Monday, February 3, 2014

Semana 29: Ancud es B.O.

Hola Familia y Amigos,

¿Como esta? Aqui en Ancud en la bonita isle de chiloe, la vida es grande! Right now I am in a Cyber or a Cafe, and there is a German guy talking on the phone in a cubicle thing and everyone in the ciber keeps giving each other weird looks because he talks super loud, but he just ended thank goodness it was loud! But it was super funny! :) 

How are things at home?? Sounds like the Super Bowl was lame... And the Commercials have just been getting worse and worse over the years! 

WHITE COLLAR!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO great... I knew I was gonna have to catch up when I got home, but I am gonna have to watch it all over and get in the mind set! I am glad that Ally and Jen finally came to their senses and know that its the best show out there! To bad in real like that Neal is Gay............  yeah, its true. The truth hurts... But hey its cool, he makes a good actor for a not Gay guy right??? 

Anyways, You were close thinking its the Big Island of Chile, its the Big island of Chiloe! Chile is the same in Spanish... :P I am in a Beautiful Area, its huge like I said last week! For the city, there are three pairs of missionaries, us and two sets of sisters. We live like 15 minutes out of our sector, and our sector is huge!!! We are in a Branch... Lame right? But there are over 1,000 people in the Branch, but only like 50 people who are active! So there is LOADS of work here to be done! Sector means Area.   Can I see the ocean.... I am on an Island mom... So because we are on the point of the island we can see three sides of ocean! Thank Goodness there isn't a good beach next to us, but at the top of the mountain I can see a beach with huge waves a far off and so I watch the waves crash and dream of life in 17 months! ;) 

Now for your Mission experience?? Well, welcome to my Life mom. All day all we do is deal with Less Active people, 2/20 people here in Chile are members of the church. But almost everyone is less active for one reason or another. Esp here in Ancud! So some days its super stressful, and other days its okay! 

German man screaming again....

Sweaters and liners are perfect! I have gloves for when it gets super cold! Thank you!! We can buy a sleeping bag here, I found one the other day, but I am just waiting to know if it is super good or not! 

Also, tell Grandpa hello, and that I  Love him! Hoping he will be there in 17 months! :) 

Okay, now for the week? Well, this week has been lots of fun, after writing last week, we went to a fort here in Ancud, and that was pretty cool, its still here from when the Spaniards were here back in like the 1700's then we went to the ocean and ***Dad can you come translate this German for me?? Its really funny to hear him screaming! :)*** we got some sweet pictures this past week at the fort! 

Tuesday we had a zone meeting in Castro, and that was super cool, that was where Elder Hawkes started his mission, so he took us to a cool spot so we could see the whole city so I got a picture to show you! There are two gigantic buildings!  The one on the right is the famous Catholic church of Castro, the other is a new Mall. That is almost finished, but the Catholics aren't happy that it is bigger than their church so there has been a halt on the building of the mall! 

Last week when we were walking  I stopped and we turned around to talk to a guy we passed with a stroller and a son. We found out that a year ago his dad was almost baptized, and he invited us over! So we went to his house and found out he has a girlfriend and a son! They are both 19. He is 19 and has a son. Thats my age... that is SOOOO Weird to me! But  they are super awesome! We are hoping to go over tonight and teach some more! They are doing super good!! If we are lucky they will be baptized in March after we can get them married!! 

Saturday we cleaned an investigators house! It was a mess.... Like really I don't even know how to describe it. There were clothes every where, cat poop on the ground, hadn't been swept in years! And she had a cross on the wall, so we changed it and got it all better looking, we took down the cross and replaced it with a picture of her mother, and she said she can feel the spirit more in her house now! I think she will be getting baptized in two weeks on the 15th instead of the 22nd! We will see! :) But her house is super clean now! 

Yesterday I saw a house when we were tracting houses cause we were bored! I saw this house and there was smoke! So I went and knocked on the door, and no one came, so elder hawkes was leaving and I heard something, so I knocked again, and then a lady came to the door, we saw a picture of jesus with all the angles and next to it is the atonement picture (mormon versions) and so we started to talk about that and then we were asked to come in, so we came in cause her boyfriend was home, and we talked to them and found out they have been together for 2 years and she is 19 he is 23! But they are super awesome! We are going back tomorrow to talk more with them! Hopefully get them married and the girlfriend Baptized!! 

Past that, its just been a super fast week! With Elder Vargas, he taught me a new thing.  From the beginning of my mission, I have always been going from Monday to Monday! With Elder Vargas, I learned to think from Thursday (weekly planning) to Sunday (sacrament) and its made my thoughts a whole lot different, less trunky and a lot more on the  mission, and I really have no idea where this past week has gone! So we'll see how this up coming week goes! 

Anyways, thats about all I have! This past week, has been super awesome! Something I realized just today before coming to write is "the gospel is true" It brings true happiness! I watch how Elder Hawkes and I say hi to everyone on the streets and people sometimes say hello back to us, but its not always happy, it could be timid or shy or angry or whatever, but it almost never is happy! The Gospel makes me so happy,  I may only be 19 years old, but I know what life means and has in store for me! So I am trying to share it with the world! The Gospel helps us to progress and yeah, obviously we are humans and going to make mistakes, so we have to atonement of Jesus Christ to repent with and try and become better! :) 

so yeah, I Love you all and hope you all have a Great week! 

Peace Out Fools.

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

                                                                         1. Beach houses
2. Treasure Island of Chiloe

3. Canons from the fort!! 

4. La Bonita Ciudad de Castro

5. More Ocean from my sector

6. Elder Hawkes now has one year, just like my trainer Elder Walker, and I have 6 months! How crazy!! 

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