Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 30: Super Loco Cosas

Hola Compadres! Este Semana fue Super Loco! Yo Espero ustedes pueden intender este Loco Correo! :) 

Hello everyone! :) First off, I would love to send a Shout Out to Brandon for finally Writing me! Now my sisters just need to get on that! ;) I don't need a HUGE email like Brandon sent me (although I have no complaints, I LOVE big emails) but I would like a "hi! Crazy week, love you bye" or something! :) 

Anyways, yes... This past week was AWESOME! 

We did LOTS of work! Lets start with, last monday, we started by teaching some more young couples of 19-25 and its been super awesome! Something we gotta get into the heads of chileans is MARRIAGE! No one here wants to get married, (thanks to the Government for making it so hard for divorces) but really though... No one gets married. ESP. here in Ancud! 

Tuesday I had an intercambio (divisions or I can't remember in english) with a ZL again, and I got to go to Castro again! It was super awesome! I was with Elder Hawkins and he is from California in Newport! So that was a fun trip talking about all the cali stuff! He has NEVER eaten at the Crab Cooker, which is funny cause I have this strange desire to eat there now... but yeah it was super awesome and I learned some great things from the guy! He is an Amazing Missionary! And we decided that we were friends in the Premortal life, because it seems like we've none each other forever! He also thinks dad looks familiar! 

Wednesday Thursday Friday just went by so fast, I really don't even remember what happened! We taught a bunch of our New investigators and it was super great! I loved it all! :) 

Saturday we woke up and went WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to the other side of our sector and did some service for the elders quorum president! We worked there the first Saturday I was here in Chiloé and we shoveled 5 1/2 truck loads of loose dirt! It was tough! Then we went back on Saturday, and shoveled 4 truck loads of dirt that wasn't loose, so we had to dig it out as well! It was super tough! The First truck load was the hardest though, because we didn't have the right mind set. As we were shoveling it out of the truck, Elder Hawkes looked at me and exclaimed "Elder Holt, Know what? Two weeks ago we did this, and remember what happened?" I thought.... "Ummm we got bigger muscles?? No se" Elder Hawkes: "No no no no we got blessed with Jaime!" Then I realized he was right! After our service we found Jaime!! So the other three loads of dirt was a lot easier with this mind set!! 
Then after Clase de Ingles that night we went out with a member named Chome! (He added me on Facebook, add him for me? :)) um then we weren't having tons of success with contacting, until about 9 o´clock we saw this house, and Chome said I think this is a members house, so we knocked I got a SUUUUPPPEREER good feeling, and this lady answered and she WASN'T a member! she was about 24 years old and has a brother of the age of 20 with downs and a daughter of 8 months! Can I tell you something?? SHE WAS PREPARED FOR THE GOSPEL!!! We only talked for about 20 minutes but we have another lesson set up for tuesday! She has a crazy life story! It was super awesome!!! :)) Yeah, we were blessed for service once again!! 

Then Sunday came around.... Oh boy.... Sunday.... Yesterday... Yeah.... 

Well okay Monday

Ha just kidding!!! Sunday was AWESOME! I played the piano in sacrament and MURDERED the hymns.... so I gained a new respect for those who play the hymns in sacrament and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 

Then I gave my first talk here in Chile, it was 100% Español and on the Book of Mormon! It was super awesome!! 

Then after church we went to lunch which was super awesome! Until we got a phone call... We looked down and it was President Rappleye........ So we answered and then he said something that neither of us were expecting! Elder Hawkes you are going to Train and Elder Holt you are being transferred to Coyhaique!!!!! Ahhh!! 2/3 big three zones that I want to go to!!! The only other is Punta Arenas!! How crazy! But yeah, so you can put up another Sticker on that map at home! I dunno what sector still, but on Wednesday I will take a bus up to Puerto Montt and then take a plane to Coyhaique! Wasn't expecting that at all!! 

So that box that is is in the mail?? No idea when I will be receiving it... But hopefully soon! No idea! But they are pretty good with the mail I think!! I get my letters all the time! So boxes will come eventually! :) 

Its so crazy to think I am already going! I know I don't even know what to think! Three weeks here in this sector! But we worked SUPER hard! I came and there were two investigators, and I will leave with 8 or 9!! I think that is super awesome!! 

One thing that I learned this past week?? The Book of Mormon is True!! I have a DESIRE to read it every Morning! I LOVE IT so  so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCHO Much! IT is AMAZING!!! 

Also?? Prayer is Amazing! Elder Hawkins is an Amazing elder with Prayer! He takes a couple seconds of silence before he starts and after he finishes, I started doing this, and after EVERY. SINGLE. PRAYER. I have felt the Spirit!!! 

If I could just say one thing to the world, please turn your attention to this next comment.

THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!! Go read a Book of Mormon and pray about it and YOU can know for yourself! :) 

I love you all and hope you have an Amazing week!! 

Elder Connor Holt

P.s. Talks? No se on help for that, but I do have an idea for your mission! Are there elders in the ward there? Like from the ward serving else where? If so? You should write them once a month and tell them the progress in the ward and get ideas from them as well! :) Good luck with the talks! And yes, it is Very scary to knock on the door of a house for the first time Mom, but I know that with the Spirit you can do anything! :) 

Yeah, this Temple is not like the Beautiful Temples of God I know of! 

Elder Hawkins and I on the Bus coming back to Ancud

 I went from Volcanos to Tsunamis to who knows what next! :)

There was A Black Berry! It was SUPER Tasty! :) 

#1 (the photos of the land are of my sector its probably half my sector) 

#2 (the photos of the land are of my sector its probably half my sector) 

There were Fireworks on Saturday night! It was a GREAT way to end an Awesome day!! :) 

I figured LA is the closest I can get to Utah on this Stick thing, so good luck, translate it into miles for me?? :)

A BEAUTIFUL Sunset yesterday night! Lets me know I did a good job this week! 

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