Monday, November 10, 2014

Semana 69: Another Sweet Week of Service!

Hey everyone!! 

I haven't had much chance to read emails still since we were at the Volcano and Saltos de Petroway today!! Oh my gosh the Saltos were so Beautiful!! Some waterfalls in a BLUE river!! It was so Beautiful!! The Volcano was eh... We saw it a couple weeks ago, and it was in clouds and fog when we got up there so we didn't see much, and Elder Rich was feeling sick, so we went back over to the van and just waited till the other elders got back! But we got some SWEET pictures!! :)

So I have realized that Service is just so dang awesome!! We have had a great week serving the people of Entre Lagos (No Mom, you need to put the sticker in Entre Lagos, its close to the border of Argentina) It is super awesome!! :) I have to start with the experience of Helping Carlos! 

Last Monday when we started our Proselyting hours, we were kinda mad, I don't remember why... Not important. Anyways it was like 8:30ish and we were walking past this house where a guy was cutting his wood, and it was a Mountain of wood! Like really though, it was HUGE!! So after walking past him, I got an impression, to go turn around and ask him if we could help! At first he said no, but we started to change the situation on him, like by saying "We are just a little cold tonight, and by chopping wood we can get warm!" Which wasn't a lie, it had rained last week, and was "Chile" outside!! So finally he agreed, and he said, "Just watch out for the dogs" and we got back behind his fence and we started a picando!! It was super awesome! He ended up going inside the store and then came out right when Elder Rich and I were in a routine!! He cut and I threw a new log on/organized, and we were just cutting so fast!! He was impressed, and ran inside and told others to come watch and see what we were doing!!! So in the end there were like 10 people watching us cut wood hahahah and then before we finished, this woman came out and was like "come with me" so we followed her to another house, and she insisted that we entered with her, but there wasn't a man there, so she ended up calling her brother who was the first guy we talked to, to come over, and we had Once with them!! Oh it was super awesome!! We ate food and they just asked questions about the church, and then told us a story of their mom who is super sick right now! So hopefully a chance we can help and go give a blessing!! But after we went home, we told them we would be back the next day to finish!! So we went back the next day, and finished chopping, then we stacked it all, and they gave us free food from the tienda, like sodas, meat, and a guacamole!! Also Cookies!! :) Then we ended up passing by on Saturday as well! At this point, we now have a buen amistad with them! It was so cool!! They had only known us for a couple of days, but they trusted us with everything in the store, as we helped them organize the store, talk with them, and in the end they tried to give us some stuff for free, but we ended up paying for it, because I asked them to change a bill for some smaller bills and as we left, we left 2 mil on the counter!! It was awesome!! We now have a cita set up with them for tomorrow!! Super stoked we are to go and teach them!! Their names are Veronica, Carlos, and Marisol!! So we'll see how that goes!!! 

Now remember that "Big and Scary" guy I talked about last week?? Gustavo is SOO Cool!! His wife's last name is crazy as well!! Huetrutripai (Way-Tru-Tree-Pie) But they are soo cool!! Last night we had a cita with them and we just went over the articles of Faith with them, because he showed us some of his beliefs in his church that he has been a member of for 4 months. And then we taught the Restoration which was super awesome!! Then, here is the part that was super cool!! Before we left we got to cook meat with them and eat it! Yeah we BBQed! it was super sweet!! The food was so good!! Like I almost died it was so good! They asked us to bring Soda, so we did! Then we ate, and oh my Goodness Gracious! It was AMAZING!! I am gonna have more BBQs when I get home!! But the part that is so cool, is the fact that we have known them for what.. A couple of days, and they invite us to come back for lessons and a BBQ. How awesome is that?!?!

So really the theme of my email this week, is we ALL need to be a little more open with our neighbors and friends, and even random people if that! It could be people of our Religion, or people of other religions, because by being friends we can help everyone come to know of the truthfulness of this gospel!! :)

So Mom I got an idea today!!! I was reading "Our Search for Happiness" today on our bus ride! And then I dunno it is just so awesome this book! It explains our Religion so well!! Better than I could since I mean, an Apostle of the Lord did write it and all... But what I was thinking, is it would be SUCH a good idea to give a copy to the Clecklers!! That could help them to know why us Mormons are so persistent to let everyone know about our beliefs!! 

I know this is a short email, but I really don't have that much more time, I still need to write President!! I am throwing my other pictures on Dropbox this week, because it is super slow to download here on the computer in this ciber for some dumb reason... But I Love you all so much, and thank you so much for all the Loving you do for me by your prayers, letters, emails, thoughts, just everything!! It means so much to me!! 

I Love you all!! 

Trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

 I am a soldier of the Lord out here in Chile

The family of Gustavo last night! (He isn't so Big and Scary without his beard that he shaved this week) but he is just a giant TEDDY BEAR!!! :)

Elder Rich y Yo hoy día at the Saltos!


On top of the Volcan hoy!

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