Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 25:el ano de 2014!

Hello everyone! 

I know this is weird to have me writing on a Saturday... It is super new for me as well! Usually we write on Monday and what not! But since we are on a trip right now with the ward! We are going home in awhile, but when we get back we won't have time to write, and so I am using the computer of the Chaipul's! 

Right now I am sitting on a pier over a Lake, by the Beach, there is a DJ on my right and lots of people out swimming. It has been cold and cloudy ALL morning, but after Lunch about an hour ago, the sun decided to come out! There is apparently a Volcano on the other side of the lake, but I haven't been able to see it yet! So we will see if it is actually there or not! 

Its kinda funny about this trip. We got told two days ago we could go. When the Bishops daughter left for her mission on Wednesday, they saw President at the Airport picking up the new group of Latinos and so he asked President if we could come with the ward on this trip and we got permission! It has been super awesome! Now that the sun is out and we have to go home soon, is kinda a bummer but I hope I can get a picture of the Volcano before we leave! Hopefully the clouds will leave!! 

So this past week has been Crazy!! It was New years, and so obviously we gotta welcome 2014 with something Crazy! Since I was in bed at 11:40 and nothing happened that night, I had the chance to start this new year in a house of 3 Latinos and my Companion being Latino! Elder Vargas is from Peru and is 24 years old, he has a little over a year, and has been a member of the church for 2 years! How crazy is that, a year after his Baptism he went out on a Mission, I have lots of Respect for him! 

Although it is tough to have to always be speaking Spanish, I like it so much more because my Spanish is getting much better! I Love it! People keep telling me they can already see a difference in my Spanish, which is good cause I sure can't! 

No crazy Lessons this past week, although yesterday we met this really cool guy, when we contacted him, he said his day was bad, and so we talked to him more, and he said he wanted to come to church, so we invited him, and he lives in our sector! So possibly we have a Baptism there, because he also is bringing his family with him!! So I will be able to tell you next week what happened with that! :) 

I don't have much time with this letter, because we are leaving soon and the Delgado Family wants me to take pictures of them here before we go, so I will take a few photos of them! 

Sorry its a lame email this past week! But here are some pictures as well! All from the trip today, if we get one of the volcano I will send one next week! 

1. My Comp Elder Vargas and I at the Lake

2. I decided since I have my Speedo here, whenever I can't swim, I am just going to start taking a picture with my Speedo and the water that I CAN'T swim in...

3. This is part of the Gorgeous Lake! 

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