Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 10 Un Trunkie Semana de Fiestas

Well well well, Hello Family (in a tipsie drunk kinda way)

How was your last week...? :) 


First off... Bummer the Y lost the Holy War. Again... But still, BLUE UNTIL I'M DEAD! :)

We pretty much did NO work once Wednesday hit.... It was the Independence of Chile, and since apparently all the Drunks are out on the 18th of September we are not *Allowed* to go out and work! Unless we have something set up prior to going out and working on the 18th, 19th, or 20th. So we had tres days of fiestas! :) 

I don't know what Chicken picture you are talking about... It must of been from Wednesday though, we went over to the Chaipuls, who live on a small part of the campa (country) in our sector, so that is where all the country pictures come from! We went and had a big lunch with their family and the bishop's family. Which in total consisted of like.... 11 of us I believe! It was pretty sweet! We ate Lots of Pork and some Chicken as well, we barbecued it, but it definitely wasn't an American BBQ because we are in Chile, obviously, but they didn't have any of our good BBQ sauce, but it was still pretty dang good! When after the prayer was offered my plate was stacked with three different HUGE pieces of meat, which was a big meal! The 11 of us were all stuffed around a table probably meant for 5-6 at most... So it was super crammed but it was super fun! Then after that, we went and took naps back at the house, well... Elder Walker napped, while Elder Holt cleaned Mold. We decided we were gonna move rooms, to a warmer room, because our room has a broken window so it is always super cold during the night and when we crawl out of bed. So we moved rooms to a MUCH smaller room that had mold on the ceiling and a little on the walls, so I scrubbed for two hours and cleaned it up! :) I figure I am pretty good at cleaning mold, although I only got half of the room! 

Then on Thursday, we had a Ward party for the Holiday! Now, you are probably thinking that it was something like our Ward Christmas party and what not... Nope. Not at all. In Utah the ward Christmas Party usually consists of Dinner and maybe a little singing and is over in an hour and a half two hours max. Here, we left our house at 9:30 in the morning and helped set up, we got there set up and people started to show up at 10. Then because lunch wasn't served until later, we went over to Mamita's and had lunch with Elder Carlile, and Elder Barney. (Mamita is kinda inactive and thinks anything besides sacrament is dumb) So we were there and had a pretty big lunch. Then by the time we got back over to the Ward, food was starting to get served over there. We weren't going to sit down because we had to go into Osorno, and have Interviews with the President in like a half hour, but we ended up being forced into sitting down, so I was planning on just having a glass of soda, but then all of a sudden a HUGE piece of pork was placed in front of me. So here I go again... Eating even more food. By the time I had finished it, we made a break for the door, and took off and found a collectivo to get down town! 

Oh yeah, I haven't told you about collectivos yet! They are like Taxi's, we have to pay $450 pesos per person which is just under a dollar in the US. People here in Chile are lazy and don't want to work, so they choose their own schedule, but renting the car, and then paying the fee at the end of the day. They keep all the money they earn from giving people rides! 

Anyways, so we rode into Osorno and went to the Mission home, and it was super sweet! We had questions ready to talk to President Rappleye about, and something oool about him, is he started the church in the Dominican Republic and now this next cambio, there is a missionary from the Dominican Republic coming to our mission, and he knows his grand parents! I thought that was super cool! While Elder Walker was in there I talked with Sister Rappleye and she taught me how to sew. I told her I already knew how to do a button, so she told me how to fix a himm. (however you spell it) but what I really needed was how to fix a seem, because the seem under my left pocket on one of the pairs on my pants and my suit pants has started to come apart. But we had a nice conversation, and at the end, when our whole district was there because Elder Walker and I both took like 45 minutes when interviews should only be like 15 minutes Sister Rappleye gave me a card and a loaf of Banana bread and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me! So that was cool! 

After the interviews we went back over to the church, (in relaxing clothes) and then the parties were still going on! We played Basketball, Ping Pong, Karaoke, ate more... and it was just a super fun day! At the end of the day, when we were helping clean up, the bishops daughter was still playing music, and the Harlem shake came on, and I started dancing! So we took our plates in our hands downstairs, and then when we came back up, everyone was sitting at the table, and said we were gonna do a Harlem shake! So I gave my camera to the bishops daughter, and we did a HARLEM SHAKE! It was So awesome! Brought me back to last winter when Erik and I were so hooked on them! :) (I definitely pulled the "tool" move and did push ups...) Then to finish off the day, there was Fireworks! They started at 9 in downtown Osorno (The only place in Chile to light fireworks for the holiday) and we noticed the time was 9:03 and we were still at the church, so we Ran over to the other guys sector and met up with the other elders, and watched a good 20 minutes of fireworks! It was super awesome! Made me think of the 4th! I am going back there on Wednesday when I go on an inner cambio (splits) with the District Leader to take a picture of the scene because it will show all of Osorno! Super Excited! 

Then on Friday we went over to the other Elders around 1030 and made shish-kabobs outside their house, it was awesome! We made enough so we could all have one of pork and pineapple. (I am the BIGGEST idiot for never eating BBQ pineapple before the mission, it is AMAZING) then we made like 40 of pork, green peppers, sausage. Then when it was finally time to eat, there was the shish-kabobs, LOTS of soda, (Chileans REALLY like Soda) ummm and lots of other food. I hate saying No when people offer me food, because I feel like it will offend them, so they just kept offering me food, I ended up eating three shish-kabobs, two salads, like 3 glasses of soda, and a big sausage... We were ALL so Full around 2:45 when we left, and all of us Rolled All the way back down the street to our house, where Elder Walker went right to bed, and I fought the drowsiness and cleaned the other half of the room, and put my bed in there, then fell asleep for 15 minutes before we left to go pick up our laundry. 

Anyways, that was the just of our week. It was super fun! and filled with LOTS of food! :) 

Now to answer questions.

 First off the Crazy Cat lady is named Ruth, she lives with her Son Christian who is 19 and is the Biggest Nerd I have ever seen, but I love them both! Ruth's husband was super abusive, and ended up leaving her, she only has like 5 teeth, she has 4 cats (that stink up the house) and a bird named Anderson. The only reason I call her the cat lady is because the cats make her house smell, but she really is crazy. When the two little cats try and go outside she screams something in Spanish that is like (THE DOGS WILL EAT YOU!!!) but she is in Love with Elder Walker, and so when we get here to come to church, she always sits by us! 

What is your username for dropbox? I got on mine last week, but I think yours may have more memory?? Not sure... 

That drawing does look like me! ;) It looks WAY good though, when I thought about it, we have a really artistic family on the Hales side! But if you want it to look more like me, it needs some more abs... ;) But the pecs are about what mine look like now! ;) LOL by the way, every time you say LOL I still think of what you first thought it meant.. Lots of Love... :D

Wow... Robbie is already home?!?!?! Where does the time go! Not only that. But I have been in Chile for a Month! Feels like I left home last week! Not over 70 days ago.. so Crazy! 

The wood burning stove is only at members houses, sometimes they have some gas stuff, we have a gas stove, but it is hooked up to the gas we use to heat up our shower as well.. So we don't use it that much, but I bought eggs today! :)

Something you guys should try and find in the States is a thing called "Manjar" it is like peanut butter and tastes AMAZING it is a caramel cream kinda stuff, and is WAY good! :)

Um, if you could possibly send a package before December with one small thing. A Fabric Pen, and a list of all the Missionaries in the ward, and their address? That would be Awesome! Then I can send this tie out! 

We don't do much tracting in the Sector I am in now, because our thoughts are "Why baptize someone into failure?" Our leaders of the church are not very good. But that was something that we talked to the president about. So we are focusing a lot on reactivating, with finding new people through members here in Camino Real.

Scriptures?? Well, you are way past me! I am only in 1 Nephi 13 in English, but this past week I whipped out the Liahona from 2010 May conference, I never realized how AMAZING these are, Elder Bednar said in a devo in the MTC that if you don't know what the prophets are saying today, its like not knowing what is in the Book of Mormon, they talk, and it is modern rev. There have been some amazing things in this edition, that have answered some of my prayers! 

Super funny about Brother Schafer, but as I said before BLUE TILL I'M DEAD!

Dad, of course I am Loving it out here! :) 

Some things about Osorno, well it is located in Chile, and is Super Cold, but it is starting to warm up. The people are Super nice, and Love me and Elder Walker, so we get lots of benefits like food. My companion played Basketball before the mission he is 6'5 and my district leader wants to try out for the BYU team he is 6'8. 

Okay, I think that is everything. With the hour of all my time. I Love you all, and you are in my prayers! Hope everything back home is Amazing as ever!

From the South Pole,

Elder Holt

The room of Mold...That's what I did in two hours,but it is now where we are sleeping

This was at the ward party. The flag behind us is now in our new room!

Yes, I am in Chile, and I Do wear Chilean Clothes!

P.S. Mom I Love you! :) 

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