Monday, February 24, 2014

Semana 32: Obra Misional

¡Hola! Como ¿Estan? Aqui estoy in Coyhaique, y es muuuuuuuuuyyy bonito hoy! :)

Hello everybody!! How is the Good ol Utah?! Here in Chile?! Amazing thank you very much!! 

First things first... I'd like to give out a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG Shoutout to those neighbors in the Murray 15th ward who send Missionaries letters, you are Amazing!! Cough Cough Hermana Janis Rowser! You are Amazing and thank you!! I have received others in the past so thank you my fellow ward members, you guys are Amazing and I Love you!! 

Second Pictures... I ummmm... yeah.... Have my cord today! :) But I am using Dropbox because there are lots!! So yeah! Ask Jen. :)

Third... Mom, have I taught you NOTHING? about photography! There are lots of things, but you should definitely know that this is why you ALWAYS have a cell phone on you, so when you are driving you can take a picture of those awesome sunsets! ;)

forth yeah, I mean you guys are pretty old if Elder Ballard is pretty old... ;) JUST KIDDING.... :)

Okay, I just want to say about this last week? Is it is a good thing that Elder Christopherson have a lot of commons, because if there is a little disagreement or anything, we can get over it like it was nothing! Unlike other companions it can be a lot harder! But this past week with Elder Christopherson has been AWESOME!!! 

We start with Monday when Elder Ballard told us that we should be talking to at least 10 new people everyday! It is the Missionaries job to be talking to everyone! But Since Elder Christopherson and I are super awesome, we were ALREADY doing that!! :DDD

Pretty much we are super awesome!! So we have been contacting and talking with LOTS of people! On top of teaching appointments and other things! So pretty much this cambio has the same starts of the cambio with Elder Whitaker, which makes me super excited!! Because that was one of my favorite cambios because we worked so hard!! 

Then on Friday night, there was another Broadcast, this was for our area, and in our area we have Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay! IT was for the Melchizedek Priesthood and super awesome! It was all on the obra Misional or Missionary work! Elder Ballard was there again with Elder Rasband and it was super cool! They taught so much! Elder Rasband told us how we have cell phones and he told us how Pres. Kimball prophesied about cell phones in a talk called "When Shall the world be convinced" (Please find this talk and send me a copy over email por favor) and then Elder Ballard talked about how it is the members job to fill up the agenda of the missionaries with less actives and the missionaries fill it up with new people! It was really cool!! 

So our branch is focusing more on Missionary work which is REALLY cool! So one thing I did, was I took the help from Elder Merenluoto from his last email last week (I LOVE having so many friends on missions and reading the emails they send home, because I get so many ideas to progress the work here!) And he quoted my one of my favorite talks from conference! from Elder S. Gifford Nielsen and how we can be work as Missionaries and Members! So I took his three points and made little cards and laminated them! Now I need to make more because I am out, but I would suggest to EVERYONE who is reading this to go read those three points and then get to work! 

***The Prophet Thomas S. Monson said "NOW is the time for Members and Missionaries to work TOGETHER!" Which means if it came from the Prophet it came from God!***

So pretty much, my testimony this week, is if Members of the church can help out the Missionaries, we can have a WONDERFUL life, and it would help the missionaries so much, and progress the work! Not to mention LOTS of Blessings from the Lord! 

I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!! :) 


1-3 Sunset in Chiloé, sunrise on the ocean!

4 proof that I know my cousin Elder Giblyou! 

5. I found my Papa Walker

6-8 12-16 are all pictures of the landscape here in Coyhaique! :) And sunsets! But really its UTAH! :)

9 is a picture of Hermano Lee the English man from last week! 

10. Mote con Husillo, if I can have this at my wedding one day, I would be sooo happy!! I Love this stuff!! :) 

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