Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello from COYHAIQUE a day late

Wow.... So yeah, I am a day late... SURPRIZE!
Ha it was just a big joke, I wanted to have mom jumping all day waiting! Ha just kidding, really it was my own fault for not telling you for the past couple of weeks that Elder Ballard was coming and speaking to us Missionaries in my Mission! It was SOOOOO COOL! It was yesterday, so P-day was today and yeah! Sorry, I forgot to say something, I always forget things!!
But on the good side both my sisters wrote me! :) Thank you guys, boy do I love hearing about your little families! Sounds like everything is just dandy! :)
Because I don't have much time today, and I don't have my camera cord... I am sorry.... I have SOOO many new good photos!! I will just have to tell you a little bit about the next 5 weeks!
Well, I am in Coyhaique! I am in kinda a ghetto part but hey who doesn't like ghetto, not like a missionary was stabbed here or anything.... No just kidding! We don't go over there! No worries mom! ;) But it is Amazing! We got to fly here from Puerto Montt, and I got to see ALL of my companions on Cambios except Elder Robertson and Elder Vargas! So it was super Awesome! Once the plane landed and I looked outside?? Well, I got REAL trunky because I left Chile, and Entered Southern Utah..... Yeah, I pretty much live in Southern Utah, the climate is EXACTLY the same here! I have dry weather, and MOUNTAINS! Oh have I missed the Mountains, and the funny thing is I am in Chile, and all of Chile is Mountains! But I am going to miss the Ocean that is for sure!
SO this past week was lots of fun! The day before cambios I had an Inter-cambio with Elder Powell from my group because Elder Hawkes is now training and had to leave a day early to go up to Osorno! So we had lots of fun on a busy day with lots of appts. Then the next day we flew here!
As I got to meet Elder Christopherson, I have realized he is a couple things, 1. He has 6 weeks more than me, so thats lots of fun! 2. His name is Connor, so I now have a second comp with my name, and 3. He works hard!
So we have been working super hard! He hasn't done a lot of contacting in his mission, and that is something Elder Whitaker told me when I saw him, and he told me that I would be the perfect person to teach Elder Christopherson! So here we are, and I can't even tell you how much we have contacted!! It has been super awesome! :) We have some investigators, but I feel I still don't really even know the area very well, after one week, so I hope that Elder Christopherson doesn't have an emergency transfer or I am gonna be in trouble.... Ummm but its been a lot of fun doing lots of contacts!!!
Yesterday was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. like I don't even know where to begin! We had a meeting with Elder Ballard for the entire Mission! But the sad thing is because I am in Coyhaique we couldn't be there in person, those of us in Coyhaique and Punta Arenas had to watch it by skype. But everyone else in the mission was there! So that was super awesome! We learned soooooo much! One thing he told us is that we should try and do a minimum of 10 contacts everyday and with that we WILL see a lot of change in our areas, and its awesome because I can testify of that, because that is why Elder Whitaker and I had SOO much success! But the funny part is that was a goal that Elder Christopherson and I made the other day! Before Elder Ballard told us! But really Elder Ballard is like 85 years old, and STILL the Best missionary out there! I am super excited to throw his ideas into the work and begin to see more success!!
One last experience that was super awesome! There is an hermano (brother) in the branch here (smaller branch of like 60) who is from England. He married his wife like 2 months ago from Chile, and speaks next to NOTHING in spanish! I was super confused how that worked out, but they met on lds singles, and 2 years later they are now married! It is super cool!! When he told me his story, he also told me his testimony and how he found the church was true, and I felt the spirit sooo much! So we took him with us to share it with a menas activa and it was really cool! I am hoping I will be here when he gets back, because he left to England to go and learn more Spanish and see his family for 3 months!
Anyways, I am super excited to be here in this area, because I see a lot of success for us here! I remember that there is ALWAYS a reason for why you are where you are! So I dunno why I am here, but I know I am gonna bring something here! Hopefully Baptisms also!!
I just want to challenge who ever reads this, to go and find out the church is true! IF you don't already know, and IF you already know its true? Go and share it with just ONE person! IF everyone in the church shared their testimony with just one person it would make the difference in the world! Besides our Prophet Thomas S. Monson has said that NOW is the time that Members and Missionaries work together! So we need everyone to help us Missionaries out!
Sorry there are no photos... I was rushing to get out of the house today and forgot the cord, so I will have more next week!! I Love you All!
The Church is True!!
Elder Connor Gordon Holt
P.S. Mom, on a list of those scriptures you sent me?? I Love them! Go check out Moroni 8:3 and 2 Nephi 33:10 I think its 10 maybe its 12 I don't remember... Love you! :)

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