Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 44: On Wednesday We Wear ....P-Day Clothes

Hey all!! 

Yeah so you thought I was gonna say Pink in my title didn't ya!! Ha I wish, I definitely don't have my pink tie anymore, in fact my bright red or blue one either... Dang other missionaries who have stolen them as we have parted ways.... I need to find more bright ties like those ones! Hahahaha my Favorites still! :) 

Anywho How was Texas?? I still haven't really gotten the chance to read everyone's email, because this morning when I printed emails, half of the paper didn't print because of the ink, and I still had to pay 200 pesos for the paper... #RipOff I got something about the Aquarium and I remember when we went with Jen and Nate in Georgia! That was a lot of fun, so hopefully it was fun with you guys there in Texas!! 

Hey before I forget, you should send me a picture with all the wedding announcements of Gardners, Bryans, and Beardalls, I would like to see their Pictures and Loved ones! ;) Also will you keep sending me the letters of Elder Beardall and Elder Nelson, they don't send me their letters, you don't need to make it in a document if you don't want, you can just paste it into an email, and send it to me before Sunday night if you really want to! :) 

Well because I don't have much to reply with I think I will just get into my awesome week! More like a very Long Week!! (Since I didn't get to write for two more days) It made it very long!! 

Well, every night last week except on Saturday we had a lesson in the house of a member, we had some great Noche de Hogares! :) Or in English Family Nights no mas! :) We had one with Sandra and Isaboth, Hna (Sis.) Iris and her husband Salvador, Our Papitos and Miriam and Eduardo, the cousin of Pilar (who is really not our investigator, but I think she likes us better than the other elders so we will have more with her I think!) and Yennifer! 

It was a crazy busy week!! Then we were also told that we were gonna change P-day to Wednesday because we were gonna go hang out with President Zamudio!! So that was lots of fun!! 

Lets see, Elder Sanchez definitely became one of my Best friends this past week!! Friday was by far the hardest day in the Mission for me. Just everything was going wrong and it was just so hard... In the end of the night I was just upstairs in our room praying while my comp. was in the shower and he came up to talk to me, because he could tell something was wrong. The kid is Amazing, thats all I am gonna say! If you really want to know more, you can ask me in a year and two months! 

Today was lots of fun!! It is a holiday here in Chile, I don't really remember why, but it is. Anyways, the four of us went to the house of President Zamudio and he lives in a high school! So it is super cool!! This school is super rich and has lots of land!! So we went and we explored and took LOTS of pictures this school has cows and sheep and lots and lots of land!! At the end of the day, we spent two hours barbecuing our meat! Oh man does Elder Holt LOVE meat now!!! I have learned to love it in the past 10 months here in Chile, and I believe I will be coming home to more Barbecues!!! :))) 

I don't have much time now, so I will be ending here, I will write more next week, sorry that I didn't get the chance to tell you that my Pday was gonna be changed, it sure made my week a lot longer as well, don't you worry Mom! ;) 

I Love you all and I hope that you are rocking the world there en el Lago Salado! :) 

Chao familia! Una Abraso! 

Elder Connor Holt

 and the Father said, "Elder Holt, go and feed my Sheep in Chile
 Yeah, if you ever have a problem?? Just remember Elder Holt :)

 The four of us with them Cows! :) Elder Sanchez Elder Santisteban, Elder Payares, and Elder Holt (Me)

Our M.E.A.T. 

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