Monday, March 17, 2014

Semana 35: 8 Months to the Date

Hola Gringolandia,

So I just got an email from Sister Bailey that said I have been on my Mission for 8 months, TODAY! Where did the time go... She remembered that today is the day I left, I had to check the date and didn't even remember it was the 17th! I just go by month, but wow... Really though, where has the time gone?! 
Before I know it, I am going to be home, and living the "Real World" Life. 

You know? That is kinda funny, the whole "Real World" saying, I never really got the chance to live in the "Real World" because I left for my mission a Month after Graduating High school! So I have been realizing it a lot lately that, I miss the good ol 801 where Everyone is pretty much Mormon, and everything is just so easy to live! Out here in the "Real World" its the REAL WORLD! Many things happen that just aren't super good, and you have to realize that the World is becoming more wicked Every. Single. Day.

But hey its cool, because we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and really with the Gospel of Jesus Christ ANYONE can feel happiness! Because its knowledge that everything will be alright in the end. 

Sorry, that was just my ramble, we were sitting in the park and reading emails on this nice fall weathered day, and it was my thoughts while I was there! 

Q/A The only reason I understood the first part of you letter Mom is because I am a Missionary and my mind is thinking like that, but 24/7 and so yeah... I am not real sure if I want a sleeping bag, as of right now, my three blankets are good. Although because my zipper on my jacket broke on saturday, I need to buy a new jacket to sleep in today... So as of this point I am still fine without a sleeping bag! :) Thanks! 

Yeah our little spider friend was the guy from the wood! And when you started to tell my your banana spider story that is when I remembered! 

Yoda was the pen you guys sent me! And Elder Christopherson took that picture, so I gotta give credit to him, that he is learning the way of photographers! ;) Nah we were just messing around that night, and it turned out well, I just want you to know I use my Yoda and it catches some people's attention! :)

The Girl with the camera didn't come to church... :/ We'll see if I can have more inter cambios and drop palos and them! ;)

Oh yeah, so that's kinda funny that you would mention those two missionaries, because well... I always like to cross streets when the light is red, because I hate waiting... I gotta change that habit, and the other day we were doing some service for a lady in the Branch, and I was in the top of her Plum tree twice! The first time it was windy and the branches were moving lots, the second time in a different part when we got permission to shake the branch! That was lots of fun, but at the same time I heard a huge *SNAP* and I kinda got nervous, but I didn't fall... I got down, and saw that I did split the branch though.... But hey all is well I didn't get hurt and I am still alive serving the Lord! :)

Okay I think that is everything up to this point! 

So, now about our week.... Hmmmm what was good, what was bad... Naw just joking no Bad in the Gospel only good! :)

On Monday night we had an Awesome lesson with another investigator named Mirijam, she lives with her partner named Eduardo, he is a member and wants a calling super bad and is Amazing with the church, but can't because he kinda isn't living the law of Chastity at this point... But that is okay, because they are just waiting on the papers for Marriage and if all goes well, they will get married THIS WEEKEND! Then we put her with a the same date! March 29th! Woooo!! 3 with fetcha! How cool! 

Then we found out a problem that Kati, when we taught the Law of Chastity, is living with someone too, but the situation is really hard to deal with, she has three kids, the first two with one guy, and the second with another, and the third has some special abilities, but is awesome! But the guy who is the father of the third son has kids with Other(S) emphasis on the S!!! So he has other kids with other ladies and yeah... So he lives with them all and yeah.... So its kinda hard to deal with, but that is part of our plans this week. 

We were trained to use this new program this past week, that is SUPER Awesome! We can look up anyone in Chile and find out information on them like where they live, phone number, and its just awesome! Then we mark if they are a member or not. So when we contact people if we want to we can look up and find out if they gave us a real address or not. So its kinda cool! The reason for the program is so we can find out where all the members in Chile live, so we will be working with this program now, but hey its awesome! We were working with a list last night, and one house the member moved, and so it was a different guy and so we changed our minds and went into contacting mode, it was really cool! This program is going to help LOTS! 

Another cool story, we contacted this guy last Monday or Sunday and he was outside washing his car with his son, and so we just told him that we have a message for the family that we would like to share with him and his family and he said we could pass again, on saturdaysaturday came around and we called to make sure it was okay, and he said for Sunday, so yesterday we passed by after Lunch and talked with him and his wife! They were super nice! And I feel like they are going to be Awesome Investigators! 

Then last night, I saw the same situation, a dad and his son washing a car, and I got a thought to contact them, and then my other side of thoughts was "there is no way... It can only happen once" but I still went for it, and we ended up having the same thing happen! So we will go back this week and work with them as well!! 

As for the cold (THANK YOU FOR THE GLOVES!) Also with Cami's note, does that mean they came to church with you guys??? 

With the cold we have been doing lots of Service with Leña or in Gringolandia Firewood! I have come to LOVE chopping wood, it is Lots of fun and I feel buff... ;) Ovio (Obviously) I mean I didn't play Water Polo for four years for nothing... hahahaha JUST KIDDING! I really do love it though! Its lots of fun!! :) But it also means, Blisters, wow my hands got beat up this past week, I RIPPED a blister into one of my fingers, but that is only because we chopped like 10 metros de Leña.... IT was AWESOME! 

Anyways I Love you all, we have TONS of work this week, so its going to go by WAY fast! We will find out Saturday if we taught well enough for Baptism! I Love you all and just want you to know that I Know. Without a single Doubt that this Church is true, and that Without the Gospel of Jesus Christ, life would have no meaning and no one could truly be happy, but because we have the gospel, everyone can be happy! :) 

For another week,

Elder Connor Holt

ps a new journal would be awesome, like as in a book Por Favor! :) but maybe two! I try and write Everyday because I never want to forget this, and I tend to forget things if I don't write them down... *Mental Note for Life*

I'm a wood chopping model now!

One of my new mottos

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