Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 18 Chocolate Donuts are NOT Dunford Chocolate Donuts

Yo yo yo What's up my Homie G's?

So okay here is the scoop, Chocolate Donuts here, are NOT and I repeat NOT Dunford donuts... So Someone needs to talk to Brother Stevens and get him contracting with Lider in Chile, because I was VERY disappointed every morning this past week, when I bought a package of "Donuts Chocolate" and they come with 10 little packages. Me thinkings, "oh sweet they will have like 3 donuts each!" Nope, it ends up being 5 SMALL cookies... NOT Donuts.... Super Bummed.

Other than that, it really has been a slow week, not to much has happened. It was the week, before Transfers so we were all getting excited this past weekend to see whats going down, and so I will get a new companion on Wednesday, I think his name is Elder Whittinger or something along the lines, not real sure who he is, no one I've talked to knows him. So I guess we'll see what is going on! But I am staying here in Camino Real and leading the sector! Woot Woot! Super stoked to be out of my training now and start the Real schedule of a missionary, and what not! Elder Walker is going down south to Puerto Mont, that is where I guess I was going to go, but I am staying, kinda a bummer the Elder Connor's are being broken up, but it will be fine in the end! :) New Companions means, New Adventures! 

Sounds like being a Missionary in the Philippines right now would be SUPER sick! Half of my prayers are praying that the Volcanos will erupt so that the people here will be humbled a little bit, or Earth Quakes I didn't even think of that! But see, I have been told all my life there is going to be a Huge Earth Quake in Salt Lake, Hasn't happened... But with my luck its gonna happen while I am NOT in Salt Lake *Knock on Wood* Although those stories of all the prayers being answered is SO cool and awesome to know that God is watching out for us all! 

OH! By the way my Teeth have been Hurting since last Tuesday *wink wink* Yeah got the package finally! The Candy was still good, and gone by Tuesday night and I am sure the medicine will be gone by Christmas I have already used it on my muscles and it feels so good, so instead of taking Ibuprofen when I am sore, I just rub some of that on and I am A okay! 

Ummmm With Daniela last week, well ha about that... We went right after we were done writing to go talk to her, but when she said her husband wasn't home, we got a really bad feeling, but she wanted us to come in still, she insisted, we told her that we couldn't and then finally she said, if you don't come in now, then you won't come in ever. So we were kinda bummed that we lost an investigator, but when the Spirit leaves, so do we! 

On Saturday we attended the baptism of the boy who has the menos activa mother, it was super awesome! Super Apostate, but super awesome! Elder Walker and I got to be the guys who watch and see if he goes all the way under or not. That was super cool, then after he was baptized he came out of the water and started Screaming with his hands up for Joy! It was super funny, which then got all of the other little primary kids jumping for joy running up to the font and trying to climb over and get into the water! So Elder Walker and I had to pull them off and close the doors super fast! While we are closing the doors the boy is going up the stairs still with his hands up screaming for Joy! It was super funny! Then after the end of the service there was a little girl who gave the closing prayer and I thought she was just giving her testimony because thats pretty much what she did instead of praying. It was pretty crazy hahaha! But in reality, I know we shouldn't come out screaming for Joy after Baptism, because it should be reverent, but I look at that as an example. Because why not Scream for Joy? After Baptism you are clean of ALL of your sins, it does not matter what in the world you have done, you are clean! Then after every Sunday you have that same chance to become Clean after taking the Sacrament, what a blessing we have to be in this church! I Love it so  so  so much! :)

Yesterday, all of Chile had church at 10 for only an hour because it was the day that they voted for president! So that was pretty cool! Only have sacrament! Then we were lucky enough to have the Primary program of the other ward, since we combined both wards together! It was pretty sweet! I Loved it! Since there are only like 8 kids in their primary every kid had to give like 2 talks, yes talks not little sayings, it was pretty sweet! But then they ended it early because sacrament was only an hour! Then this next Sunday we have our Ward Primary Program! Woo! :) 

Last night since Elder Walker is leaving on Wednesday we ended up spending the night with the Chaipul Family, and they were going fishing down at the big river by their house, so they were digging for Worms, and so we helped them and decided to go with them! It was super cool! Their fishing poles were... Different, (Look at the picture) They used a can, fishing string, and a hook and bolt. Then they use a stick for the pole! It was super cool, I am trying to upload a video of it now to Drop Box! Hopefully it will be done before we have to go! It was super cool! It started to Rain/Mist on us, and then before we left the sun came out and made a FULL Rainbow Right in front of us on the other side of the River, in fact there were TWO! It was Super cool and Super Beautiful! I definitely got pictures and yeah, then after that we had an Amazing Sunset! Like, it was just a perfect way to end the night! I Loved it! :) 

Today was kinda a stressful P-day, we started out by printing the emails and then going down to central, I pulled out 50 mil which is about $100 then we went to print pictures, and I bought christmas gifts, after we went to the mall and we were going to eat with the Zone, when we remembered that the post office place closes soon! So we had to Run down get the pictures and run to the post office to send everything! So I ended up sending about $70.00 worth of Mail today... But you will see why in a couple weeks when it gets home, ummmm in the letter to you guys, there is two pictures, one for Mom and Dad, and the other is for Brandon! Ally and Jen have one going to their house! Just so you know though, I forgot to put the Letter with the package in the package, so I put it behind the pictures, DON'T READ it or it will Spoil what is inside of the packages coming....... Or you can just read it and yeah... Just know that I lied about Carter and Logan (sorry Boys, there was nothing here for you...) Then we finished by eating lunch at the mall by ourselves and hitting up Lider for food and then came home and Elder Walker got a Haircut, and now we are here. It has been super crazy! 

Oh yeah, and at the Mall today, it was super sweet! We saw a Nativity Set! It was pretty cool! I was like hey, thats a Nativity set! The only place you would see that in the states is on Temple Square, as we got Closer we noticed something was missing, .... Can you tell what it is?? .... I was like "Where is da Baby Jesus Man?!?!?!" It was pretty funny! So hopefully they will get that there before Christmas...

Anyways, that was the week, kinda slow and low I know... But this week is gonna be Great! I feel a lot more success coming on this next Cambio with Elder Whittiger (or however you spell it) 

I Love you all So much! Thank you for the emails and the letters, they help me a ton and make Mondays SOOOO much better! :)))

From the South Pole,

Elder Connor Holt
Chilean fishing pole

 The Beautiful Rainbow that was right in Front of us, it was barley just big enought that my camera couldn't catch the whole thing.... :/

The Crazy Sunset after the Rainbow, Loved it!! :) 

The Nativity Set with No Baby Jesus!!! 

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