Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 26: You know your Spanish is better when you can joke with the Relief Society!

Hello Family and Friends,

First off one thing I need to address... Email Mom? Great way to end the email... I think Bad news should be stated first so I can be sad then happy, not the other way around!! ;)

But you were right, this past week was SUPER Long! I mean just imagine... I have no one to truly express myself to anymore, just three Latinos who always call me Trunky... (No I am NOT Always trunkie... They just think its funny to gang up on the Gringo...) Ha but I Love the guys! 

Yes, as my title says, Spanish is finally coming along! I can communicate with the members a whole lot better now! I am finally understanding and I can communicate myself back to others!! That always is good right?? :) 

The Chaipul family put up pictures of the Twins! Yeah they both got Mission Calls to Brazil! Sweet! One is going to the North of Brazil and the other to the South! They always come out with us on Divisions! They're gonna make great Missionaries! 

Mmmm Baptisms... What is that word?? We have three with Fetcha right now, Cintia, Laticia, and their friend Daniel, but Daniel isn't from our Sector. If they don't come to church this Sunday, they fall... :/ but they are super cool! They said they are planning on coming this next Sunday, so we are praying for them! Umm Giovanni, well funny Story... He is a member... Yeah, he was Baptized like 6 years ago, but he doesn't remember because that is right around when his sickness started! So now we are working with him to receive the priesthood! The other Jiovanni is kinda history, every time we go to their tienda they always say he is out, but as I watch in the back, I can see him move and hide... It is really funny actually! 

Although we have two investigators named Claudio and Amparo, they are super cool! They are a couple who have a son who is about 1.5 and Amparo has three daughters 16, 14, and 9 They are a really cool family! We had a lesson with them yesterday, but they had to cancel, but they are coming along really well!  I think with the next lesson they will have a baptism date! 

Yeah, I knew about Bronson, but not about the others! So that is super cool! I am waiting for the next person from Murray who is called to the Chile Osorno mission, so keep an eye out for that one! ;) 

Your Mission sounds super cool! I am super excited for you guys! Sounds like a crazy fun project! How long are you guys gonna be missionaries?? But I am with Brandon, No sympathy from Chile either... ;) Sounds like you guys will be having a lot of fun though!! 

Tell Grandpa hello and thanks for the Christmas card! I received his card this past week, and I will be sending him a letter soon! :) 

Still super Crazy news about Uncle Bruce... I will be praying for him as well! But that will be super good of them to serve Missions as well! :) 

Okay... this week! So this week, was my first week with my Latino Companion Elder Vargas! This guys is super cool! He is about 6 months older than Brandon, but he is super awesome! He has got a Crazy awesome Testimony, and he is Strait with the Rules, so no crazy partying this Transfer... ;) Its funny its gotten more strict with every companion, we'll see how it is next Cambio! But I have Lots of Respect for him because there are times I forget he has only been a Member for 2 years because it sure doesn't seem like that at all! 

This Cambio I am focusing on Developing Christ like Attributes, so last week I was working on Prayers, and its funny, for some reason it was super hard to focus all week when I was praying! This week I am focusing on Patience, and today (day 1) My patience has been Tested several times! Its gonna be a long week... But I am super excited! :)

This past week,  I have adjusted more to the teaching ways of Elder Vargus, we do a lot more service! We have done Service almost everyday this past week for members, and less tracting in the streets! So its a lot different, but I Like it! :) We spent two days picking cherries, the Relief Society spent two days bottling! It was a lot of fun! It showed me that I want a Cherry Tree one day! I Love both Red and Black Cherries!! :)) Then with Mamita we painted her fence and then the next day it didn't stick, so we have to paint it again this week... We also help move Papitos car! 4 of us, me Elder Vargas, Papito, and his son! It was crazy because this car is bigger than me laying down outstretched twice! (Look at the Picture) 

Speaking of Fruit, Cintia and Laticia's Mom is a menas Activa and she works with Fruit, she gave us a BUNCH of Cherries and Raspberries!! and we live next to HUGE bushes of Blackberries that will be ready soon ready for EATING!!! :DDDD 

Anyways it really has been a Super awesome week! Ummm to explain the lake last week, our Ward apparently goes every year! So they asked permission for us two days before from President, and he said yes. So we went, we got excited thinking Sweet! Two p-days! But of course the night before, they told us, it was our Pday... So that was a bummer cause I knew I wouldn't have a letter from you guys for two week, so that made for a super long week! But it was a lot of fun!! We picnicked and the ward swam and we took pictures and it was a lot of fun!! 

Anyways, I Love you all, and am excited to hear from you about your new calls, BTW (for mom: By The Way) pictures: Send as Attachments so I can print them out, if you just send them in the email, I can't do that, have one of my Loving Siblings teach you if you need it.
Hope you all have an Amazing week! 


Elder Connor Gordon Holt

1. More Artistic Photo
2. Raspberry Season! Free Raspberries are the BEST!

3. Papito's Auto, he restores cars, and this is a Beautiful 1958 Ford

4. Caresa Negras

5. Height difference, (Notice the chairs, I'm on a Primary Chair...) 

6. Its a Clear HOT day today, so we took pictures of the Volcano before coming to write! :) 

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