Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 71: I slept through an Earthquake...

Hey all!!

Holy crap, so yeah, sorry about last weeks email... We were out all day getting prepared with our Christmas presents to send to you guys this week!! So we got our packages sent off today as well! Boy am I glad that I don't have to send anything else, because I feel like you just put money into my account... So yeah... All that money is in a package coming back to Utah and will be there in a couple weeks!! :)

Wow, so I don't even know where to start!! 

How about with the conference of Elder Nelson a week and a half ago?? Wow was it Amazing!! I Loved it!! We had so much Spirit there!! He told us everything that we needed to hear!!! For Example,

"Just Smile, if you Missionaries will Smile More, you will get more people to talk to." **One of my Favorites**

"To Follow with exact Obedience to Presidente Obeso and his Wife, and we will be bless HERE and HEREAFTER."

Him and his wife Both talked about Marriage, his wife had a whole story on it that was just super cool, that I wll have to tell you all when I get home, and have longer than an hour to talk. But the one point that Elder Nelson said I really liked!! "When you try and find your future spouse, look to the example of your Mission President here. Look for someone that Loves God first." That's kinda a new requirement for my Future Wife! 

What else... There was lots!! Ummmmmm My companion had some sick experiences you will have to go check out his blog. But really, the biggest thing that hit me was the whole marriage thing. And it was funny because he said "I know you aren't suppose to think about this right now, but think about it" and so we were all laughing!! It really just hit me super hard!! 

But yeah, that was last week in a really short couple of paragraphs... Can I just have you guys start writing down questions of what you want to know about and when I get home in 7 months we can just write a book together about my Mission? (Oh wait, Mom is already doing that...) But I mean I dunno it is just so hard to answer everything in just such a short amount of time... 

Anyways this past week here was super sweet!! Lets start with the Earthquake!! Yeah, so I woke up in the morning, and Anita (the hermana we live with) came and asked me if I woke up around 330 in the morning to the Earthquake, she said it was around a 4 or a 5! And I said.... mmmm Nope!! Then I went and asked Elder Rich if he had felt it, and played right along and fooled me! Then agreed with me, and said nope, I slept through it too, but the Mom of Anita (Gladdis) also told us there was an Earthquake, but Javier (The dad of Anita) said he slept through it too hahahaha so its just lots of fun stuff! I dunno if it really happened or not, or if the family just felt the earth shake from the cries of the baby Iñaky!

We had an Intercambio with the Elders in our District this past Wednesday as well which was super awesome!! I went with Elder Hettinger who has the same time as Elder Rich here in the Mission!! Elder Rich went with Elder Warren, who was one of my Zone leaders in Coyhaique!! It was super cool!! I got the chance to give a baptism interview to a little girl named Catalina who passed and was Baptized on Saturday night!! Ill talk about that later!! 
But with Elder Hettinger in Ovejeria it was kinda trunky because I was just across the river from Camino Real, oh man it was crazy!!! But It was super awesome and the kid is a stud!! 

So on Saturday we went back to Osorno for the Baptism!! It was super sweet because our District did a Musical Number, we sang the EFY Medley "Army of Helaman/Daughters of Zion" and it was English so that was super fun!! I am gonna try and send a video we took practicing over Dropbox we'll see if it works or not!! Anyways it was super spiritual, and at the end, the hermana who played the piano had to go back to Entre Lagos and so they had me play the last hymn. #71 in Spanish, it was super awesome!! 

The coolest thing that I heard this week?? After the Ïntercambio we had, Elder Warren told something to my companion that meant  a lot to him, AND me!! He told my companion "If I didn't know you, and know that you were in your training, I never would have known" I have just worried so much for the past 3 months training my companion that he wasn't going to be a good elder, because I have never felt like I was the best elder, but that was such a huge relief to hear, and now I know if I happen to have cambios next week, that my "Son" will be okay out here in the Big world of Chile, without his "Dad"! Man I am gonna be super sad if we have cambios I will know exactly how you guys felt when I left for the Mission!! Crazy!! 

That was about it this week!! I am super excited for you guys to get your package we sent today!! Sorry Mom, when we went past to buy the Nativity Set, it was closed... so looks like I will have to buy it tomorrow and send another package! ;)

I Love you all so much, thank you so much for all you guys do for me, the prayers, notes, emails, letters, everything!! It means so much, I Love you all, and you are all in my prayers as well!! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!! 

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Ps. Tell me how Yorkie does at his Home Coming!! :)

 Cool Bumpersticker in a bus I am gonna get one!

Yeah, I am in Paradise everyday at Lunch!

He is my Father! 

 I know, Chip is jealous of our Cocker here in Entre Lagos, since I have to give him Bum Rubs now and not Chip... ;)

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