Monday, August 18, 2014

Semana 57: La Mejor Semana en todo mi Misión!!!!

Hola todos los Gringos!!!! 
Este semana ha sido la Mejor semana en todo de mi Misión!! Fue tan genial!! Yo estaba tan Feliz con todo que.... Oh wait, you guys don't know Spanish, well... A few of you guys do... ;)

We'll get to that mas adelante!! California!! Super cool!! Sounds like you guys had a blast!! With two mission reunions!! One for Brandon's mission, and one for mine! Hope they were both awesome!! Super jealous that you guys got to ride bikes there in Newport, that definitely was the last time that I rode a bike!! Angels?? Way to kill them Red Sox in the end!! That is my team!!!! I don't even want to ask about the Crab Cooker, but just know that in a year we have to go, because you will all be surprised with what I will eat there! :) 

Anyways, I am glad that ya'lls had a good week there, because we have had one Amazing week here as well!! We had SO much success!! But Cami told me that she got to see you guys and that she got to ride the Moto before I did.... Man.... 11 months... Just kidding, I am NOT counting down at all! Especially after this past week!! 

We'll just start with going down the list of days that we had!! 

After writing you guys last week, we went back to the house to clean up and make sure all was well, before p-day ended. Then around 8 we had a lesson, but with our Neighbor!! We share a house here. Its HUGE!! The best house I have had in the Mission, and its HUGE!! In the front there is a store, which is on the first floor, and then there is our house in the middle, which is above the store, and then we also have the downstairs of the house, which is below our neighbor, but when we had to pay for the water bill the other day, we share water with our neighbor, and so we went to talk to her about it, and then I started to talk to her to see if we could get to know her and come talk to her about why we were in Chile, so we set up a date on Monday to come, and we went! Guess what, SHE WAS THERE! *Gasp* So we went with our Ward Mission Leader, and we taught the restoration! It was super sweet!! We then set up a lesson for Wednesday to go and teach her again and give her a Book of Mormon, but on Wednesday she wasn't there.... That was a bummer. But we talked with her on Friday as she was leaving to go visit her family in Puerto Montt for the weekend, so we gave her the Book of Mormon, and then we set up a lesson for last night. The lesson last night was AMAZING!! She was there and we went with our branch president who is 28 years now oh and by the way her name is Karen and she is 25 years, but it was SUCH a Spiritual lesson!! We are super excited to go back to her house on Wednesday to see if she prayed/read the Book of Mormon! So please keep Karen in your prayers!! 

Tuesday we had our Zone conference with Presidente Obeso!! It was AWESOME!! We were there the entire day with 2 other zones, so Rahue, Osorno, and La Union. It was sweet!! So much Spirit there, and not only that, I had 5 of my 10 companions there!! Elder Robertson, Elder Walker, Elder Hawkes, Elder Torrez, and Elder Rasgido! It was super sweet! I was thinking about taking a picture with all of em, but nope, although I did get one with Elder Robertson! It was the first time we had seen each other since the CCM and it was awesome! I was happy to see the kid!! :) I also had many district leaders and zone leaders there that I had known! But I was happy just to chill with Elder Walker and Elder York for lunch!! :) Have I told you that Elder York reminds me of Mike Jones?? As in the Adam Jones?? Yeah, like EXACTLY!!! Except he's a red head.... Hahahah jk!! ;)

On Friday the Zone Leaders came and we had divisions with them! It was sweet! My companion taught a whole bunch, and me?? Well... We just walked in the wind and rain all day... Not a fun day, but we did contact some people!! It was a bummer that our citas fell through...

 (I just received palos from a past Zone Leader from Coyhaique, I was wearing a hat, and I guess you can't wear hats... Poop)

Saturday in the Morning? We went out contacting knockin on doors no mas. But we came to a door that I felt we should go to, I yelled and no one came... But I felt we should still be there, so I yelled another time, and then this little old man came out, I said "hola!!" and then told him that we were missionaries, and that we had a message we would like to share with them, so he called for his wife, to see if we could come in, and she said yes, so we entered and we showed them the Mormon Message "Lo Que es Importante" from President Monson, and then after we showed them a message of the Atonement. Which was awesome! There was Spirit there, and we invited them to be baptized and to come to church, the wife said yeah that is a possibility, but couldn't come yesterday, so we are gonna bring them next week hopefully!! :)

Later in the day we had a stake youth activity, for the young men!! We went to Rahue for the stake center and it was an activity that the young men could accompany a pair of Missionaries to do some Missionary work! Presidente Obeso was there and it was awesome!! After they had three sectors that we could go to, Las Vegas, Rahue Alto, or.... CAMINO REAL!!!!! So I was just praying that I could go to Camino Real... and I GOT THE CHANCE!!! I got to go with Elder York and Carlitos Chaipul!! Oh man it was so awesome!! We went first to a cita with an investigator that Elder Whitaker and I contacted!! They are doing really well and are investigating the church a bunch now!! But they were busy, but I got to talk to Amparo which was sweet!! After, we went to the Mom of the Twins who are now both on Missions, took a picture and that was fun, after we went to the house of Daniela, who we went to the water falls with, and I gave them a picture of me with them from last Christmas, and then we ended the day with Familia Delgado!! It was so amazing! I definitely felt Trunky for my sector, but it felt just like yesterday I was working there!! I was super sad that I couldn't go and see the Chaipul family, or Makarena and Andres, but its okay! 

But yesterday at the end of the week, when we were planning for our numbers, I counted and saw that we had a BUNCH of success this past week... Drum Roll please.... 15 with Member!!! The most I have had my entire mission!!! 5 with baptism date, and its just going to get better and better here on out!! We are planning on having a baptism for Andreas, he is 9 years and is gonna be Baptized on the 30th if he passes his interview this Saturday, so keep him in your prayers!! :)

Then today, we are here in Osorno, and we just got finished playing Basketball, oh it felt so good to just relax and play after this past week of working so much!! It was Amazing!! :) Although Elder Walker ended up beating my team again by 1 point... Shoot. Just like when I was in Training... ;) 

But now it is time, to go suit up and put my Armor (White shirt, tie, and name tag) back on and head back out into the field for more War against the evil, and bring the World His Truth!! 

I Love you all so much, thank you for the prayers and everything that you do for me!! :) 

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor Holt

Elder York and Elder Holt

Elder Robertson and I

Charlie Chaplin

The Mom of the Twins (The Middle)

Mi Familia Delgado

Elder Wood and I He is the cousin of Jacie Epperson of the 33rd ward and he played Polo for Bear River!! 

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