Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 52: Well..................I am gonna hit one year here!

Hello everyone!!!! :))

Hope that all is well with everyone who is reading this! Whether you be in your mission, or whether you be in your house, or at the mall, or in whatever crazy place you can imagine!! (Thank you for taking the time to read, I will try not to waste your time... ;))

So here we are! 14th of July. Freakin Crazy. I hit my year mark in 3 days. Technically 2 because I left Utah on the 16th. Gah! I have no idea where the time has gone, I still feel like I am just starting my mission. I am not ready to have one year, that means I turn into a man this week... Gosh dang it time, why are you Nobody's friend..... hahahahaha So yeah by the way Mom?? I got your package, I know fast right?? I got it last Tuesday!! I was Very surprised!!! Esp. Because the Mom of Elder Dennis sent him a package but it was at the beginning of June, and he got his the same day, I got mine in like 5... Crazy!! (Gotta wait to open it though, but thank you so much! :))

So lets see... Where to start???? Its been a Long week...

Lets start with because we had some major problems occurring, we had an Emergency Transfer this past Wednesday. Elder ______left and Elder York as well... :/ But they were replaced by some awesome elders!! Now we have Elder Lopez from Mexico and my companion Elder _______who also is from Bolivia like Elder ______but is at least a little more obedient, not the best, but I am gonna help him change that, as I work with my own obedience!! :) 

Although Elder York left, he went... Only to the Best sector of the entire mission... the one. The only. CAMINO REAL!!! SO I definitely gave him a paper of people he had to go visit before he left!! :) 

I received a letter from Elder Ruben in the Philippines this past week as well! It was sweet and he gave me an Awesome scripture to look up!! Alma 17:12-13 this is exactly how I feel with all the neighborhood kids who are out on the Mission, and with Jayden, Josh, and Chris!!! So I am stoked to one day come home and see them all!! 

Since Wednesday... Our numbers in teaching have jumped enormously!! Can I just say how much I Love being in charge?? (Sometimes) I get to lead the sector now! Which don't get me wrong, is hard, but it is fun!!! Its hard, because it takes me a lot longer to plan than in any other sector that I have had, because now that Elder ______ isn't here we are actually trying to do the work of the Lord, and so we are trying to find people. But we have had some great lessons!! 

But as I read the emails of some other elders and sisters this morning, I still need to do a lot to change and become the best missionary that I can be!! So I am gonna work on some things this week, I think I will fast one day, and definitely serve with the biggest smile all week long, and just serve everyone!! :) ITs gonna be a great week!! 

With Elder ______ and Elder York gone, the President of the Branch had to pick two more councilors, and I was told last night that I will be the Second Councilor of the Branch, so it will be fun to have another calling to help out here in Los Muermos!! Also means that I can't play the piano anymore during sacrament... Good thing! Not the best, but I want to sing more than I want to play the piano, its also a good thing my companion can play a little as well!! :) 

Definitely was super crazy to see that you guys had a Baptism!! I was super surprised to see that this morning, so now we will just have to battle it out to see who gets more in the next 6 months!! ;) Oops I mean 5 months.. Wow Christmas is coming fast!! 

The weather here is Freezing!! It is raining!! It just so happens almost to rain only on the weekends, that is how it has been for the last month, wow I have a month here... Weird! But yeah! Its fun!! 

With my studies?? A year ago, I started the Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 1 and now I am in Alma 8! I will finish that tomorrow so I think I will be in Alma 9. My goal was to be in Alma by my year mark!! So hopefully I can finish the Book of Mormon within the next year!! :) I too am reading in PMG in lesson one. I am almost done there. I am reading in the Book of Mormon part of lesson 1 and then I will only have pray to know if it is true!! :)

I just want to let you all know that I know this church is true. I know that I am out here with a purpose! I know that if someone will listen to my companion and I, or listen to the Missionaries wherever you are in the world, you will feel the Spirit of the Lord, and if you will pray to know if it is true?? As said in Moroni 10:4-5 the Spirit will testify of the truthfulness of all things!! 

Thank you for all the Love that I receive, there are some days I really need it! Thank you for your prayers in my behalf! :) I Love you all, and I am gonna make you the Proudest Mom in the World, Mom!! 

Love always,

Elder Connor Holt


 4th of July Made my own "Sparklers" 

My zone with Presidente y Hermana Obeso

Elder York and I (He knows Courtney Achziger ((You gotta show em this foto))

Elder Torrez and I

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