Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana 90: Confused...

Well, I honestly have no idea what to say at this moment. All week I have been throwin out the jokes about going home and what not, and everyone all weekend at conference have been throwin out the "Trunky" Jokes on me and what not, this morning the Zone Leaders told us that we were gonna have to go home on Wednesday, but as of like 30 minutes ago when we got here to the ciber and were waiting for computers Presidente Obeso called us and said that he talked with Presidente Hutchison and that I am going to Santiago for the better Neurologist. Well, past that Dad? Sorry, I have no idea what more is going down, I am about as much informed as you guys are. So looks like I won't be coming home this week, and I really have no idea what is going down. 

This past week yet again, hasn't been to exciting, I mean we just sat in the house again for another week, except when we had citas or meetings. (We didn't have many citas) so we were just in the house and what not. 

I am super tired from the medication I am taking at the moment. Its about now (5 in the afternoon) that it starts to hit me on the tired scale. 

I really have no idea whats going down, because I thought I received my answer yesterday of why I was coming home early in conference, (By the way Brandon, when they said a new temple in Bangkok, Thailand don't worry, I too Jumped and Screamed for Joy, although I was only with the Gringos so it wasn't too bad when everyone was startled or were looking at me funny) It was super awesome conference yesterday! I Loved it, there were so many good talks, and tons for the Missionaries who are ending their Missions like me (Soon I think) hahaha

Just so you know Mom, I think that "The Feeling" that I have felt my whole mission has been confirmed to me to be Epilepsy. I had it again last night, so I called the nurse today and she confirmed me that, she thinks it is. So I guess we'll see what the Doc says in Santiago, because honestly I have no idea how to explain it when I am trying to. 

Well, past that I really have no idea what to say. We had the chance to say bye to some people during the week, when we weren't sick and what not. But I am not sure whats gonna go down. I am just super duper tired right now, and sorry I also have no idea what is the email to Presidente Obeso, something I should I know, just because I email him through a Missionary program and what not. 

Anyways I love you all so much, thank you for your prayers, you all mean so much to me and I am so happy to have all of you in my life! Not sure when I am gonna see you, at Most in 3 months, more than that? I got no idea. 

I Love you guys!!

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Capitan Moroni, My Hero.

Friday Night Food from Peru

Conference Morning German Pancakes

 Elder Germann and I being the only ones in Priesthood in English

The Gringo Group

 Last nights sunset

 Lunch with the ZL's today

                             I finished first

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