Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week Seven Chile is Chilly

Hello Family and Friends de la fabrica,

¿Qué es la fabrica? Well, la fabrica is what you call a factory. It is what people say I am from, every time I tell someone I am from Utah. Hahaha :)

First Off... I LOVE IT HERE! This was where I was meant to serve! It is Amazing! The people are sooo cool! The buildings are sweet! Our house is... well.... yeah. We'll get to that later! 

Yes, the coat does have a jacket on the inside! But I wear them both when I go outside! But when I am at the house I just wear my thermal top and my pjs. So I need to get a jacket, because the jacket on the inside of my coat is huge! But I am very thankful for it, because the rain jacket they gave to us here is pretty sweet I guess, but it isn't for warmth at all! 

That's sweet about Josh! Since Jeff got welcomed by Elder Thomas Rodreguis (butchered that name) but that is way cool that they both got to see each other!! 

P day is obviously Monday, and it will probably be more like this of me writing you in the afternoon, because at least for the next 12 weeks we come in the morning and print off the letters and then come back and write later in the day, because we only have an hour to write every day. They just changed the rule a week before we got to Chile, you use to only be able to write for 45 minutes and only the president and your family, but now it is your president and your family and then everyone else in an hour, so my fingers are hurting because I am typing super fast! But don't worry, Family is ALWAYS first! 

Sounds like Jen had a fun birthday! I was thinking about her the other day, must have been her birthday! 

Okay... Drum roll please...

I am in Chile....

Hahahaha just kiddding! I am in Chile, but I am still in Osorno! :) I am on the other side of Osorno is a place called Rahue, I am serving in the Camino Real ward which translates into "the real way" yeah, what can I say? Its the best ward! 

My Trainers name is Elder Walker, he is super cool! Love the guy, and guess what... His name is Connor! See that??  "OR" he spells it the right way as well! He is such a sweet guy! Him and I are super similar!! 

The people here are Awesome! I Love them! They are so nice! Probably only because I am a Gringo, but if that's what it means to be a gringo... I Love it! :) 

Um the meals here are pretty different, we eat a little breakfast, then we study until Lunch, where we go to our Mamacita's house, (Little Mother) where we eat lunch with Mamacita, Papacito, Elder Carlise, and Elder Barney. It is one of my Favorite times of the day because her food is so good! I always take seconds, because if no one does, she gets upset and complains that no one liked her food. Then at night time we usually teach a member and have what is called "Once" which pretty much means bread and whatever. So it could be meat or jelly or yeah... I LOVE IT! Also, I met my best friend. It is called Echo,  I hear it is up in the states, but now I can drink coffee without drinking coffee! It tastes just like it! Oh yeah.... We can't have Matè... :((( But that is okay we can have herbal tea! So I am okay with my Echo and Herbal Tea. 

Cool experience from last night! We were teaching a member, and well... Okay, I was trying to catch what was being said, since it is pretty hard... But at the end of the lesson, I was told to give the family a scripture, so I whipped out my English Book of Mormon and looked up a scripture then pulled out my Spanish scriptures. I said a small prayer in my heart that the scripture I would choose would help the man and his trials. So when I had flipped through half of the Book of Mormon I stopped at what I think is Alma 26:12 (I am pretty sure) then I had him read it, and then I read Philippians 4:13 and bore my testimony that I knew Christ is always here to help us, and that we can do anything through Christ! I know that to be a fact! That is how I communicate with people (and LOTS of Sign Language) but I know that through Christ our Message will touch their hearts, and that is EXACTLY what it did last night, he told Elder Walker, that I Must have the Spirit with me, because I couldn't understand a thing going on the entire time they talked, and I had touched his family with just what they needed to hear! It was AWESOME! The Church IS True! I Love it so much!

I am So glad to be down here! I kinda forget that I have a family during the week, even only being here a week, I feel like this is my home... If I am not home in two years... Well, I'll be in Chile! ;) 

Oh yeah, and the music thing? Well I dunno about any rule... But I had to fill out a music paper thing, and then when Elder Walker found out I could play the piano (even a little bit) He told me I am going to be playing the piano for the sacrament... (here is your cliche thing) "Mom why did I stop playing piano?!" Ha its okay I practice every day pretty much even if its for like 5 or 10 minutes. 

Um also I am in a ward, and there are about 70 that are active, but with the baby blessing, yesterday we had about 80! 

I Love you all! 

Peace out from Chile for another week,

Elder Holt

This is the farm outside our house

A bird named Anderson. Named after an elder who baptized the crazy cat's son (more on that later)

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