Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Semana 89: The Good One

Hey alls, 

DON'T WORRY! I brought my camera today! ;) 

Yeah, so where to start? Hmmmm I FINALLY LEFT THE HOUSE THIS WEEK!! Gosh dang it, it felt so good to get out of that little house, we have gotten to know every crack, nail, board, spider, flea and all that fun stuff in there... 

So let's see where to even start this week?? Ummm we were in the house every day until Thursday

Once again we had our leaders meeting in our house, which was super cool! Everyone came over and had some fun! We talked about a cool new video that came out that we are gonna be working with here in the Mission!! Really COOL video Click Here because I know that you want to see it in English and not in Spanish... But if you want to see it in Spanish Haga Clic Aquí. Anyways yeah its Super cool!! :) 

Then lets see, nothing much happened until Thursday, I mean I got to help the neighbors with some English, I got to finish Helaman, ummm and I got to sleep a lot because of my pill, and then I also got to be a little trunky when we watched the movie "RM" hahahah SUPER HILARIOUS because I get the jokes now and what not. Oh and a prayer got answered! We had to get my results on Tuesday is when the doctor who did one of the exams last week said it would be ready, so we did leave to go get those, but her nurse said they weren't ready yet, so I did say a little prayer on Wednesday so that we would get them, and then we ended up getting them! Then we went to the Neurologist, but he doesn't work on Wednesday so his secretary said that they would call us on Thursday if someone would be dropping an appt. because they were booked, and so I said another prayer, and on Thursday around 1 the Bishop called us saying that the secretary called him, saying that we have an appt. at 5 pm with the neurologist! So we called the enfermera and she with her comp. Hna Findlay would be there soon, because they were close to Valdivia helping another missionary. 

So we got there around 5 and yeah, well I entered with the enfermera to visit with the doctor and he looked at all the pictures of my brain for a couple of minutes not saying a word (Kinda awkward...) and then he said, "Yepp, from the looks of this, you have Epilepsy. Are you sure that you haven't had any hits to the head in your life??" So then I told him about the wood from a couple of weeks ago, and he said that had nothing to do with it, because it was on the left side of the front of my head, so then I told him when I was a kid about the fall I had, and I don't remember what he said, but he said something like it came from when I was a kid. Right before I was done, the Enfermera just HAD to ask "The Question" "Was there anything Abnormal about the results??" and the Neurologist said "Well yes, he has epilepsy..." So yeah... So we'll see what happens there. After she told us that as long as I feel good, and my companion as well, we could leave if we had a cita fija (Set Appt.) that we could leave the house HOORAY!! 

So that was a good sign, because on Friday night we had a cita for a super cool activity in the church to show the ward THE Video and so On Thursday night we called everyone in the ward and on Friday a little bit as well, to invite everyone there, and the hermanas were out working and inviting everyone as well!! Guess What... It was the FIRST activity here in Río Cruces that there were more then only THREE people there!! We had like twenty!! Woot Woot!! It was awesome!! We had an activity all on the Atonement, and it was just so cool!! I felt the Spirit so much!! I also did the Paper Cross activity, one day I will show that to you guys at home, its my fave, no biggie...

* Note from Mom Holt, Andrea Bruno who Elder Holt is now going to talk about is a foreign exchange student from Italy who lived with us 8 years ago. He is now working in Santiago and Elder Holt got permission from the President for Andrea to visit.

Okay now on Saturday?? Wow, where to even start? How about with it all started early in the morning when we woke up almost on time at about 7:20 (We haven't woken up on time since the 14th... Ha) and so we went to the Bus terminal at about 9 (Yes we had permission) and then all of a sudden like 5 minutes later this REALLY Tall Italian got outta a double-decker bus, so I sat down really fast so he wouldn't see the really tall Gringo in a White shirt hahahahaha and then he didn't see us and started to walk the other way, so I ran over and JUMPED on his back!! Oh it was so much fun!!! We left, and NOTHING was opened that early... So we started the day out just by walking around and that was lots of fun!! Hahaha but its okay, we got to be talking!! That is when we went to the mall and got some doughnuts and we got the internet password so he could Skype y'alls and then that's when he called Brandon so we could say that I was alright, (His idea so I am not in Trouble... ;) After?? We went to the bay front... Okay no its the river side, but there is a submarine there that we went and took a tour of, and that was super awesome!! I now know that I cannot be crazy enough to be a submariner and what not, because its SO SMALL!! (Look at the picture) then I can tell you I have changed a lot here in the mission, why?? Well after Andrea said that he was Hungry, and so we left, and we got to the Fish Market, and he said, "Lets go find a restaurant here close by Fresh Fish" I was super nervous..... But we went right across the street, and then we went into there and we ate... FISH! So I just want to say... I like Sushi... and I like Fish.... So lets go to the Crab Cooker when I get home yeah?? :) The Mission has changed my tongue... But you won't believe it until you see it... I know!! ;) Now the worst part of the day?? Andrea wouldn't let me pay for ANYTHING!! But I won him on one thing!! I bought Mote con Husillo!! Woot (Haha Andrea I Won) but then in the end of the day, he won by not hugging me unless I took the 10.000 he put in my shirt pocket.... (Just you wait Andrea Bruno... Just you wait...) Anyways it was a FLIPPEN awesome day!! The only thing that was super hard, was it was the first day in a couple weeks out walking the entire day, so I definitely had some CRAZY groin pains like what I had from playing Water Polo... So then I was stupid and put the little bit of the Icy Hot I had there Sunday Morning... Yeah VERY. BAD. IDEA. 

Anyways, yeah. I Love you guys, hope that all is going well at home and what not, and thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, and EVERYTHING! I definitely don't deserve em. Love you guys!!

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

 Paper Gown

Elder Holt on Sleepy Drugs

The Kittens that were stolen the other day... :(

 Our activity

The Submarine

Andrea The Model

Notice that he is on his toes! ;)

The "real" height

 Elder Holt is Buff ;)

A Good Photo

okay not really that buff it looks like..

Chilean Birthday parties in the church... I'll Love to explain this one later!! 

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