Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 5 or 6 Uh Oh

Hello Everyone!
Sorry that I haven't gotten on to email yet, we went to the Temple this morning and just got back an hour or so ago!
Sounds like it has been a crazy week! It sure has been the slowest week here in the MTC, one. slow. day. at. a. time. But I have loved them all!
That is a bummer about Kaylie's Letter, at least they still sent it, You'll have to thank Jen for me for giving her a quarter for me!
Wow, the ceiling opened up at Grandpa's lunch?! that is Crazy! I want to go eat there when I get home, and just say it is my birthday to see if they'll do that for me! ;) Just kidding, lying is bad... Sounds like it was a good thing to have the family in town though, bummer that the last brother wasn't there. I was sure glad to see him before I left!
Speaking of Missionaries, I have only gotten to one of those stories from the package (yes the package got here) I read Grandpa's and there were some FUNNY stories! Esp the Poop drink one, I shared that one with a couple of the guys in my district! :D But I am so glad to know that I am part of that lineage of missionaries, it makes me remember that I am part of a Great family and that I have a lot to look up to and to work up to!
Good luck with your new class! You will have to teach me how to draw when I get home!
Um yes the package did get here! I will talk more about it later...
okay.... Now to get into the week.
I figure that it is not a good thing if I am only about to leave the MTC and have No idea what week I am on.... I am in week 6 so that must be I am writing about week 5. There we go! (took me a second to think about)
This past week has been pretty good! Let me think, I have seen some GREAT Mormon messages, which will come in a little later in the letter as well, um we had an awesome Devo on Tuesday, and we have taught some Great lessons!
You asked me about the food last week?? Well I will send a picture what it looks like, there are two kinds of food that get people excited here. On Tuesday nights (I call them Gringo Nights) because that is when the Gringos come in and we Always get Costco Pizza for dinner that night, but it usually isn't always cooked, so only sometimes do we Love it. The other kind of food that is fought over here is.... oh yes.... Corn Dogs... You heard me right, Corn Dogs, they are pretty awesome!
Sad thing is, is I really don't remember most of this week.
So we have two "investigators" both of them our people who our instructors taught on their missions, so one is named Angela and from the beginning she really hasn't been to interested in the church but more and more every time she becomes more interested, and she committed to Baptism yesterday, so that got me and Elder Robertson stoked! Our other "investigator" is named Ulesis, he goes to school at the U and is pretty interested in the church, he basically knows everything is true, he just needs to know for sure by himself, so we asked him to pray about baptism our last lesson with him, and we will find out on Monday if he says yes or not.
Hey, did you ever find out about my scholarship? Are they going to hold it for me??
Okay, so this weeks Mormon Message? It can be found in the 2010 messages, and is about a kid in California, his name is Sean Kimball, he surfs, and he decides to quit the surf team for seminary, oh and he is from the Laguna Beach ward. Yeah, watch it! :) It surprised me as well!
So I got the package notice last Thursday, could have gotten it Friday but the Mail Lady left early so I had to wait until Monday, and on Monday when I got the package, I opened up the package, and now both Candy packages are empty... :/ so I will need more swedish fish sometime! :) Oh and if you want to know how to become popular here in the CCM, you carry around Nesquik at Breakfast and Dinner and everyone stares you down in jealousy, or you have Maple Syrup! A kid in my district got maple syrup in his package last night and we are all jealous of him!
I am sad I won't get to see Elder Gibelyou, Elder Adams, or Elder Madrigal all coming the day I leave. But I don't have an itinerary yet, I will get it tonight, tomorrow or Saturday! One of the guys in our zone asked President Pratt when he thinks we will leave and he said probably Tuesday morning at 1 in the morning. So if you don't want me to call you I don't have to, but I am allowed to call home! Or I guess I could wait until I get to Chile, oh and I will be coming home on June 30, 2015.
Thank you so much for the package, it really did mean a whole lot! :) The Strike is over?! Woot!! Everyone in here just jumped for joy!! :)
 Yes, I actually forgot to share my experience yesterday! Every Wednesday we do a thing called TRC where we teach a member who is a local from around here, but we have been teaching other missionaries for the past couple times, but I understood almost everything that they said the other day! It was AWESOME! I Loved it! They only thing is, Chileans speak about 2000X faster is what I understand...( I asked Connor how he was feeling about his progress with the language, I reminded him that the Lord will help him when he gets to Chile next week,) Thank goodness, I am going to need to know that soon, cause I feel it will be frustrating next week, but I know that God has called me as a Missionary now, not in 6 months when I can speak fluently, so he will help me to know what to do and teach by the spirit! :)
Thought for the week:
"Sometimes you have to step down from your high mountain and climb/work up another to get higher"
"Attitude effects your Altitude"
Well, that was my work from this week,
Love Always (and the last email from Mexico)
Elder Holt

All the guys in my room

I thought I looked like Grandpa Hale with the glasses on. (When he was on his mission)

The normal food that we eat

Elder Holt and Elder Moore

A Beatles picture after we returned from the temple
Mexico City Temple

My Grandpa, Whitney Hale as a missionary in the Central States Mission
Grandpa Whitney Hale

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