Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 53: Be Careful what you wish for!

What up all ya'lls from "Alemania"?!

I say Alemania because I always tell people that I am from there! ;) So that is always lots of fun!! 

I don't even know where to start with this past week! It was Awesome!! 

First off, I lied last week, I am not the 2nd counselor anymore! Hahaha but I will get to that a little later! 

We have had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much success this week!! It is Sweet!!!! 

I can't believe that there are three videos in the temple now... Super jealous just the fact that you guys can go.... Can't wait for when I get home, definitely the first thing we gotta do. Not kidding. Before anything. We are going to the temple.

Crazy to think of the drug dealer there right in the sister's house, but keep working with her, and the Lord will bless you guys and her!! 

Okay, I will now start with this past week and our success...  

We had... NINE New investigators this past week!! How awesome is that?!?! We taught so much!!! I Am so happy!! Like it was so cool to see the difference that has come here in my sector from before and after the Sobre Cambio!! Its cool to see because the cambio was exactly in the middle of the transfer! So I will get the equal amount of time with both companions!! 

But really though, we taught so much!! My favorite lesson with investigators was with 3 people. Serjio, Jovita, and Luis! This lesson was on Thursday and we taught so much!! We taught the Restoration, and it was just so cool, because Serjio was a contact like two weeks ago, and then we past by on thursday and Serjio invited us into his house where his wife was! She is in a wheel chair for the past 11 years, and so we started to teach them about the Restoration, when there son Luis walks in, and so we teach them all. THE SPIRIT was present! It was so cool to see! At the end Luis told us that he works with Hna. Alicia who is a member of the Branch! So that was lots of fun to see that we have connections! I think we will have to have a ´Noche de ¨Hogar with them!! We have another lesson with them this week, so I will let you know! Keep them in your prayers please!!! :) 

Also, another awesome lesson?? Last night, we taught a man named Jorge, he is a Less Active, but we taught on the Book of Mormon, and we have been teaching about the book of mormon with him for the past three times, but last night we showed him the Mormon Message with the guy from England who is a Bishop and explains the Book of Mormon PERFECTLY and then we read with him the Introduction! And reading the Introduction of the Book of Mormon is one of my favorite lessons, and we taught and testified of the Book of ¨Mormon, and the SPirit was just present!! It was so cool to see!! We invited him to read that night and pray about it!! Then we will see how he feels about it here real soon!!! 

On thursday we also had interviews with President Obeso!! It was super awesome to get to know him a little better! This was my second time with him, because we got to talk to him as a house hold of Missionaries, before the sobre cambio! Presidente Obeso is such an Amazing Man and is going to help this mission so much! He is just so full of Love. He just told us how much he Loves us!! It is so cool, he just explains that at the beginning! I got lots of good tips on being a leader!! He told me I should Some scriptures that were Amazing, but I don't have the exact references here with me, it was in D&C 107, D&C 43, and Alma 13. If you ask me next week I will explain it a little more, with the references!! The scriptures were just Amazing!! IF you get a chance look it up!! 

The reason I am not the 2nd counselor is because at Interviews the zone leaders talked to Elder Lopez about it, and said that President doesn't want me to be the counselor, so now everyone here in Muermos (Missionaries) Think that I am gonna have cambios next week, since we get transfer calls this saturday!! Crazy!! The first three weeks were like three years, but the past week and a half?? so fast.....

Friday night?? Oh man, we scared Elder Dennis so bad, it was AWESOME! Hahahahahaha WE got home like at 9:45 and we were waiting in the dark, then Elder Jurado told me to try and fit in the closet of Elder Dennis and I did.... So I waited and Elder Jurado was on the other side of the door and it was just great!! The other two came home and Elder Jurado was came out right after Elder Dennis walked in and he screamed! It was awesome!! Then they realized I wasn't there, so he started to look for me, and as he was coming over to the closet I could see him, so as he opened it, I Jumped out, and he screamed again!!! :))) ITs days like then that we have that make the Mission so much fun!!!!! 

The reason why I say be careful for what you wish for?? Is because I checked me weight a week ago and I was at 70.5 Kgs. So yeah, which means I am exactly what I was a year ago... Then So I was thinking, I need to eat more, and I can not tell you how much we have eaten this past week!! sO much!!! But then I weighed myself again last night, and I was less.. 68.9 so I gotta eat more this week. At least I know l that my exercising is working right?? ;)

Anyways, it was a Killer week, and we are gonna do it again this week!! Esp if it is my last week here in Los Muermos, gonna give it my all!!! 

Thank you for all the Loving that you all do for me and give me, emails, letters, packages, thoughts, prayers, all of it. I need it all and I Love you!! It seriously helps a guy!!! 

Hope ya'lls have a great weeks (Speaking like Ally and Jed, and soon Logan) ;) Love you all and you are all in my prayers every day!! 


Elder Connor Holt

P.S. See ya in less than a year!

My package with the Note from Mom! :) Love you

President and Hermana Obeso with me (I know I'm tall)

                         YEAR MARK!!!

Year Mark....

                Me in the Closet!!! 

Elder Jurado behind his door!! :)

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