Thursday, March 13, 2014

Semana 34: Who turned the Freezer on?

Yo Gringos up North!!
Como Estan Todos? Yeah, this kid is doing super good except the part where THESE COMPUTERS ARE REALLLLLLLYYY STUPID! So we'll see if you get to see the picture of the huge spider or of the other fun stuff from this past FREEZING WEEK!
But Wow what a week!! Ihop day? How I miss that day! Free Pancakes are the Best!! Who won the competition?? Murray right?!
That is exactly why I brought my Speedo on the Mission! So you couldn't sell it! ;) and so I wouldn't lose em like I feel Brandon lost his... ;)
Standard time for Chile starts in April I think... Not real sure I thought it was the same like it was for Daylight Savings, but I don't really know I am  just waiting till everyone changes hahaha
Mote con Huisillo is AMAZING! :) Its Wheat with Peach Juice and a Peach, yeah that one that I sent a picture of didn't look the prettiest but its AMAZING! :)
Yeah I know Spencer Cheshire! He is in Santiago!! I wrote him awhile ago!! That is so weird to think he has the exact time left that I have been on my Mission! Wow, where does time go! I remember taking his pictures like it was YESTERDAY!
And that is crazy about the airplane!! Grant talked about it in his letter! But that is super crazy!! 

Okay, now for my week! First off, yeah the earwigs are still everywhere! But I have found fun ways to kill them... Burn them in the Match Box, let them drown in boiling hot water, or Freeze them in the Freezer! Its quite fun! :)
The next part is kinda sad.... Someone turned on the Freezer, which means, our 3 months of Heat is gone..... It is officially FREEZING! And its not even Winter yet, Yesterday I was bundled up in my Scarff and looked like a Ninja! Which is what I really am, just a Ninja disguised as a Missionary! ;) (I have a photo)
We got our Wood for the winter this past week! Which was a TON! Literally.... But while we were organizing it on Friday Morning, we found a friend. I can't remember what we called him... But we found a Mini Taranchula!! It was super fun! The Latinos were playing with him and his web, I was taking pictures and it was just lots of fun! Huge though... Glad I didn't find him in the house.... But he was A LOT bigger than those that jump outta holes!
Okay here is the cool part! We had inter-cambios with the Latino Elders twice this week! On Tuesday I went to the other sector with Elder Sanchez and we had an awesome lesson with a family who is less active! The dad and Son are Bomberos (FireFighters) and the daughter is a photographer! And all of them are Crazy like me!!! They became one of  my favorite families INSTANTLY! It was an awesome night, and the parents came to church this past week, and I told the daughter to bring her camera to church to show me her pictures (hint hint wink wink) So she'll come to church! Hopefully it works!
On Saturday we had another inter-cambio and I was with Elder Colque this time in my sector! Oh wow.... What an AMAZING day!! It was sooooo cool! We taught two amazing lessons WITH Members!! The first was to a man named Christian! He is the Pareja (boyfriend that lives with you) of a less active! We went there to talk with the mom of the less active who is also less active! Mom is named Marta and daughter is named Pia. Pia like three weeks ago, wanted NOTHING to do with Elder Christopherson and Me, and it was just fun. But we got there on Saturday and noticed there was a man in the house (Christian) so I asked if we could come in and share a mormon message for like 10 minutes! Two Hours later... We had a first lesson taught and answered MANY questions, he said he was going to go to church with or without Pia the next day with Monica! So that was super cool! Then in the end we tried to get him to pray, and he said he would on Monday! But Pia ended up praying and then after she got up and said "You need a Book of Mormon!" so she ran over and pulled out a Stack of em, and looked through them all and found one without a name and gave it to him! It was super cool, after the prayer how she just instantly changed!!
Then after we went up to Carlos (-A) Sandra (Inv. 2 years) and Isaboth (Inv.) I told Elder Colque that I wanted to teach them the Plan of Salvation, I have wanted to teach them this since the beginning of the time that I got here to Coyhaique! Also Sandra and Carlos aren't married and so she can't get baptized, but she WANTS both! But we taught the Plan of Salvation and at the end I read John 3:5 right after explaining the three kingdoms which says that if we aren't Born again by Water and by Spirit we can't enter into the kingdom of God! So we did that and I challenged Isaboth to Baptism, because we have been thinking that if she gets baptized maybe that would get the parents to get married so Sandra can get Baptized! She then asked if her Catholic baptism wasn't Valid, and in a very nice way we taught how they don't have the Authority! Then she was getting more excited and asked if Maria (Rec. Convert) was Baptized, and after she asked if this meant she would be a member? She got super excited!! :) She technically didn't say yes, but I knew she was going to! She said she would think about it.

Then yesterday at Church, after Sunday School we were just sitting around a little bit and talking with everyone, she came up to me and motioned to me to listen, she told me she had a secret and said she wants to get Baptized, she then told me she wants ME to Baptize her! After she went over to Elder Christopherson and said that she wants him to give her the Spirit! How COOL is that!?! Her date of Baptism is on the 29th of March! The week after Cambios! So I hope that I don't get Transferred!!
Pretty much I have just been sooooo happy! Because we now have two  people with the date of March 29th, and its cool, because they are REAL dates, I have seen the Gospel change their lives and this is the first time in the Mission I have seen that!
This Gospel is True, it brings TRUE Happiness, and its the Only way that we can Live together FOREVER with our Families!:)
I Love you All, but I got a town to go Baptize!
Peace Out Fools,

Elder Connor Holt

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