Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Semana 42: Si, hay Nieve Aqui

FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO!!!! :D Oh wait, that is a different country.....

Hey everyone! How you all doing?? Here we are in the Ciber again! I dunno where the the time goes, it kinda just slips away! During the week, sometimes it feels like its ages, but then we get to another P-day and holy cow, here we go again! 

Lets see.... yes, no, no yes, no, yes, yes, no. Does that answer your email Momma? :) Just kidding, I dunno the order of those thousand questions! Ummm how about we start with, this Sunday we will skype at 7:00 our time, so it means 5:00 your time! But I may just let my new comp. go first, so it could be around 6:00 your time! Just be ready around 5 or 6! 

Yeah, we have cambios! I am staying here in Coyhaique, and another Elder is coming, I don't remember his name, but he has one cambio less than I do, and he is from Peru! So that is gonna be fun! I am going back to a house full of Latinos and me again! We'll see if its any better now or not, since I can understand Spanish now!! :) 

Yeah, yesterday when we got out of Church, it was snowing... The mountains have snow on them until the half way point, it just gets lower and lower, soon the snow is gonna be sticking here on the ground, and be very cold! Its gonna be fun though! And we have fires in the house now! So thats lots of fun! I have not only become a beast wood chopper, but also a beast fire builder! I can do it in like 2 minutes!! Woot Woot! At the beginning of my time here in Chile, it took me ages, and now it goes really fast!! :) 

Package? Todo vía no.... but soon! I think! We will see! :) I will be happy to get the under armor for more warmth! 

Oh oh oh and give Tanner a HUGE HIGH FIVE/HUG for me for making SBO's tell him how happy I am that he ran for SBOs I kinda did a little flip in the ciber this morning and everyone gave me weird looks, but I am super happy that he is doing SBOS! 

Okay I think that is the major of the questions answered from your email! 

Now about the week!! Well, hmmmmm we had a fun week I guess! I don't really remember to many things that were crazy happening! We had one day, it was Tuesday! That a member named Nicolas, came out with us the entire afternoon from 3-9:30 and we got three lessons taught with him, which was awesome!! :) He is getting prepared for his Mission, he should be getting his call within the next two weeks, which is super duper exciting!! I am super excited for the kid!! 

Ummmm then we had lots of contacts this week, in the street! Which was lots of fun, I love contacting people in the streets! Although, the people here in Coyhaique don't like to talk very much, which is kinda funny, because I like to play a game sometimes called "chase the random citizen" sometimes you'll watch ahead for a person walking in your direction, and then you will notice them look the other way to see if a car is coming, so they can cross the street, so we do the same thing, so at the exact same time, we cross the street with them, and then they notice us crossing the street, so they go back to where they were at, and then so we if go back to, they cross again... IT is lots of fun! Hahahahaha :) I dunno how people can tell that we smell bad... I mean we are just two Gringos that are dressed in black from super far away when they see us. I mean, I shower every morning and put on deoderant, and when I remember I spray myself with axe... So do I really smell that bad??? Shoota... Its just lots of fun to watch that, and then when we talk to people, they end up saying something like "Estoy Aparato" which means "I am busy" but what it really means is "You're weird, and I really just don't want to talk to you" Them patagonians are kinda harsh... But you know, it is what it is! 

Then we come to Saturday! The Baptism!! Woot Woot! I officially have two baptisms!! Isaboth and Miriam!! So it has been super cool!! I think I want to go see other elders baptize more, its super hard to feel the spirit at our baptisms, because we are always running around making sure that everything is going to schedule and working out!! 
She was super happy when she got there, and then we started it once a member of the Branch Presidency showed up after like and hour! But it was awesome! She was super happy, and then told us, after that she felt like a huge burden had been released! So that was super good to hear! 
Funny part is, Elder Christopherson was the one to Baptize her, and then after waiting for like 20 minutes for him to change, I went and knocked on the door, and asked if he was ready, and he told me he was still soaked.... He forgot his towel, and dry clothes, poor kid... But we got a ride home and I started another fire, and we changed and got out of there!! 

The next day, (Yesterday) I confirmed Miriam a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-day Saints, and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was awesome!! :) It wasn't as hard as I was thinking it was gonna be, but I did one thing wrong... Well, not wrong, but I was just laughing afterwards when I caught it! At the end of the Blessing I said "este Bendición nos da" when I should have said "Este Bendiciòn nosotros damos" so in English I said "This Blessing that you give us" not "This blessing that we give" hahahahah yeah, it was a fail. But hey what can you do?? I just smiled and had fun! I am excited for the next time!! 

I believe that is all I have from this week! Not to much happened! But just the norm. It will be good to talk this Sunday, I can tell you all about my new comp. have some questions or something ready?? I am super excited!! Hope that everything is well at home!! 

Hasta Próxima Ves Utahanos, nos Vemos! 

Elder Connor Holt

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