Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week 4 One whole month

Hello Family,
Well it sounds like you guys have had a pretty crazy week! :) I got an email from Jayden this week, woot woot! Sounds like he is Stoked that he leaves next tuesday! Bummer he isn't going to South Africa anymore, but Provo will be way sweet!! Grandpa, the 95 year old man! I hope he gets my letter soon! That is weird it hasn't gotten there yet......... That is way cool there were a lot of people there, I am proud to call myself the Grandson of someone like that!
Sadly, my feet are still smelling... Really bad, enough that sometimes I can smell them with my shoes still on.... UGH! Ha but it isn't to bad I guess it could be worse, I mean, I found out that the Jones's toe juice they gave me helps warts, and I have had one on my toe since day 1 here, so I started putting that on it the other day, hoping it will go away now.
Jayden, man what a Stud! Hopefully he will send me a copy of his talk, because it sounds like it was super sweet!! :) Um, and I am glad you got to sit with Andrea, make sure to go to Josh's as well, because I am sure Dylan will give his talk the same day and you will have to tell me how they do! :)
Great thoughts, they are very true,
and that is crazy you saw that Mormon Message (Extraordinary gifts, Mormon messages for youth) I saw that one last Friday, and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cool! I wish I had some crazy talent like that kid, but I know I have some gift from God, I just have to work it out with him, and so does everyone, I have watched all of the 2013 and 2012 Mormon messages, and I have like 9 more in 2011 then I will start 2010, but I have watched some very sweet ones! :) It is my favorite part of the day, after I am done with the TALL lesson I have around a half hour or so to watch them, and the spirit just fills my soul, I Love it! I saw one yesterday in 2011 called "I am a Child of God" and at first I thought it was a dumb one, but by the end the Spirit hit me super hard confirming to me that I am a Child of God and that God does love me, if you have a chance check that one out! :) It is a little easier to get to the videos is you look under "resources" then go to the "Video" then just click on "Mormon Messages" I have learned something though, if you first go to youth, and click on the top left video, and push play, then go through the process I just explained, the videos, will never have a problem loading!
Um, okay so my most spiritual experience this week was last Saturday, it was Really cool, you will have to show this one to Dad, because he was half the reason I couldn't stop crying... So during our morning lesson, we watched part of a video where a guy had been involved in a car crash caused by a drunk driver, and it killed his pregnant wife and two kids. He struggled for awhile and then showed a crazy amount of forgiveness and forgave the 17 year old kid who had been the driver who killed his family. After we had watched the video, we were told that we were going to role play that experience, we were going to be missionaries and teach the kid, that through the atonement he could be forgiven and return to live with his Heavenly Father, at first, before we started, I felt super annoyed, I was wondering to myself, why should we do this? I think that is kinda dumb... So the other set of missionaries taught us first, and I role played as the kid, then it was our turn to teach them, I got real quiet by the end, when we bore our testimony to him. Even though it was in very broken up hard to understand spanish, the spirit was present. After I said, Amen, the spirit hit me so hard. I was here on this mission for a reason. I am here to teach people that by the Atonement of Jesus Christ they too can be saved and return to live with their Heavenly Father once again, and that is the part that got me even worse, is Dad said, that hit him once during a lesson and I thought about his experience, and then it just got worse and I couldn't stop. Luckily it was the end of the lesson, and I got to go outside where I could clear my mind and stop before we had our service activity!
Now, can I say how much I have learned that I LOVE Sunday's? They are Amazing, NO studying of the language, no classes, just devotionals and church. Sweet!! This past Sunday, Elder Robertson and I gave the lesson in District meeting, we talked about the Talk from Elder Ballard, that Steve gave me! That was really cool, then we took a lesson that Sister Jones gave us in Sunday school a couple years ago, where you write a note to someone and give them a compliment, so because we had sacrament in ten minutes at that point we just said, to write the notes through out the day, and after the Sunday night Devo we would hand them out to each other. I thought of doing that because I still have, well had mine from Sister Jones´s class in my Aqua Bats wallet, that I forgot to pull out, so it is nice to have another one, and everyone loved it! During Sacrament, Elder Horsley and I sang, I asked the week before if we could do a special number and the branch presidency was excited! So we sang I am a Child of God in Spanish "Soy un hijo de Dios" I sang the first verse, and he came in siging the alto part at the chorus, then he sang the second verse and I came in at the chorus singing the tenor part, then we were unison at the third verse and sang it beautifully, the spirit was definitely there! Now at sacrament we never know who is going to give a talk until Sacrament, they get up and tell us, right after we take the sacrament, which is actually cool, so we all prepare a talk during the week. It is supposed to be mostly in Spanish if you can. I figured that since I was singing I wouldn't have to give a talk, and so I asked the president when we were going to sing in the program and I saw he had Elder Holt down to talk, so I asked him if it was the other Elder Holt, and he said yes, then he came up to me thirty seconds later and said, "acutally.... It's you." Oh Great. Now I have to give a talk that I didn't prepare because I thought I was going to be safe.... ha! It was super cool, the topic was on faith, and so I figured that was my farewell talk so it couldn't be to hard, I thought about even giving the same talk, so I whipped out some scriptures on faith, and then just gave a talk, it was soooo cool, and the spirit helped me! It was a testimony building experience! That night at devotional we watched a devo from President Ballard back in Febuary of this year, and one of my friends who graduated last year, named John Poulson was the elder to give the opening prayer, and I saw Spencer Critchfield in the Chior! It was way sweet!
This past Tuesday we had an awesome Devo that was live from Provo, Elder Scott was the general authority who spoke at it! It was super spiritual, and by far one of my most favorite devotionals yet! We got to see how many missionaries were at Provo, and after seeing the whole crowd in the basketball stadim at BYU, I am okay with my 800 missionaries here...
We have two guys in our zone who are companions, who both have twins here at the CCM, one of them named Elder ____ his brother hasn't been doing to good, and kinda wants to go home. The other companion Elder ____ in our district has started to struggle this past week, so I have tried talking to him a couple times and reaching out to him, letting him know how much I love him and know that I am here for him to talk to. Our district had a fast for him this week, hoping that he would want to stay here, and so he is trying to face the ccm and see where he will go from there!
Okay, that is about everything I think that I have!
Um I remembered this week that I never got Amber her Senior Ball pictures, will you run those down to her???
Also, will you get the Walkers and Achzigers address for me??
Oh and in the birthday package, if you could Send me a Frizbee?? I meant to bring one and forgot, if you have the chance, maybe go to Mr. Wood at the highschool and buy a MOS frizbee for $10.00 if not the red one will be fine! :)
I Love you all,
Elder Holt
P.S. Mom, I Love you so much, I really don't know how to show it, esp when I am soon going to be half way around the world, I Love you sooooo much! Thank you for everything you have done for me in the past 18 years of my life!
The crazy rain storm last week, it hailed and it was super awesome! Yeah, no studying was done that night until the Rain stopped

                                A picture I took of a few guys from my zone when we played Ultimate
they tried to take one of me which wasn't as good but I guess it will do!

                                                                        a better picture of them

Me with my Branch Presidency on my Right is President Florez who is the first councilor and on my Left is President Suaste they are Amazing, I Love them, and I will Surely miss them when I leave in 12 days.... 

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