....

Friday night?? Oh man, we scared Elder Dennis so bad, it was AWESOME! Hahahahahaha WE got home like at 9:45 and we were waiting in the dark, then Elder Jurado told me to try and fit in the closet of Elder Dennis and I did.... So I waited and Elder Jurado was on the other side of the door and it was just great!! The other two came home and Elder Jurado was came out right after Elder Dennis walked in and he screamed! It was awesome!! Then they realized I wasn't there, so he started to look for me, and as he was coming over to the closet I could see him, so as he opened it, I Jumped out, and he screamed again!!! :))) ITs days like then that we have that make the Mission so much fun!!!!! 

The reason why I say be careful for what you wish for?? Is because I checked me weight a week ago and I was at 70.5 Kgs. So yeah, which means I am exactly what I was a year ago... Then So I was thinking, I need to eat more, and I can not tell you how much we have eaten this past week!! sO much!!! But then I weighed myself again last night, and I was less.. 68.9 so I gotta eat more this week. At least I know l that my exercising is working right?? ;)

Anyways, it was a Killer week, and we are gonna do it again this week!! Esp if it is my last week here in Los Muermos, gonna give it my all!!! 

Thank you for all the Loving that you all do for me and give me, emails, letters, packages, thoughts, prayers, all of it. I need it all and I Love you!! It seriously helps a guy!!! 

Hope ya'lls have a great weeks (Speaking like Ally and Jed, and soon Logan) ;) Love you all and you are all in my prayers every day!! 


Elder Connor Holt

P.S. See ya in less than a year!

My package with the Note from Mom! :) Love you

President and Hermana Obeso with me (I know I'm tall)

                         YEAR MARK!!!

Year Mark....

                Me in the Closet!!! 

Elder Jurado behind his door!! :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 52: Well..................I am gonna hit one year here!

Hello everyone!!!! :))

Hope that all is well with everyone who is reading this! Whether you be in your mission, or whether you be in your house, or at the mall, or in whatever crazy place you can imagine!! (Thank you for taking the time to read, I will try not to waste your time... ;))

So here we are! 14th of July. Freakin Crazy. I hit my year mark in 3 days. Technically 2 because I left Utah on the 16th. Gah! I have no idea where the time has gone, I still feel like I am just starting my mission. I am not ready to have one year, that means I turn into a man this week... Gosh dang it time, why are you Nobody's friend..... hahahahaha So yeah by the way Mom?? I got your package, I know fast right?? I got it last Tuesday!! I was Very surprised!!! Esp. Because the Mom of Elder Dennis sent him a package but it was at the beginning of June, and he got his the same day, I got mine in like 5... Crazy!! (Gotta wait to open it though, but thank you so much! :))

So lets see... Where to start???? Its been a Long week...

Lets start with because we had some major problems occurring, we had an Emergency Transfer this past Wednesday. Elder ______left and Elder York as well... :/ But they were replaced by some awesome elders!! Now we have Elder Lopez from Mexico and my companion Elder _______who also is from Bolivia like Elder ______but is at least a little more obedient, not the best, but I am gonna help him change that, as I work with my own obedience!! :) 

Although Elder York left, he went... Only to the Best sector of the entire mission... the one. The only. CAMINO REAL!!! SO I definitely gave him a paper of people he had to go visit before he left!! :) 

I received a letter from Elder Ruben in the Philippines this past week as well! It was sweet and he gave me an Awesome scripture to look up!! Alma 17:12-13 this is exactly how I feel with all the neighborhood kids who are out on the Mission, and with Jayden, Josh, and Chris!!! So I am stoked to one day come home and see them all!! 

Since Wednesday... Our numbers in teaching have jumped enormously!! Can I just say how much I Love being in charge?? (Sometimes) I get to lead the sector now! Which don't get me wrong, is hard, but it is fun!!! Its hard, because it takes me a lot longer to plan than in any other sector that I have had, because now that Elder ______ isn't here we are actually trying to do the work of the Lord, and so we are trying to find people. But we have had some great lessons!! 

But as I read the emails of some other elders and sisters this morning, I still need to do a lot to change and become the best missionary that I can be!! So I am gonna work on some things this week, I think I will fast one day, and definitely serve with the biggest smile all week long, and just serve everyone!! :) ITs gonna be a great week!! 

With Elder ______ and Elder York gone, the President of the Branch had to pick two more councilors, and I was told last night that I will be the Second Councilor of the Branch, so it will be fun to have another calling to help out here in Los Muermos!! Also means that I can't play the piano anymore during sacrament... Good thing! Not the best, but I want to sing more than I want to play the piano, its also a good thing my companion can play a little as well!! :) 

Definitely was super crazy to see that you guys had a Baptism!! I was super surprised to see that this morning, so now we will just have to battle it out to see who gets more in the next 6 months!! ;) Oops I mean 5 months.. Wow Christmas is coming fast!! 

The weather here is Freezing!! It is raining!! It just so happens almost to rain only on the weekends, that is how it has been for the last month, wow I have a month here... Weird! But yeah! Its fun!! 

With my studies?? A year ago, I started the Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 1 and now I am in Alma 8! I will finish that tomorrow so I think I will be in Alma 9. My goal was to be in Alma by my year mark!! So hopefully I can finish the Book of Mormon within the next year!! :) I too am reading in PMG in lesson one. I am almost done there. I am reading in the Book of Mormon part of lesson 1 and then I will only have pray to know if it is true!! :)

I just want to let you all know that I know this church is true. I know that I am out here with a purpose! I know that if someone will listen to my companion and I, or listen to the Missionaries wherever you are in the world, you will feel the Spirit of the Lord, and if you will pray to know if it is true?? As said in Moroni 10:4-5 the Spirit will testify of the truthfulness of all things!! 

Thank you for all the Love that I receive, there are some days I really need it! Thank you for your prayers in my behalf! :) I Love you all, and I am gonna make you the Proudest Mom in the World, Mom!! 

Love always,

Elder Connor Holt


 4th of July Made my own "Sparklers" 

My zone with Presidente y Hermana Obeso

Elder York and I (He knows Courtney Achziger ((You gotta show em this foto))

Elder Torrez and I

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 51: I didn't knock on wood hard enough......

Hey all!! 

So I don't have a ton of time, because we have to go catch a bus back to Los Muermos here soon, and we still have to buy our groceries!! 

So I have some things to reply to!! 

First off, Kaylie and Swimming lessons, sooooo coool!! :) (Sorry Jen I still haven't replied to your email, I now officially know how Brandon felt....) But it was super funny hearing about the diving, and that Mom was thinking of Polo and Scout camp!! :) Good thing she is learning, because I know she is gonna want to swim with Uncle Connor in a year in Laguna!! :)

Yes, Mom... Less actives here also think they are active... Its kinda funny how that works out! 

How is Jeron?? Member?? You probably wrote about him today!! I will have to read it on the 45 minute bus ride back to Los Muermos (EXCITED) :)) 

Tell Grandpa from his Youngest Grandson, he HAS to wait one more year! :)

The Shower?? Yes it is more that hot, and the pressure is Amazing, it actually just falls right on top of us... I will send a picture of it next week, it is the BEST shower in the Mission!! 

I will talk more about President Obeso in a little bit!! :) 

Okay, now I think I got all the questions!! I will get on with the letter!! 

 This past week, I can't even begin to describe really how long it was.... It was super long. There was lots of stuff that went down..

But to explain my "knocking on Wood" So I knocked on wood this last week, because I had NEVER been bit by a dog here in the Mission... Until Thursday... Hahahaha it was super funny, it hurt like a Mother, but it was sweet! I have a cool mark, but I don't have the picture, because it was taken with Elder York's camera, because I lost my camera that night (don't worry, I found it the next morning) and yeah, but no worries!! I had three layers of pants on and so no need for Rabies shots!! YAAAAY!!! I was more scared of that, than I was of the 6 dogs that surrounded me... Hahahahahahah 

Then Friday in the morning, in honor of the neighborhood breakfast I have missed for two years now, I had some awesome waffles from Lider! Blueberry in fact!! Then during the night, you guys were at Murray Park I am sure, but we had a Talent show here in our little Branch! It was lots of fun! I sang and danced with the other elders! It was great! I have videos and so that is gonna be fun to see!! 
Then I lit my own "fireworks" more like a piece of paper.... Hahaha that is the picture that is coming later on!! 

Yesterday we had the chance to meet with the new President!! Presidente Obeso!! He is super cool, and unbelievable short. I was thinking he was gonna be tall, but nope. He's Mexican... hahaha JUST KIDDING!! But he is super spiritual!! With everything that has been going on with my companion, the four elders from Los Muermos had an interview with him, and he is SOOO SPIRITUAL!! He is super awesome, and has lots and Animo to change the Mission! There is a chance we won't be able to drink Coke anymore, but we may be able to play Soccer and drink Matè!! (I am praying) ((Not Really)) (((But Kinda)))

We get to have interviews with him in two weeks, and I am super excited!! I hope that all goes well and we can do that!! 

It is gonna be another long two weeks, because with my comp. if he doesn't change from his disobedient state...  The president will do something, but he said he is giving him another chance last night. So we will see...  Its just gonna be hard, because there is contention in our house... Gah, this cambio is not about teaching, but about being a good example for my companion and trying to receive blessings, so he can see its better to be Obedient!! 

Just so all you little guys who are gonna be leaving on your Mission this summer know, if I hear that any of you guys are disobedient, I will beat you up when you get home... I wasn't so square until this transfer, and my corners are just getting more sharp everyday. Ha!! 

I Love you guys so much!! I hope that all is well at home, and I can't wait to read your letter here on our bus ride home!! :) 

Elder Connor Holt

Ps sorry, this computer is super sucky and I can't send pictures, I will send them next week!! Love you all!!