Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 84: At least one Milagro

Hello everyone!! 

Wow, I don't even know where to start... It has been a long day in my head thinking about EVERYTHING!! 

First off, we have Cambios on Wednesday, but I finally will be staying in a sector! After 6 months hahaha finally! I am staying here in Valdivia with Elder Root for another cambio! So that is gonna be lots of fun!! 

Lets see, my next thought? Well good to know that Uncle Bruce is gonna be going in tomorrow, he will definitely be on my mind the entire day tomorrow, and in my prayers!! 

WHAT THE JONES ARE MOVING?!?!?! Wait, you have to go ask them if it was just an early April Fool's joke!!! They did that a couple years back and I freaked out then as well!!! :(((( I Love that Family so much, and that is gonna be super hard not being able to come home and hang out with them! That could probably just be why that family has been in my thoughts all week long.

Next? Can I just say how much I LOVE my Niece (Soon to be (s)) and Nephews??? They all wrote me this week!! So cool, not only that, they had been in my mind at one point this past week, and I had a pretty good thought going on about how Elder Holt is definitely STILL gonna be the Favorite Uncle! ;) 

 (Someone just called me asking if we make sushi... Okay? No, but we share the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ Yes! :))

I am not real sure what to talk about. It has been a week. Awesome things, and disappointments. 

We'll start with the disappointment. Diego and Joseline? Yeah, well we haven't taught them the day since we put them with fecha bautismal... Joseline we taught her last week about the restoration, but I dunno, it was kinda a hard lesson. But everyday for the past week and a half of trying to call Diego, he hasn't picked up. And its just been really hard, we asked her last week if we were bugging them, and she just said it was that they can't talk on the phone while driving. Then the worst part happened this morning. We wanted the hermanas to go by and pause to talk to them so they did this morning and they knocked on the door, someone looked out the window then went back in and never came out. Crap. Well yeah, so grr.... Why?! I just wanted to get to know them better, I was thinking that we were doing a good job at being friends and all, and then Nothing. Well, okay. 

Now the cool part?? Well with our Menos Activo Friend Benito?? We finished teaching the Plan of Salvation on Saturday night, and then at the end it got real personal when he told us his life story. He is 68 years old and has never known his real parents, because he was adopted. He told us how hard it has been, he has looked and never had success. That's when I Told him something. If he would come to church the next day (knowing there was a person from the stake coming with a calling with family history to talk in sacrament) He would be able to find his parents. That he would be able to know who they were. Then I Promised him in the name of Christ and over the Priesthood. But the weird thing? I didn't feel the Spirit when I did, so I was kinda confused afterwards... Well, yesterday in church, we got there and after the sacrament I looked back at him and pointed at my ears and looked forward (He was sitting a couple rows back) and then after we had a Special Number singing "La Luz de la Verdad" (Sorry don't remember the name in English...) The hermana spoke. And after the final prayer... All of a sudden he was up in my face with a "How can I do it?" ....I just about cried right then and there.... I took him with me to the front of the room to introduce him to the hermana. She talked with him in the hall and after we told her he was adopted, she said "Know, what? So am I! I just found my biological Grandma for the first time in 2013 and I TESTIFY that you can find you parents. It may take a little time, but you CAN!" Wow, ya know there are three testimonies. Cool. It was so cool. 

Anyways that was it, that was the week. I can skip the hard parts haha no needs to worries, you just have to remember mom that I only have 18 weeks left! So you can do the math on the date! :) I Love you guys so much! I can't even wait to see you all and have a BBQ with the family!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week, it is now time to go back out and work my butt off again!! 

Thank you for all that you do for me! It means so much!! 

Trying to make you proud, or as Jeff Jones told me I should say... "If you're not proud of me by now then you have a real problem" hahahaha ;) 

Elder Connor Holt


 I love this girl. She helps us with our ropa and is so nice and funny!! :)

Yeah, well I kinda cut my head this week chopping wood...

McDonalds for the 2nd time in two years!! 

Yeah, a "Big Mac" hahaha more like "Crappy Mac" 

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