Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 51: I didn't knock on wood hard enough......

Hey all!! 

So I don't have a ton of time, because we have to go catch a bus back to Los Muermos here soon, and we still have to buy our groceries!! 

So I have some things to reply to!! 

First off, Kaylie and Swimming lessons, sooooo coool!! :) (Sorry Jen I still haven't replied to your email, I now officially know how Brandon felt....) But it was super funny hearing about the diving, and that Mom was thinking of Polo and Scout camp!! :) Good thing she is learning, because I know she is gonna want to swim with Uncle Connor in a year in Laguna!! :)

Yes, Mom... Less actives here also think they are active... Its kinda funny how that works out! 

How is Jeron?? Member?? You probably wrote about him today!! I will have to read it on the 45 minute bus ride back to Los Muermos (EXCITED) :)) 

Tell Grandpa from his Youngest Grandson, he HAS to wait one more year! :)

The Shower?? Yes it is more that hot, and the pressure is Amazing, it actually just falls right on top of us... I will send a picture of it next week, it is the BEST shower in the Mission!! 

I will talk more about President Obeso in a little bit!! :) 

Okay, now I think I got all the questions!! I will get on with the letter!! 

 This past week, I can't even begin to describe really how long it was.... It was super long. There was lots of stuff that went down..

But to explain my "knocking on Wood" So I knocked on wood this last week, because I had NEVER been bit by a dog here in the Mission... Until Thursday... Hahahaha it was super funny, it hurt like a Mother, but it was sweet! I have a cool mark, but I don't have the picture, because it was taken with Elder York's camera, because I lost my camera that night (don't worry, I found it the next morning) and yeah, but no worries!! I had three layers of pants on and so no need for Rabies shots!! YAAAAY!!! I was more scared of that, than I was of the 6 dogs that surrounded me... Hahahahahahah 

Then Friday in the morning, in honor of the neighborhood breakfast I have missed for two years now, I had some awesome waffles from Lider! Blueberry in fact!! Then during the night, you guys were at Murray Park I am sure, but we had a Talent show here in our little Branch! It was lots of fun! I sang and danced with the other elders! It was great! I have videos and so that is gonna be fun to see!! 
Then I lit my own "fireworks" more like a piece of paper.... Hahaha that is the picture that is coming later on!! 

Yesterday we had the chance to meet with the new President!! Presidente Obeso!! He is super cool, and unbelievable short. I was thinking he was gonna be tall, but nope. He's Mexican... hahaha JUST KIDDING!! But he is super spiritual!! With everything that has been going on with my companion, the four elders from Los Muermos had an interview with him, and he is SOOO SPIRITUAL!! He is super awesome, and has lots and Animo to change the Mission! There is a chance we won't be able to drink Coke anymore, but we may be able to play Soccer and drink Matè!! (I am praying) ((Not Really)) (((But Kinda)))

We get to have interviews with him in two weeks, and I am super excited!! I hope that all goes well and we can do that!! 

It is gonna be another long two weeks, because with my comp. if he doesn't change from his disobedient state...  The president will do something, but he said he is giving him another chance last night. So we will see...  Its just gonna be hard, because there is contention in our house... Gah, this cambio is not about teaching, but about being a good example for my companion and trying to receive blessings, so he can see its better to be Obedient!! 

Just so all you little guys who are gonna be leaving on your Mission this summer know, if I hear that any of you guys are disobedient, I will beat you up when you get home... I wasn't so square until this transfer, and my corners are just getting more sharp everyday. Ha!! 

I Love you guys so much!! I hope that all is well at home, and I can't wait to read your letter here on our bus ride home!! :) 

Elder Connor Holt

Ps sorry, this computer is super sucky and I can't send pictures, I will send them next week!! Love you all!! 

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