Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 12 Birthday Fiestas!

Hello Everyone! :)

Well, I am officially 19... Holy crap. Where did the year go?! I was just in school 4 months ago, and now I am out here serving the Lord, half way around the world... 

While, things are getting cold up in Utah, we are getting some nice Warm days down here in Chile, and I am Lovin it! :) Although, warm means... Fleas! I have decided in the past week FLEAS SUCK! Much much much much much worse then Mosquitos... Flea bites are like 100x itchier! There is a spot on my left ankle, where one flea had a party and bit me like ten times... yeah, it sucks... 

I have decided today that I Love drunk people! They make me Laugh SOOO HARD! And they are always Super Friendly! The only downer is, we can't teach people when they are drunk, so like... All of Chile... hahahha but there are these drunk guys that are Always yelling "Hey Elders!" with Big smiles on their faces and waving to us, and so we always wave back! Then when they are sober... they Hate us! Hahahaha funny how the world works! :)

Boy, how about that conference though?! It was awesome here in Chile! We had plans to go and watch Saturday sessions at our ward, to support our ward because it was the first time they were broadcasting it at our building! So, we got there 15 minutes to 1:00 and there were 2 people there. Keep in mind, we have two wards in our building. By the time 1:00 rolled around, we gained 3 more people, and for some reason the broadcast wasn't working. So we decided we were going to go get some more people (we had been inviting people ALL week!)  We ran over to the Chaipul's and told them they needed to come, it took them a while to get to the door, because they were just waking up. They had just gotten back from the youth ward temple trip up in Santiago. They said they would be going to the next session, so we took off back to the ward to watch the rest of the session! When we got there we saw Elder Bednar's face frozen on the screen and no one was in the chapel... So we knew something was wrong, so we decided to run over to the stake center ten minutes away, and watch the rest of it in English! We hit it up with all the other Elders and one Hermana in our Zone, and watched the last bit of President Uchtdorf's talk! I wish we could have watched the whole session... So I was bummed when it had ended ten minutes later. 

We made it back to the next session, and all the rest after that! We watched them all in English, except Elder Walker watched it in Spanish with the ward members on Sunday for the first session. That was the only session, that almost the entire chapel was full of people, every other session, barely the first few rows were full. 

People here in Chile, kill me. They are SOOOOOOOOO Lazy. This was the right mission for me, because I definitely know Exactly how people felt about me... Especially Niccole... Opps. Sorry Niccole. No one came to conference to hear the words of the prophets, because they were tired or they didn't want to walk to the stake center... GAH!! IT IS THE PROPHET WHO IS SPEAKING FOR GOD!!! You gotta listen!!! But nope.... I just want to Drag them ALL to conference, but then I have to remember that Everyone has their Agency, just like Kaylie's little primary saying "I have agency and I am responsible for my choices" Which sometimes I really hate that rule... But it is what it is. Besides, they like to read the Liahona here, so they will read it next month I guess! 

Speaking of, I won't need an Ensign, because I guess I can get my own Liahona here! :)

On Sunday when I visited the Chaipuls they gave me a copy of the Testiments, that they bought from the Temple, and when I wanted to give them money, they wouldn't accept, so  I started that as my birthday gifts! Then this morning I opened the package! Thank you so much for everything! The music is Amazing to all of our ears! We were getting really tired of the same 20 songs we listen to every day! The candy was perfect! :) I had mac and cheese for lunch today, and we are going to roast starbursts tonight maybe or tomorrow morning! :) 

Our Zone went to the Beach today! Elder Walker and I didn't end up going, so we could get some other things done, I needed to send the tie today, and so we spent a lot more time down town in central today! I told Elder Nielson and Elder Gubler to take some sweet pictures, and so I looked at them when they got home before we came to write you guys, and there was some sweet pictures at the Beach! :) It looked wonderful! But super cold, and thinking on it, I wish now I would have gone, but I know if I would have, I would have broken rules and jumped right in with all my clothes! So hopefully, I am called to serve by an ocean sometime so I can get some Sweet pictures! One of the pictures was of all the guys in the zone showing their butt, (They were not nude)  and then I was told it was a video, so when I pushed play, they all turned around and said "Happy Birthday Elder Holt!" so it made my day! 

Thank you for all the pictures of everyone back home! :) It was super sweet! It sure made my day seeing all the pictures of the festivities at home! :) (Please print those pictures off and put them in my book) I tried and couldn't here... :( Also, thanks for putting it up on Facebook! I got a lot of letter lovin today! :) Hopefully people keep that up as well! :) Since, the only thing I have gotten in the mail here is the package! So I love getting emails so I can print them off and read them during the week! :)

Tonight we have plans to go party with a members family, I am kinda nervous, because Elder Walker received "Whitey Tighties" from them called "El Tio" so.... Hopefully I don't get any of Uncle's underwear! hahahha but we are going to be teaching some of their neighbors and friends as well! I am super excited!Tomorrow we are eating with my favorite family the Delgato's and hopefully they will bring friends, and then on Wednesday we are back at the Chaipul's! So pretty much, three days of parties!! Woohooo!! Oops, I mean Fiestas!!! 

So conference?? Yeah SUPER COOL!! I LOVED IT! I can't wait to get the Liahona next month to read it all over again!! There were SO MANY things in there that Chile needs to hear, but since they weren't there to hear it... GAH! Oh well, I guess that means I will just have to Teach it! :) Favorite talks?? I REALLY Loved Elder Ballard's Saturday afternoon! Then Elder Oaks and Elder Nielsons on Sunday! It was super cool! :)) I paid attention during every session, and didn't fall asleep once! You guys would be SOO Proud! I wrote down two pages worth of questions Saturday morning, and a lot of them got answered! I think that I will go through it tomorrow and write all the answers down from my 15 pages of notes I took! I sure felt that the skiing talk was meant for us boys, and Pres.Monsons talk during priesthood with the driving was meant for mom... ;) This whole conference was on how Members need to help the Missionaires! Please, make our home at home avaliable for the missionaries to come teach! I wish the people here, would let us do that more! Then, take up on President Ballard's challange, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who reads this, needs to invite someone to church! To take the discussions of the missionaries and just all of that fun stuff! If everyone of the 14,000,000 members in the church invited one person to be baptized we would have 28,000,000 now only imagine if everyone invited MORE THAN ONE!! :D The Work of the Lord is being hastened, because the Second Coming is coming closer and closer Every day!!! :) 

I Love you guys, and I am praying for each and everyone of the family members, friends, and missionaries I know! My prayers are becoming so much more sincere to the Lord. I Love being out here and doing his work. As hard as it is some days, thinking of those who are praying for me, strengthens me, and knowing that Christ is always with me helps me lift my spirits! Even though it feels like the Church isn't true down here some times... I know it is. and I am here to help everyone else know that as well! The Church is true, and NEVER doubt it! I am a Mormon, I know it, I Live it, I Love it! 

You are All in my prayers,

Love your 19 year old son,

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

Now is the time to choose to serve the Lord!

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