Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 33: Earwigs and Advice?

Hello Everyone!!

first things first *You are here (took me a whole day to figure out) took Elder Christopherson like 5 seconds... But I LOVE the Shirt!!  

Wow, its sad how at this moment I really can't think of what I was going to write at all today...... So! First I will answer questions! 

Crazy about Ukraine I heard a little about it last night from the members! That is super crazy! 

Mom, you gotta hug your older son for a son hug sorry, and from my count you only have 16 months left until you can get one from me.... 1/3 of my mission is gone... How crazy! 

Sister Cardenas?? That is super cool!! Tell them I miss them so much and can't wait to come back and visit them!! :) And ask them who are the missionaries in Camino Real right now?

In this area? Yes, there is a Mamita in every area! But this area, we have been cooked by a member up to this point, but the Mamita returened today, so starting tomorrow we will eat with our Mamita!! 

Missionaries here in Coyhaique? Well in coyhaique there are 10 but in a total of 16 in my zone, we have the smallest Zone by 2 missionaries! 

Okay that is all the questions that Ï could find!

Soooooo If you are afraid of Earwigs? Yeah, don't come to coyhaique. They are E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. not joking. I have found them in the Sink, I have found them in the Street, I have found like in my cake, I have found them by my feet. Really, they are Everywhere. But they have big pincers and apparently pinch you here! I dunno... 

Anyways with this past week, we have worked a lot with contacting new people, we have done a lot of contacts and that was super great! We met a girl last Sunday whos named Evelyn, we spent a lot of time teaching her! She is my age and she is from Osorno, but after the 3rd lesson, I don't think she is very interested anymore, but we have a good picture! She is short, so she stood on a chair, and then I was STILL taller then her! ;)

We had an Awesome activity Friday night! We had a Noche de Hogar in the Capilla! In the church we had a family night! It was super awesome! We had a lesson on the family and it went really well! We had like 5 investigators there and we had 5 in church yesterday!! 

Then on Saturday we had like two days notice, but we had an awesome Zone Conference! We had time with our President and his wife who came down to Coyhaique! And it was super cool! :) We talked about the conference with Elder Ballard and health! So it was super sweet! I seriously love getting to listen to leaders!! After we got some mail, I got two letters and a lovely package from home! :) Thank you for the extra shirts and candy as well! The shirts really are cool! The Fat Boy shirt just makes my tongue water...

Sunday night we had a crazy time, Elder Christopherson and I had splits, he went to teach investigators, and I went to teach less actives, my lesson I found out the less active doesn't have a testimony AT ALL of the Book of Mormon and Elder Christopherson's lesson was crazy because this is a house of investigators of two years, and the sister who we met the other day and gave her a book of mormon, the sister was there and she read... JACOB 5! and pretty much UNDERSTOOD it! I just finished Jacob 5 today and it took me a week and a half, and with out the study guide of Brother Pond I would have died!! But really though it was super crazy, so we will see how things go with her! 

Today for lunch we went to a Pizza place! It was a buffet and all you can eat pizza for like $14.00 it was awesome! I ate the most with 16 pieces! Super yummy! And still? Somehow I don't have more weight.... and when I come home? I will be eating more than just Cheese pizza I can tell you that! 

Anyways, I really just want you all to know that 3 Nephi 5:13 is my scripture, and is the reason I am out here in Chile, I am here to bring the Salvation of All souls, and I know that everyone else can too! I Love you all! 

Thanks for the support in all ways! 

Elder Connor Gordon Holt

(last week) I was cutting the grass, so I will never again complain on cutting the grass with a lawn mower ever again! 

1. Evelyn and me, I am still taller! HAHAHA

2. A cool poem on my cup of juice!

3. still LOVE puppiesç

4. LOL Lots of Love Mom

5. Pizza today with the Boys! (Elders)

6. My SUPER COOL TSHIRT (Thank you!)

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