Monday, November 17, 2014

Week freakin 70... Where is the Time Flying?!

Hello everyone!! I have so much to say in such little time!!! I have about 10 minutes, because we just came back from Osorno, usually we would write there!! But today we don't have much time, because I want to give my companion time to write as well!! So I am sending pictures by Dropbox!! Elder Russell M. Nelson was freaking Amazing!! The Spirit was so Strong and I received so much inspiration, for not only my Mission, but for my Life!! 

I am sorry this email is even shorter than last week, but just know that I am doing GREAT we are seeing so many miracles here in this "White Washed" area (When we both go into a new area and know NOTHING about it!! Mom, also look up Entre Lagos on the internet! Maybe you will be able to find it and see how BEAUTIFUL it is!!! I Love you all so much! Thank you for everything!! 

I will have to tell you guys all about Elder Nelson next week!! Remind me!! There is just SO Much that happens during the week... I Love you all!! 

Trying to Make you Proud,

Elder Connor G. Holt

See ya in a couple weeks!! :)

Family Generation Pic

The three of us elders were all in Camino Real and we ran into Papito Delgado after the conference!! :D I was soooo happy!!!

 Christmas is starting here.... 

I ate a WHOLE plate of peas mom, and it wasn't that bad!! 

This is where we did service to cut wood, and now we are teaching the family of a Mother and Daughter! Super awesome!!

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