Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 28: Sobre Cambios are LOADS of fun!

Hello Family and Friends,

First off, thanks to everyone who sent me HAPPY news, I like happy news better! Thanks for the not so happy news as well, because I like to know what's going on, but the Happy news is definitely better! :) 

Frozen sounds like it was awesome with Carter! I saw a little of it on Christmas eve, the family we were sitting with was watching it on the computer and so I saw a little of it... like the first seen no more! I know I am a missionary, don't watch it, I only saw like 20 seconds, its on my list to watch when I get home! 

Wow, that is some crazy news with Elder Clark! I'm excited to see what happens with that, so keep me up with the updates and where is new call is to! That was kinda my guess, but I was guessing he had a call, not that he was going to receive a new one! 

ANOTHER new video?! Holy cow, I am gonna be so far behind on Temple Videos by the time I get home... Its like the technology never stops changing... ;) 

Its crazy that you share the experience of President Monson and listening, because this week? My Christ Like Attribute I am working on is Listening... Like how crazy is that? Way to Listen to the Spirit mom!! No but really though, I am working on Listening because Christ was the BEST listener, I listened to everyone, no matter what it was about, it was a true and intentful Listen. Now I am here and hopefully I can become better at listening! 

I taught Gospel Principals with Elder Vargas my Last week in Camino Real!! Woot! Good luck Dad! The Creation is Easy as Cake!! ;) Just read the manuscript from the NEW temple video...

Woot! Chip is still Alive!! I still have a puppy at home, I wasn't sure, so I had to find a new puppy while I was in Camino Real! ;) 

Bueno... Now that I have covered that.... I really don't even know where to start. How about with this? I am in a new area. You can put the second sticker up on the Map mom! I got called like an hour after the last time I emailed when I was super hungry and making mac and cheese, it was president... and he said that I was being changed. So here we go! I am now in one of the "Big Three" zones that I wanted to visit! I am now in the Sector of Ancud! It is on the Island of Chiloé! Which means in my sector there is Ocean.... Can I tell you HOW TRUNKY I GET WHEN I CAN SMELL IT?!?! Esp. with no mas Laguna.... :(((( But I LOVE it here! It is a Gigantic Sector! Camino Real from one side to the other was about 15-20 min max! Here is 15 minutes just to get to our sector because we live outside of our sector, and then its easily an hour or more from one side to the other! It is huge!!!! But I Love it! This sector has So much Potential!! There are lots of good things about it, and we are expecting Baptisms and PRONTO! 

Fun fact of the day, I was told I was gonna get Fat here! I believed it after the first meal, but then after the first meal we went in our sector to work, and all it is is a Mountain, so we have to walk up and down all day! There is NO way I am gonna get fat, but I will admit the food is SOOOO GOOD! :) 

The first night I got here the Zone leaders called and said that we were gonna have an inter cambio the next day! So they came the next day, and I went to Castro for a day! That was a load of fun as well! :) So with in two days I now have 2/3 of Chiloé! So that was a lot of fun! Zone Leaders here in Chiloé? Yeah... I LOVE em! 

Oh yeah, this also means I have a new comp! His name is Elder Hawkes and he is from Cache Valley! He is super great! He is the DL and we have 4 hermanas in our District! The only Hermanas in the Zone! But life really is great! I am loving it here! I don't know what more to cover, other than the fact my Spanish is Beast now! I obviously am not perfect, but three weeks in the Spanish world no mas does a killer on learning Spanish!! I can understand a lot more! And Elder Hawkes likes to talk in Spanish, so we are always talking in Spanish and not English! 

I really don't know what more to say, we have worked a ton! I put a lady with fetcha the other day! That was a cool lesson, because I was on divisions! Then there is this guy named Ruben, I remember his name, because I just think of Chris and then I can remember! But he always has Crazy questions! His wife is less active and he isn't a member but has been talking with the missionaries for years!! So we will see how that works out! My goal? To be the LAST Missionary he talks to as an investigator! :) 

I Love this Church, it makes more and more sense everyday! I always told myself, I would be good on the mission, then come home and just do whatever! But really? I am coming home to Live the Gospel, because I have NEVER in my life been happier than I am out here LIVING the Gospel! This really is the Life! :) I would never change it for anything! This Gospel is true! And it does Bring Happiness, not just a fake little hahaha but a TRUE Happiness, that you can have FFFFFFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR.............. ect. :) 

I Love you guys, thank you for everything!! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

P.s. can you send me some gloves in the next package? Like the thin one layered Cotton ones? My hands FREEZE in the morning! Thanks you I Love you!! 

Anyways, I have a butt load of photos! So here we go! 

1. Familia Chaipul

2. Mamita y Papito

3. Hector y Felipe

                          4. Familia Sepulvida

5. Familia Delgado

6.Height Difference here in Chile with most people and me! ;)

7.Hermana Isabel, Cintia, y Laticia

8. Elder Menesses, Elder Jauregui, Elder Vargas e yo en la ultima mañana antes me voy.

                                 9. Ancud

10. Yeah... I am living the High Life! :) The View from the Church

                                                               11. I FOUND MURRAY!! 

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