Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 19 Working brings miracles

Wow Wow Wow what an AMAZING week! 

Hello everyone, thank you for partaking in reading of my email/blog today! I just want you to know this is a special email! Why you ask? Well go ahead and read it! 

First off, last week, in Elder Josh Nelson's letter home, he said some things that really hit hard on me! One of them was, "Why is God going to send you people who are ready for the Gospel, if you aren't working?" or something along those lines... So with my new Companion Elder Whitaker, we have been working SUPER HARD! Like not even a joke! In my zone we have a goal of 10 contacts a day, and with Elder Walker, we didn't contact much, but we have gotten 10+ everyday with Elder Whitaker!! We have met some CRAZY people and a lot of new people who are ready to hear the Gospel! Wow, like I don't even know how to describe it! :)

So speaking of new companions, let me say something... I HATE CHANGE! But if the world never changed it would be Super Boring! He is a good guy! He has been here for 6 months, before he studied at BYU for a year in Chemical Engineering and all that fun stuff  but he LOVES to sing! I was secretly praying my next companion would Love to sing, and because of that, we have a duet in the priesthood session of Stake Conference this Saturday night!! Woot! That'll be fun! But over all he is a Hard worker and I know we are gonna have Success and Baptisms this Cambio!! 

Okay, I want to say how Amazing my President is. President Rappleye is such a Stud and has So many AWESOME experiences to help out the missionaries! After General Conference I was going through my notes and I came across something that Elder Scott had said that I wrote down, "Repentance is not Bad, it is Super Good" or along those lines, and after reading that I felt like I had the need to go talk to President, I did that and holy cow... Spirit Change. I feel the spirit like crazy right now!! So I want to share to the world, REPENTANCE IS NOT BAD!!! It Brings the Spirit into your life and you can be Clean of ANY sin!! Jesus Christ went through the Atonement so ALL human beings can be clean of any faults and how Lucky are we to have a Savior like him! I will Eternally and Forever be so Grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ!

 And hopefully I can have more talks with President! :) (Obviously for Other Reasons)

So this past Thursday we thought it was Thanksgiving, so I liked the Pizza idea, we called a New York Pizza, and had them deliver us a hawaiian pizza! SOOOOO GOOD!! IT was like the States and YUUUMMMM Then we realized that Thanksgiving was this week, so looks like we are gonna have to do it again... :) 

I ended up getting the package today!! This one came super fast! Why don't they all just come this fast?!? 

From what I hear, I am positive we will be skyping one month from today, but I will ask President if we can use Google+

We don't have a lake by us, we have a river! So that was just a river from last sunday! (last week's fishing picture)

No way!! Sacrament sounds like it was super awesome! It was cool to see Kelly DeHaun, because he was the one who directed the Murray/Cottonwood Choir this past year, he also helped with All State! Then we saw him on the Priesthood Session directing the boys from Murray! That was super cool!! Our Sacrament was super cool! It was our Primary Program, it was ten times better than the Las Vegas ward! The very last number that was sung was the song "A Child's Prayer" I think that is one of my favorite primary songs, I think a lot of the people's eyes were wet after that one, I almost had some tears too! The primary sang the first verse, then the relief society pres, the 2nd counselor of the bishopric, and the ward secretary sang the second verse and then they all sang the 1st verse again! The Spirit was there and yesterday was probably the first day I have felt the Spirit on Sunday here in Chile, because usually its never as good as yesterday!! 

Speaking of how awesome Yesterday was, remember Daniela from a couple weeks ago?? Well I wanted to take Elder Whitaker with me over there, because I felt like he could help! So we had been trying all weekend! Then last night, we had divisions with Papito Chaipul and Papito Delgado, I felt the Spirit tell me to go to Daniela's with Papito Delgado, so we did! We went over there and her sons were playing fùtball outside, and so I came up and was super friendly with them and asked if their mom was home, they said yes and went inside to get her! We waited for like 5 minutes and finally we rang the doorbell, and after another 2 minutes she came out! We ended up going in, and then making the connection that Daniela and Papito Delgado know each other because their son's had been in the same class at school! WOW! How did that work! So they chatted it up a bit, and then her husband came home! Then we started talking about their religion and our religion, we started into lesson one with "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" and then Prayer, I felt impressed to share my prayer experience about reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it for the first time when I was 15 and the guy was SUPER curious! We are going to give him a Book of Mormon this week! I think we have 4 future baptisms right there!! The Spirit was SOOOO Strong there last night! I hope they felt it as well!! 

Then today, we had this awesome idea, right after we are done emailing here, we will be going over to a park, and we are going to draw the Plan of Salvation on the ground with Chalk, but we are doing it with Daniela because she is an Artist! Super awesome! So its fun and a lesson! Hopefully it will make others interested as well!! :) Don't worry, there will be a lot of pictures!! 

Super Jealous of your Donuts, Super Jealous of Jen and Nate in Cali, hope they are enjoying Disneyland today! I got a Christmas letter from Jed and Ally today! From Cali! :) Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Super Jealous of Dad's new Skiing business, and Brandon for skyping with my friends and hearing about it.... But I know you are ALL Jealous of me, because I get the chance for the next year and a half to just preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not have to worry about Money, school, work, friends, or family because I know that God will be taking care of all of you while I am gone! 

I know that if you work, the Lord really does line you up with people who are ready for the Gospel! Be ready for some Crazy emails in the next 6 weeks!! 

I Love you all so much!! 

Elder Connor Holt

Pictures: Well, I would have pictures, but I think that a virus just killed my card... So help me, if that is the case.... We are in trouble and this Elder is gonna be one un happy man.... GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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