Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 15 Ummmmmmmmmm

Hello Friends and Family,

In case you were wondering, the days are getting SUPER long here in our very tiny Sector (area) It takes us maybe ten-fifteen minutes to walk from one side to the other! And everyday seems to be exactly like the others, where we wake up at 7 do all of our studies, go to lunch, come back and study, then we go out and walk for a couple of hours the same paths, and then we talk to people, and have an once with a member and try to get someone who isn't a member there as well, and then we go back home, talk about the day with the other two elders, and go to bed at 11. That is what our days are like in Camino Real right now, but this week we have had some changes! 

Before I get to the changes, I need to talk and answer questions! :)

I better get pictures of ALL my Niece and Nephews in their Halloween costumes!! :) (Preferrably in a attachment, because I can then print the pictures out next Pday) But all three sound like they are going to have a fun night recieving lots of tooth rotting candy! 

Wow Brandon, you must be a Stud! You scored a girl who went to BYU-I-Do and she didn't get married, look at you... Taking after the ways of your younger brother, wearing his clothes, and doing your hair like him, to look all Studly for the girl! ;) P.S. Super Jealous you went to Imagine Dragons............

The "Welcoming into Heaven" part about Grandpa's story was really funny! :) Made me smile today when I read that, but the whole shindig going down does sound super cruel... They just want my Grandpa to pass away before I can get home, hopefully my letter gets back to you guys before anything else happens!! 

You (mom) presented designs, and I haven't gotten anymore pictures of your drawings, come on mom, I like to see those! Hit me up!! 

Yeah, the Bishop?? I really don't understand his ways either, he does things a lot different... But to much to get into detail, and of course, we are always with each other, they were just rumors that someone started and he used to get to talk to us...

Cambrio? I don't know what that means... But Cambio means Change, and so yes, that is what they use to Transfer and so Inter Cambio is Splits or Divisiones, and Sober Cambio is Emergency Transfer! 

The Pants from MW are actually starting to get small, length wise and waist wise... I sure hope that is a good sign and not bad! Ha :)

Mail?? Oh man, it was Christmas this week with Mail, on Saturday, I was loaded up with a whopping 9 letters! And the dates are getting closer and closer to present day, and so I think that the mail is starting to function again! FINALLY!

Dad... A New job?? Come on I was just finally getting used to say Proficio Bank! Hahahaha Naw, that is really cool! To bad you didn't have it while I was in high school, you could have helped out when they donated us money for the basketball and football games! 

Okay..... I think that is everything I wanted to cover! Now on to about this past week! 

I said last week was long... Boy was I wrong, I feel like last P day was AGES ago... Like I can't even remember what we did it was so long ago... I think it is a true statement that on the Mission, Days become Weeks and Weeks become Years, but Years become Days. Because it feels like I was in the Airport with you guys just this past Wednesday, but other things like the CCM feel like years ago! 

Anyways, a cool experience this past week, is that because we have our new thing of Always carrying our Book of Mormon's in our hand, I remembered right before I left talking to Brother Merrill at the Seminary building! He told me a way he talked with the Chileans was he taught by showing the picture of Jesus in the Book of Mormon. So I saw this lady in the park and thought hey, she is watching her kid, lets go talk to her! Keep in mind, this was a frustrating day for me as it was because Elder Walker decided not to talk, he told me that he was the one in training, and I was the Senior Comp. for the day! So I went over to her and said hi, and she said "Gracias, pero soy Christiana" and I got all confused and nervous and was like..... "Ummmmm okay gracias!" and so I turned around and we walked away real fast, and Elder Walker having a smirk on his face! So I looked up and saw this woman at a bus stop waiting for a bus, so I went over to talk to her! This time the Book of Mormon down on my side and I started to talk to her at first and then when the time came I opened the Book of Mormon to the picture of Jesus, and asked her if she knew who he was? And she nodded her head, and so I decided to bear my testimony right then and there, short and simple. I could feel the Spirit present and I think she felt something, because I noticed she started to tear up a little bit, and had to wipe her eyes, so I hope it touched her. Then when her bus came, I asked if she would take a copy and read it and she smiled and nodded, and so I gave it to her and she was off! It was super cool!

I thought about the Small and Simple testimony because a member who has been struggling showed me that the day before, he took my Book of Mormon, and then looked at me and told me he knew what it was, and that it was true and the Spirit was SOOO Strong, so I tried it, and guess what... I am Pretty sure it worked!! 

Anyways, this past Satuday, Elder Gubler, our District leader was Sober Cambioed. NOT because he was bad, some other Zone leader did something bad, so a lot of people were moved around, we ended up getting a New District leader and he is Latino, he is a cool guy from Mexico, and because I still don't know how to pronuciate or spell his name, I am going to refer to him as Elder Mexicano! Anyways he is a super cool guy, but he Speaks less English then I do Spanish, so that means the English in our house just left with Elder Gubler, and now we only can speak Spanish in the House! Lucky for Elder Walker, cause he is a PRO when it comes to Spanish!

Elder Gubler was my running partner, but now Elder Mexicano runs with me, we went for the first time this morning, and boy am I gonna be sore tomorrow... He worked me super hard! We went probably three times as far, Elder Gubler and I finished our run on Saturday at 10:23 and that was cutting like a minute off our time because we sprinted it! Then today we got back at the house at 7:30 so it was about a half hour run.... It was up and down hills... Ouch.

Anyways, I dunno if I have ever really explained Elder Walker or not, but he is a super awesome guy! I hope our friendship extends to past the mission and we can hang out when we get home! He is so much like me and I really look up to him! The way he teaches is Amazing, and it is super cool! I feel the Spirit so much during Lessons, (When I can stay focused with the Spanish) I Love it here, and I think I will probably be here another Cambio, I think Elder Walker will be going to a new Sector in three weeks because he has been here for 4 months.

Anyways, that was this week. Thanks for all the Love and Support! I Love all of you at home!! :) 

2 Nephi 33:12

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

They didn't call me the Puddle Master at the CCM for no reason

A cool morning after our run on Saturday Morning

Saying Goodbyes with Goober the Gubler

Baby bird we have watched grow up (Mother is top left flying at us. She wasn't happy)

I figured Brandon would like to see what the Ambulances look like here so I snagged a sweet picture of one last night!

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