Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Semana 43: Feliz Dia de Mama ayer!

¡Hola todos de los Estados! Como Están?? 

Well, how much fun was last night?! I am not gonna lie, I am still smiling at the "Basketball Poop" that was so much fun! I feel like we didn't talk about so many things, but that we just talked which was a lot of fun, to kinda relax for a bit, and now that P-day is ending once again, we will be in for a HUGE week of work! We have lots planned! A noche de Hogar almost every single night!! Wow! I am excited!! :) 

Okay, now to think of things to say......... Ha just kidding I have lots!! 

So obviously I have a new companion! His name is Elder Santistaban or close to be spelt like that, and he is still laughing at Jed for wanting whatever meal it was from Peru! hahaha :) He is super Chill, and we get along great! He is CAPO short for in English (SUPER BEAST MODE AMAZINGLY AWESOME) with the Scriptures, but he has never read the Book of Mormon all the way through, its Crazy! Our goal for this week is to share more of the Book of Mormon in the lessons, and with this Elder we have done that a lot!! Him and I teach so well together, and I can tell you that my Spanish is getting a lot better, being forced not to speak English, unless I am teaching them during Language study hahahha :) Or for example when the President called me today and asked me how to say "Terrone de Tierra" which is a Chileanismo (Only used in Chile) which means Dirt Clod. That was a lot of fun to figure out! :) But I have a companion a lot like Elder Matt Sommercorn, who isn't perfectly with the rules of the book, so we will see how this cambio goes, I know this is a test for leadership, because I am comp. Major as well, and so Ï really gotta be with the rules, because we more Leadership comes more Responsibility and all that fun jazz! It's gonna be a great cambio!! :) 

Anyways, we are going to have a lot of success though, because something that I didn't say yesterday is that we have found some PF's and PF's mean Baptisms and Reactivations! Woot Woot how I love them PF's that was how we got Isaboth and Miriam, so I am expecting to have at least one or two this transfer! Hopefully! We'll see! :)

We now have three people with Baptismal Date, we got Kati with date again, we have Roxanna, and we have Vivillana! I am hoping to see if we can get at least one of them Baptized! The closest I think is Roxanna, the only thing she has to do is to drop Smoking, because she is already married, but the only thing is, in the past year when she has gotten to know the elders she still has yet to come to church, but that is going to change here real soon!! :) Vivillana, her kids are baptized, but she only isn't because she isn't married, but they are waiting to receive a free house before they get married (some weird chilean government thing... Which I hate because lots of people don't get married...) Then we have Kati who also has to get married, but I don't think we will see that soon, because her Boyfriend has three or four other girls all with his children as well... He just moves around and lives with all of them... Its a hard situation, but if you guys could all help me out by praying for these three wonderful ladies, I know that with a little faith, lots of things can change, and we can see MIRACLES! :) 

My studies this week were lots of fun, I have been in Mosiah, and I just finished up the Waters of Mormon and now I am starting into the reign of the King Limhi! So we will see how that all goes down! In Preach my Gospel I am studying in the 5th lesson and in the Book of Mormon! Its so fun to see how much studying I get down, I took the advice of Preach my Gospel in January and I started a Study Journal, and at first my entries were very small, but they get bigger and bigger every day! I am gonna have to buy a new note book soon, I am almost half way done with it!! Gasp!! ;) Anyways, can't wait to start reading about what you guys all at home are studying every day!! 

You know you have an Awesome Comp when: He is Super Loco just like you!! ;)

Other than that I think its kinda short letter, because now you guys do know everything that has happened here in the past week and little while! I LOVED talking with you guys last night, and I really hope that we get the chance to have a little more time with the new President who comes in 7 weeks! Crazy!!! :) 

I Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week, and I'll talk to you in 7 months!! 

Choose the Right! 

Elder Connor G. Holt

P.S. You guys are Amazing!! :) 

My Awesome District from this last Transfer! Elder Payareys, Elder Christopherson, Elder Sanchez, Me, Hermana Niño, and Hermana Howell

Wasn't a very bright Arco Iris, but I just realized that there was two! It was a good day! :) 

 I only have this many Cambios (Transfers) More... :(

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