Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 85: An Unexpected Change

Hey all ya'lls peeps from Home! (Nope I almost have 20 months on the mission and still dunno how to start these things... Guess I am getting old or something... ;))

How are you all doing?? Sounds like there has been some fun at home and what not! :) Ummmmm I guess I can start by talking about Mom's email there!

First off in my defense with telling my Sister when I came home was she had a valid excuse... My goal was just to wait until Mother's day to make it better, but that didn't work out because she needs to buy plane tickets now and what not... So at least you know now! ;) 

Crap, starting this month then all the boys start coming home..... First Makell and Riley... Now Elder Bryan... and so forth... Crap.

Um for you guys coming here... My thoughts my whole mission was just of coming home with my group and seeing you guys there in the Airport, then I realized today, whatever makes you guys happier! If you want to come here? Come, and then I can introduce you to a few of my Chilean Friends! :) But you just gotta remember today it just started raining a little bit (Photo of River) and if you happen to come in June, there will be NO sight seeing, because you are in the Dead of Winter there going into July.. So I dunno how fun it would be for you guys, not to mention very cold, and very wet, but its up to you guys! Let me know! :) 

Great to know on Uncle Bruce that my prayers have gone through on that one to help a little more! :) 

I forgot all about that package, because when we sent it, they said it may come back to us here in Chile, because of whats inside, and I have meant to tell you it was coming every week. If you want to know, you will have to get in contact with Elder Root's Mom, he bought one very similar to mine! 

Suit? Can you find something Grey for me?? I have fallen in love with the pants I have here in the Mission, the ones from Christmas are always my "Pday" pants hahaha and I wear the other grey ones during the week now, before they were my "Pday pants" 

The Carnet diffence is in the new one?? I GOT THE SMILE OFF!! YEAH BABY!! I was practicing all morning... (You can't smile... but I was rebellious.. ;))

Anyways now onward with the week lets see....

Well, first off, Diego and Joseline haven't come to church yet, so their fecha fell through yesterday... 

But we have another investigator named Jaime! What a great guy he is!! I wasn't so sure about him at first when I got here, but with a little bit of work, he is now progressing very well!!! About two weeks ago we started him on reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning, and I thought he would be like every other chilenos and barley read anything, but when we passed by on Friday night, we had a great lesson and found out he was almost to Jacob!! Que Genial!! Creo que va a bautizar este mes!! Espero por lo menos. 

Now with Benito? We have had a great week!1 We have helped him so much with so much stuff... We did a lot of work with Familysearch.org and we got him a family tree started out! He was just so happy with doing this! He wanted to find his parents and all that fun stuff, but we haven't gotten to that part yet, so he wanted to find his grandparents of his adopted parents and we found their names but not their dates, and so he ended up going to the cemetery on Saturday and found it out!!! How cool is that?! :) Then Saturday night we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, because he smokes a ton, we came over the other day and was drinking a little bit with the people he rents rooms to, and he we see coffee on his table. But he said he can give up coffee because he never drinks it, and he only drinks alcohol "en ves en cuando" which means "every now and then" but the problem is Smoking.... So Good thing I got a copy of the program that Elder Christopherson and I helped Hna Monica Saldaña a year ago to quit smoking! He is the second this week we will get on this program!! So that is gonna be fun!! 

We ended the week on Saturday with Fireworks! So that was lots of fun!! The month of February is the Birthday of Valdivia, and they were right out our window and the music was sOOOOOO loud hahaha so I'm sure everyone who was in central is now deaf... 

Then Yesterday I got "The Feeling" I am not gonna say much more about that. It's something that I have gotten my entire mission starting in the MTC. But its something that I will talk about when I get home. I haven't had it since I was with Elder Rich, because I had him give me a blessing on it, and so I was super happy, but I just got it yesterday.. Grrr.... 

Last but not least, the Unexpected change... Today while I was getting a hair cut, the phone rang, so I passed it to Elder Root, and he picked it up, it was the Zone Leaders calling to say that we have a Sobre Cambio. So it looks like Elder Root is going to Ancud Chiloé!! So I am gonna have a new companion tomorrow!! I think he is Latino but I am not sure, I don't know him, but I am definitely gonna have Elder Root take a few notes down to Chiloé with him! :) 

Anyways, thank you for all the Love and Concern! I Love you guys so much! You all do so much for me, and I can't wait to see you in just a short time... Really though. See you all in a week!1 

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Beautiful Sights de los Ríos de Valdivia

The "Río Cruces Gang" before two are now out.

When I cut wood, I do it like this...

The family chart of Benito

These guys are awesome! They work in a ciber in our sector and we have a great relationship with them!! 

Golden Berries (I am drying one out to bring seeds home in July)

Benitos Golfer's hat?? ;) Lets go Golf Dad! 

 Regalos that I received this week! The guys from the ciber gave me a new Mate cup!! Then the Bishop yesterday gave us some incense and I haven't lit it since I was in the "Man Cave" mmmm it smells great! :) 

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