Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 88: Slow N' Trunky

Hey alls!!

Well I honestly have no idea where to start with this email, because not that much happened this past week... If you want to know the just? We sat in the house every single day and slept. I am so sick of the house. Ha... We are on day ten in the house. So hopefully the results of the exams come back good this week so that something can happen!! But I guess I do have some things to talk about! Mom you can choose whether or not you want to post it! After receiving the palos from Brandon that is why I only sent it to you guys this week, since there is nothing crazy Missionary work! 

Okay well lets see... 

Tuesday the Zone Leaders got permission from the APs to come to our house and bring along all the other District Leaders of our Zone and have our leader's meeting in our house, so that was lots of fun!!! 

Then Tuesday in the evening I think it was Tuesday we went to the Neurologist and he said from hearing what happened ten days ago on Saturday that I have Epilepsy. So he told us I had to go have two more exams and that I had to start a medicine as well, (I don't remember what the medicine is called so you will have to ask Brandon.) 

Wednesday we went and had the exams. In the morning I had this exam where the doctor hooked all these wires up to my head with this special cream and told me to close my eyes and relax. 45 Minutes later she told me to wake up and then I had to open and close my eyes 3 times and then hyperventilate for 3 minutes then relax and breathe deeply for 2 minutes and then it was done. (This is the results we are waiting for tomorrow

Then in the afternoon I went in and had another MRI and I just slept through that one as well, so that was fun! 

We got the medicine on Wednesday and the doctor told me that for the first 5 days that I would be super tired. Yup he was right, I have been sleeping like a freaking rock every single day since I started it. I take one at 8 in the morning and at 8 at night. But today is day 6 and even though I am tired I haven't slept yet, but I think i will go home and have a little nap when I am done here with writing you guys! :) 

Now lets see, something that has been really cool? I didn't really catch this because I have been sleeping all week, but one thing that I realized is that Pres. Obeso put Elder Linares with me (I think) to help him get better, since he is really sick with his heart as well, but here is the really cool part. Even though he is super sick with his heart he has been helping and serving me the entire week. I have gained a new Love for the kid, and will always Love him! 

Now you guys are REALLY gonna laugh at this one. Last night I had a Nightmare, and I am not kidding, it was a Nightmare... You will all understand very soon.
So I was walking the halls at Murray High, when all of a sudden I heard some singing, so I went to go do some investigating and then I realized it was my Madrigals!! They were doing the massage line and warming up for the concert!! At the moment Scotty was leading the girls tryout choir (Forgot the name) and was on stage with them singing. All of the Mads were like "Bro what are you doing where is your Tux get out here Scotty is gonna kill you!!" Then I realized that I hadn't gone to my concerts either this term, and so I just waited it out and then took the stage down after the concert and Scotty didn't even talk to me... Then I woke up and was like "few its okay, Scotty won't be to mad because I can't leave the house because the enfermera told me I have to be here" but then I started freaking out again because I realized that I was being disobedient and at the school even though she told me I couldn't!! Then I realized it was just a dream and went back to sleep... hahahaha I laughed my head off this morning when I remembered it! Hope you guys get a good laugh about that one! 

But the other thing that was really cool?? On Saturday when the Enfermera told me there is a chance I will have to go home early, I was super bummed, and the Zone Leaders came over and just chilled with us, just talked about things and it was great. I felt so much better after that. I Love those guys too!! 

Now you want to know why it was Trunky?? Well Mom you will understand that better in a couple of weeks, but really our neighbors are awesome! They all have 18 years and are in the one of the universities here in Valdivia, but they are awesome! And we are all good friends and we have talked all week long (When I wasn't sleeping) and we would hear them talking through the walls, and with just sleeping there is A LOT of time to just think, and thinking just puts you back at home, so yeah. I want to work again soon. Although really this week wasn't to slow, I don't remember it very well, its a blur. 

Anyways, I Love you all so much, and hope that I haven't given to much of a scare! I am just so bored in the house. I want to get out and work again. Esp if I have to come home soon. I wanna work even harder now! Anyways, I Love you all, and thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers!! :) 

Trying to make you proud (even if I am in the house...)

Elder Connor Holt

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