Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 11 Slowly getting Warmer

Hello everybody! :)

Sounds like from this week, it was pretty great at home! Here in Chilly?? Yeah, well its Chile. Hahahaha So saying its Chilly still in Chile, not getting Chilly, but it is Chilly. We only have like one or two more days worth of firewood, but we are seeing how long we can make it last, before we have to suffer the cold until it warms up completely! It is slowly getting warmer though! :)

This past week has been pretty sweet! We went out contacting on Tuesday, because I told Elder Walker I wanted to have that experience, and I thought it was great! We met three new people who we want to hopefully go back and teach! 

One lady her name is Silvia, her and her family just moved here. I am hoping we can go back and help them move in, but we'll see, when we went back to follow up on them, her husband says they were to busy to talk to us, which is usually just the nice way for saying "Go away we don't want to hear what you have to say" which was kinda a bummer, but hopefully we will go and talk to them again! 

We also met a man named David, who was doing some tile work outside his house, so we started to talk to him a little bit, and we asked if we could come back later, he said for sure! They are evangelical or however you spell it... But each time we have gone back, they are sitting there in front of the window, and when they see us come, they look at us, then turn around and don't answer the door, so yet again another bummer.

The third person, I still don't know her name, because it is something super crazy! But she runs a shop outside of her house, where you can buy bread, drinks, or other little household daily needs. We started to talk to her (she was a reference) and we found out that her mom is a menos activo. But she said they are really busy with the little shop, so when ever we are over there, to stop inside and leave a little message with her. So I think she is the best we met from the other day! We will probably go talk to her tonight, when we go drop off our laundry.

Wednesday we had District meeting, and I suggested that we do something more with contacting, because we don't ever do it. So I got a new goal made for our district and that was 30 hours total of contacting in a week, each companionship to do 10 hours. I don't think we will make it, because we are so busy with all the other stuff, so we are going to need to drop that goal down a little bit... :/

After District Meeting we started our Inner Cambios. I went with Elder Gubler and Elder Nielson went with Elder Walker. It was a crazy day. Their Sector is so much bigger then ours. It was super cool to see it though, one cool experience, we went out and were contacting and one door Elder Gubler knocked on the door and said "Good Luck" we heard some noise in the house and saw smoke from the chimney so we knew they were home. This lady came to the window and was scowling, we smiled and waved and then she came to the door. When she opened up, she definitely wasn´t happy but I started out the whole schpeil of "Hi we are missionaries.. of the... ummmm  Church of. uhh Jesus Christ. ufff Saints....." she ended up finishing what I had to say, and we were both really confused. She knew who we were! She ended up explaining that she was a member of the church, had moved to this house 15 years ago, and hadn't gone to church since! So we kept on talking to her, and they set up something for the other missionaries to go back to her this Wednesday, and by the time we left, we had her laughing and smiling! It was super cool!! :)

That was pretty much all the exciting news from this week, not a ton really happened! It has been a super slow week, and I am sure this next week will be even slower! 

Conference on Saturday, I am SOOO excited! We were planning on watching it in English at the Stake center with all the Gringo missionaries, but then our ward is now broadcasting it there for the first time. So we want to support them. So on Saturday we are watching it all in Spanish, and then Sunday in English. So I am gonna need that Ensign pretty fast after it comes out. 

Sounds like the Womans Conference was pretty exciting! Oh yeah, something else happened! On Saturday we went back and finished the wood at that ladies house, it took us 5 hours, but we got it all done. By the end I had the biggest knot in my back that has been building up for the past couple weeks, and poor Elder Walkers hands were all blistered up super badly! Then that night, we cleaned the church with the Chaipul family and the bishop while Mamita Chaipul was at the womans conference. 

With conference we get to watch it live! So we will be watching it at 1-3pm 5-7pm and priesthood at 9-11pm! Woot! That means we get to go to bed late Saturday night!! Just kidding... That means less sleep... :/ and same times for Sunday!

Well, this is my last email at the age of 18... Next Monday I will be 19! Where did the last year go?? I remember just a couple months ago I was still a senior at Murray High. Now I am a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. Could you possibly do me a favor and throw up a status on Facebook and say it is my birthday, and tell people to email me?? That would be sweet! :) 

I Love you all so much! Have an awesome week! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt
This is Chile. The River is Shaped like a U and the inside of the U of Rahue Alto and it goes up higher.  On the other side of the U is Osorno!
Next to the river were some Cows, they wouldn't let me get very close, but I tried ! So I couldn't give them the Book of Mormon...:/

Dragon Ball Z pic: When being a Missionary, we have the Power of a Super Saiyan

The VooDoo Doll of our District Leader Elder Gubler, who was sacrificed on the inner Cambrio with the Zone Leader the other day.

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