Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 8 Two Months Down (Shoot)

Hello Family and Friends,

How are things up North?? Where it is only beginning to get cold?? Here, yes to answer your question, it is cold. The picture from last week was taken in the two hour period we saw the sun, past that we have only seen the sun like maybe one other time for maybe like 5 minutes or so. In the mornings when we crawl out of bed it is FREEZING, until we get our fire started, then within the hour we will be warm. So we all kinda work out while someone makes the fire, I guess that the shower that doesn't get super hot kinda helps us get warm as well. I haven't bought a jacket yet, but I am sure that on Thursday when I hope to buy it from a local Farmers market kinda place for super cheap, that it will help me with the warmth. 
A little bit about Chile, yes, it is Gorgeous, but right now it is still technically winter, it doesn't become spring until September 29th. Yesterday was Day light savings, so yet again I lost another hour of sleep, when I come home to Utah, I am going to gain like 7 hours, it will be AWESOME! It also pretty much Rains every single day! The rain isn't like Utah or Mexico rain, it rains semi hard all day and the wind picks it up and soaks you. I hear its like three times as bad in the winter...
My Companion, I can't believe I forgot to tell you about him last week, ha just kidding, I did't have a lot of time so I was rushing it. Um, he is Super cool! I Love the kid! His name is Elder Connor Walker, and he is from Provo Utah. He graduated in 2012 and is taller then me, so yes, that would be him in that picture with me and the president! Speaking of, you should put that picture and the letter on the blog if you haven't already! 
I didn't end up playing in sacrament (thank goodness) I am still practicing to though...
Our House? Well, I walked in and it had a funny smell, but I found out that it was Mold, hahaha there is mold everywhere, the bath room where we shower is disgusting, there is mold on the ceiling where I sleep, but I love the little house, it has LOTS of things broken, from a previous elder the cambio (transfer) before us. He had some anger issues and when he would get mad, he would take it out on the house, so many of the windows and door handles are broken... But it does its purpose and keeps us warm (when the fire is going) 
I called her a mamacita last week, which is what we called them in the CCM thinking that is what they are called, I learned last week. That is NOT what they are called. I think I knew that when I emailed you but I wrote mamacita, they are a mamita (little mother) where as mamacita is (sexy mama) yeah... Not a mamacita hahahaha ;) But we eat with mamita and papito every day except Monday (p-day) and Sunday (members day) and it is kinda like a calling for them to feed us lunch (but in Chile is pretty much dinner, it is the biggest meal) and then we have once with a member usually most nights and we have our own breakfast. It is pretty nice, I mean you thought I was going to have to cook while I was out here... ;) The most I do is poor milk on my cereal in the morning. Then even better, there is another mamita, who is called to do our Laundry, we have one who does our Garments, and another who does the rest of the clothes. So pretty much, on P-day we just party it up. I Love it here! Oh and the mamita that feeds us has done it for 13 years.
No, you can't throw away my Matè because I will drink it all within the first week when I get home, here. We are not aloud to drink Matè... Or play soccer. So I will drink it all when I get home, but I drink Ecco and Herbal Tea instead with all the members, when they all drink their Matè. Ecco is okay to drink, because it is what we give to people who drink Coffee becoming a member of the church, they can`t drink coffee anymore, so we give em Ecco. It is made from cereal, and it tastes like that one cereal you use to buy along time ago made in those big bags like marshmallow maties that is called "something puffs" and looks like little sea shells, do you remember the name?? It is driving me crazy... 
Past that, not much has really happened this week, although I did have a sweet bonding experience with some of the members. One of the youth is learning to play the piano, so when we were at their house for Once Elder Walker told them I play. So her mom wanted me to show them that I play, and so we went to the piano, and her and I played that really simple duet piece where the person places the 4 chords on the lower keys and the person on the higher keys plays with one hand the little melody. (Don't know how to explain it over email...) 
Then the other experience was on Friday night, Elder Walker and I attended a Stake Youth activity to support our ward and talk with the girl who I played piano with friend (new investigator) Each ward`s youth made a video message, and was judged, the winning ward received 20mil ($40.00). Our message was super long and I didn't understand, but I did understand most of them. But there was a message from another ward that was all on Celestial Marriage and repenting of your sins to be worthy. It was Super cool, and boy did the Spirit hit me up and confirm to me that one day I REALLY want to be Sealed for Eternity with my Wife in the Temple. :) 
Oh and today! When we went to Lider to buy our food, I weighed myself, and I found out I weigh 73,000 kg which is about 161 lbs. Sweet! I have gained 6 lbs in 2 months! I have NEVER weighed this much! I don't know if that is from the food or from the 70 push ups/sit ups every morning... I mean, I can see that coming along as well... ;) 
Anyways I think that is about all I have this week. I Love you all, and hope things are going well for you! :) 

Love Always, 

Elder Holt 

What was the decision about Syria and USA going to War?! and in my thinking it is a lot harder to understand the Chileans over the Mexicans because they speak SOOO FAST and they Mumble a lot more! But I am starting to catch more words! :)

Me and my Mamita

Our home
I found a new friend named Wilbur. (Actually this was really hard to get, he kept running everywhere.)

My district, the other two elders live with us. Me, Elder Walker, Elder Nielson, Elder Goobler, Hermana Florez, and Hermana Sumaran.

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