Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Semana 36: KABOOOOM

Holla at them White Peeps,

Whats up my good friends in the North, where it is getting warmer and warmer every day! How are things?! 

First off I would like to thank the sister of Elder Christopherson for giving our companionship a theme kinda thing, which would be the title for this email! If our week last week would have been any different and not as successful as it was, it would be more like "Spleeesh" if Allyson or Brandon don't catch what that is, I am going to be very disappointed, remind me next week to reveal the answer if you don't get it! 

Anyways, today has been CRAZY! We have talked with TWO GRINGOS!!! Ahhh! It started this morning with Robb Terry, he is from Liberty Utah, and has a big house here in Coyhaique, and is a Mormon! Woot woot! He was super cool, and so I took a picture with him, so I can highlight him as well! Don't forget to tell him about my blog as well so he can check it out! :) The second was just 10 minutes ago, we talked to a 22 year old guy from Arizona, who is REALLY Smart, and so this is another time I am Very thankful for my Awesome Companion Elder Christopherson who is Super Smart, and battled out with the wits! Just kidding, only talked with him in the "smart People" language and I just testified, it was fun! 

Anyways, this past week has been awesome!! Cool Stories to come! 

First off, wow.... Stake Presidency?! I didn't know they were changing, and second off... WOW is our Stake gonna be SUPER BOMB! Super cool that two of them are from our ward! Its gonna be crazy getting Released by President Hutchison or Pres. Bryan! I don't know who the other guy is. But really though, that is SOOO COOL! 

Leaves are starting to change yes, but very slowly, like as if they are used to the cold here hahaha and lots are just pine trees, but when we get better fall colors, oh don't worry Elder Holt will have pictures! 

I will think of other things that I NEED for a package, but its kinda funny, that usually doesn't happen until the day after you sent the package! 

Okay this week... Well how about this, we'll start off with, You know you are doing a Great job as a missionary when the DL, ZL, and APs all ask what you are doing to have so much success! That is Always a confidence booster!! Another? Mom, you talked about Busy weeks, well let me tell you, I still LOVE busy weeks, the best is on Sunday night, reporting our week, and just seeing how much we did! Really though! Even better is for weekly planning on Thursday, the other day we saw how there has been lots of success in this sector, when I first got here, there was almost no names on our planning, and now our plans are FULL!!! Its so crazy to see!! 

This week, though, wow. We really have worked so much! It was the first week I have had 7/7 contacting days since Elder Whitaker! We saw our fruits and blessings as well! It is something that Elder Ballard told us we had to do, was to contact at minimum 10 people a day if we want to see changes here in our Mission, so that is something I have been pushing! 

We worked all week with Isaboth with all the commandments, and Kati won't be baptised this Saturday, and Mirijam at this point also, because they still aren't Married. It hmmmm yeah kinda is expensive, if you just get married by the government I think its like 5 bucks, but by a churchs its like 50. Its not that its super expensive, its just that we are here in Chile, where people are just straight up Lazy, that is why I was sent here... Because before the Mission I was super Lazy, and now I HAVE to not be lazy the rest of my Life because its SO Much better! For example I make my bed, hang up my clothes and clean the bathroom! ;) All things I hated before the Mission.

Also, I gotta nice big Palo this week, and all you who really know me are gonna Love it. I was told by a family this week to "SLOW DOWN!" I was speaking SUPER fast! Now that I can speak my Spanish, I am speaking faster then the locals, so now I am working on talking slower... Again. hahaha I don't think I am mumbling anymore, who will knows, I'll ask! 

HA You know you have an awesome companion when you come out of the Bathroom and ask "Is it a bad thing if I am singing one of the songs from the Merry-Go-Round in Rollercoaster Tycoon?" and the next thing he does is starts singing a Different song from the Merry-Go-Round! Hahahahaha wow it was awesome! :) 

So listen to this, I had a "Best Two Years" Moment the other day, that Movie becomes more and more real to me every day! It is the life of a Missionary! :) On Saturday we had the interview of Isaboth for her Baptism, at the church, but we realized we didn't have a man in the church, so we started to call every member and no one could help!! So we were in a pickle... So this thought started to grow in my mind that we should offer a prayer! So we were all still thinking of ideas, and I offered my idea, and then the latino misioneros were listo! Elder Christopherson was still thinking of other ideas, and we were all on our knees and finally he joined us, I offered a prayer and right before I ended the prayer, the phone STARTED TO RING! So I looked up, and then super fast ended the prayer and it was a member saying his plans changed and he could help us! It was a Miracle! Super cool!! Then... ISABOTH PASSED THE INTERVIEW!! SO I will be having my Second Baptism, first here in Chile!! :) Okay technically my First in general but I count something else as my first, but it was my First as an Elder! :)) I am SOO EXCITED! And I get to Baptize her!! 

And that was our crazy week in a bubble, there was really much more to it, but yeah, I Love you all so much, and really thank you for everything you do, just know that I am praying for everyone back home and that I really do Love you all! 

Elder Super Awesome Connor Holt Signing Off.

1. Our Zelda Love in a bottle

2. Robb Terry and me this morning

3. The household before cambios

4 and 5 My Love for Abs! :) In Coyhaique Chile

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