Monday, October 21, 2013

The drama has come to an end

Hello Family and Friends,

How are things back in Utah? I feel like right about now, if I was still there I would be enjoying that fireplace in front of the TV with the big pillow, but shoot, I am not there, so I will have to keep enjoying my little space heater next to my desk, while I read the Book of Mormon, since all of our Firewood has been gone for a couple weeks, and it is only cold in the mornings and nights now! 

Speaking of Weather, I feel like we have hit the San Diego weather button! It is Awesome! Well, when it is *GOOD* weather! Ha, some days like this past weekend it is cold and miserable, but all last week, it was super awesome! The Morning, you see the sun rise, and then it is covered up by clouds until right around lunch time and then the sun burns off the clouds and it gets really hot until right about sun down when it gets "chile" again, and then we bundle up again until the next day! :)

This past week, not much has really happened because we have been dealing with all the drama, and getting it settled out! 

Although, we have started running in the mornings! Elder Gubler the District Leader go out and run every morning now! (Except Sundays, come on keep the sabbath Holy!) So that has been pretty great! I have added Running for 20 minutes to my 75 push ups, 75 sit ups, 75 squats, 75 calf raises, 20 curls, and 20 tricep lifts. So I now have like a 45 minute work out every morning! I am pretty sore by the end of the week, but this kid is seeing results! *cough cough* if you know what I mean! ;) 

Ha Carter is looking up to his Favorite Uncle! ;) As is Logan praying for his Favorite Uncle! :) Thanks to both of them! :) But is that a National Museum?? Does that mean the Government is back on?? All I can say is, I am super glad I am out of the country for 2 of the 4 remaining years with Obama as president, ha its really funny to see how many people down here don't even like him. Our Papito at lunch just bashes on him! 

I realized this week, I have a dropbox account on my photography email, so I can use that, I just now need to figure out how to send pictures, and how to send them to you... I got my card cleaned over at the chaipul's the other day so that isn't a worry anymore! But I still want to get all the pictures home, so I don't have to worry about them! 

Anything about the suit, doesn't exsist anymore, I was going to go get it fitted last week, when Papito Delgado told me it was to big on me, and so we went to go get it exchanged today, and went through all this crap, to realize that the one I wanted wouldn't work, so I just gave it back and got my money back, so my birthday present to me, just turned back into plain old money, that will probably be used next week for food, cause I think I am really low on church money! 

Yes, I think the Liahona is in English, but I now dunno if I will be able to keep it, so better just send one just in case! That would be wonderful! :) 

So with the drama this week, well lets see.... It got crazy enough that we had to talk to the DL, ZL, AP, President, Stake President, and then finally the Bishop. It went up and then down. It has been a great week, trying to figure things out! In the end all the things that we talked about last week, were things said, just so we could talk to the Bishop. He didn't have a good relationship with us, and he didn't know how to talk to us, and so that whole shin dig went down and we talked with him yesterday, and now things are better! Woop! 

So at our Zone meeting this past week, we have this new rule where we have to ALWAYS have a Book of Mormon in our Hand, and it is good and bad. It is bad when it is cold because you can't put your hands in your pockets to warm em up. But good because it is a lot easier to get into conversations with people about the Book of Mormon, and we have given out 4! Right after the meeting I had an Inter Cambio with the District Leader, and we gave one to this guy who wasn't drunk but he was... Buzzed? One of the guys we always see who are working with lumber who say hi to us when they are drunk! Then we gave one to two different members to give to people, and then the other day when Elder Walker got his hair cut, I "Accidently" left my Book of Mormon on the stack of other books and magazines! So hopefully that works out as well! :) 

and today was Mail Heaven! I didn't get the package, but I got 2 letters from Niccole, 1 letter from Cami, grandpa's letter, and a letter from Uncle Bruce and Aunt Chris! That was exciting! It was nice to hear from everyone, and just so everyone knows, the Mail Strike is OVER but it is still pretty slow going! But it is working! :) We are about a month, month and a half out!

I know it isn't much this week, but that is really the most I have! It has been a REAL Slow week! 

Anyways, I Love you all, and you are in all of my prayers! :) 

Love always,

Elder Connor Holt

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