Friday, August 2, 2013

Week two: Sickness Breaks out

Hello Family,
This past week has been Mucho better. Before I get into my novel, I better answer your questions.
Duh Mom, of course the Temple is all in Spanish... ;) That would be why I hardly understood any of it, and it took me like ten minutes to get past the veil, but just so you know, I was the first White Elder in there!
Um, no the CCM is not close to the Temple, the old one was right next to it, but we are about 45 minutes to an hour away drive, so it took us all morning to get there and back. Um the CCM is the MTC for us, but it is translated as *Centro De Capacitacion Misional Mexico*
That is so Crazy that Danny and Josh will be in the same mission! That would be WAY cool if Danny was
transfered to be in the Tye's Mission though! I am sure they would Love him! Esp when they find out we are related! ;)
I guess I can wait for a package, but you know... If you are bored... You could send a candy package from those have seemed to be a big hit down here! :)
That is not good to hear about Brother Jacobsen, please give him my regards, and if necessary (I am sure it is already done, but make sure someone gives him a blessing) The Lord has the power to create miracles, and I have seen that first hand many times!
Okay... Now onto the past week. Lets see.... It has actually been pretty boring, I mean other than the fact I got to play soccer every day! Well, I guess Futball, but I have grown a new Love for the game. I am not sure if that is good or bad, because that may mean I am going to come home and want to play on a team somewhere... But the second day we played out on a field and it was pretty fun, but I sucked it up... Then we started playing on these cool courts that I don't remember the name of, but it is an outdoor basketball court, and underneath the hoops, they have goals, so it is a soccer field the size of a basketball court, and then there is a fence all the way around the court. There is a special name for it, but I don't remember what it is... Um, but I was told by the kid who is going back to the states to play soccer for UVU after his mission that they are all over Chile *Hooray* because I am falling in Love with the game, esp after starting to play good as a goalie and field player! :) more as a goalie though...
I finally tracked down Elder Simpson last week, as I was coming back from doing a TALL lesson which is just learning the language on the computer, *notta fan* but I ran into him, so we took a quick picture. If I have time I will run to the lab that I can go on the internet with and update the post with all the friends and put it on there, but I am probably going to need you guys to do that.
I have a bunch of things I wanted to tell you guys about, but I forgot my notebook full of things in my room, so when we come back to email this afternoon, I will let you know...
Um, oh yeah, on the second day I forgot to mention we had a meeting with the CCM President, and it was with all the guys who had arrived here the day I got here. There were quite a few of us. One of the things he asked was how many of us were 19 and maybe twenty of the guys raised their hands, and then he asked how many were 18 and 90% of the people then raised their hands, it was so cool to see that so many young men are willing to serve the Lord.
Oh here is a funny story! You will love this one! On like 2nd of 3rd night here when we went to bed all was well, I obviously wasn't use to this twin size bed yet though, from downsizing from my Queen. I found out that I must thrash and jump around when I turn and change positions, because at like three in the morning I woke up to a Huge Thump and a Bang, and my companion woke up, and I realized I was rubbing my head.... I pretty much threw my head into our metal bedsize cupboard piece thing, it was funny the morning after, but man it was loud and if I remember right, it hurt. Since then I think I also slammed my head into the Wall as well... ha! But I have slept pretty well lately, now that I am getting used to this new sleeping style.
I found Elder Strang yesterday morning, thank you for the card reader, now I don't have to bum off other people! That is always super nice!
I think it is a coincidence that you just so happended to send me Spencer's letter, because I sent a letter last week, and that definitely is a different elder down in Brazil... Not my cousin... Ha! So now I can write him and try again! :)
Okay, so sickness has broken out, here in the CCM. But DONT worry, it isn't that bad, it started in my Zone with the other district, one of the Hermanas had a cold and past it to a guy who sleeps in my room and then I got it and I am better today, Tuesday was a crummy day of blowing my brains out, but I am better today. Elder Robertson didn't end up so lucky, he got somthing else that isn't very fun, he has been super aicky or however you spell it, and then he has been coughing and hasn't been able to breathe, he has gotten two blessings from our ZLs and he has gotten medicine now, today he is on the uphill side of it though!
Last week after we were done emailing we went to go do laundry, but when we got there, there was a HUGE line and so it ended up taking like two hours for us to get it in, and five hours to get it all done, and in the end, my whites didn't even end up drying all the way because the power went out twice in fact so I just took them out, and I have been wearing damp garments all week! So today, I told Elder Robertson not to wake up so he could rest and I would do his laundry for him and I got up at 6 to do it, and got in there and they were all taken already but two machines were just about to open up, there were two elders just folding their clothes and then they said they were up at 3:30 doing their clothes... and I thought I was early.
Okay, past that I can't think of much more, I will write you again this afternoon, and tell you the other half of everything that I needed to tell you that I wrote down during the week!
Until then,
Elder Holt

 Um, so funny story, after we just got off emailing we went out and started to play some futbal on that court I was telling you about, and some of the natives came so we repicked teams, and then the natives picked me to play on their team with an hermana, and then we played I hopped in the goal and we came off only once, once we started really playing none of the other teams in my zone could beat us! We were way good! :) I think I may just come home LOVING this sport!

Okay, so the second half of my letter...
First off, I Love how Awesome the CCM is, it is a lot more relaxed because we have less elders and sisters then Provo does, like at breakfast and lunch we are allowed to have our P day clothes on, where as in Provo you can´t do that, and we can play sports on P day also, as you can see, we have time to write more then once, I Love it!
OKay, so here is my second half.
I Love my district I never got to mention that, none of them are going to Osorno, but me and Elder Robertson, they are all going to Ranquga and our DL is going to Colorado Springs! I am going to miss these guys so much, and hermanas becuase they have become like family in the last two weeks, hopefully they allow Elder Robertson and I to come to their Mission Reunions!
I heard a cool statement the other day that the work of the Lord is hastening down in South America, and that a lot of people are starting to pick up religion again, esp now that the pope is from Argentina, but see most of them are not thinking that "Oh the Pope is from Argentina" they are more proud and saying "Oh the Pope is from South America" Cool stuff huh? What a perfect time for the Catholic church to help the work of the Lord!
So I figured something out about Elder Robertson this week, we were sitting down at lunch and then I realised who he reminded me of! I don´t know if you guys remember the movie Wreck it Ralph or not, but he makes me think of the guy named Fix it Felix Jr. who fixes what Ralph messes up! He even kinda sounds like him! :)
Sister Nelson from Laguna Beach is here, and i see her all the time! Not that I ever talk to her, she really doesn´t know that I exist which is a good thing since we are on a mission, although I did talk to her about her flight from Cali the second day when I first saw her, not that she remembered who I was... I think.
Okay and the last thing, is the other day, when I took that cool CTR ring picture, I taught everyone in my district how to use their cameras, like how to change the effects and stuff! So Half of them have started to take more pictures now that they know how to use their cameras. We took a way cool video that same day of spinning our rings, and I would send it to you, but I think it is too big of a file, so when I get out in the field and can show you the video over drop box I will, it was SWEET!
Okay, I Love you guys,
Love you,
Elder Holt

A cool picture I took in the morning of a silouette of a palm tree
All the Elder's tags in my Zone
Our second Sunset (Looks like Fire)
Elder Holt and Elder Jake Simpson
Our first Mexican sunset
The One Ring that Rules Them All. (Yeah, I took that picture and it was my idea!)
Elder Holt and Elder Kolby Strang

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