Monday, August 25, 2014

Semana 58: Trabajamos hoy en el obra del Señor!

Hola todos de Gringolandia! Como estan? Que Baka.... nope can't say that anymore.... (I'll talk about that a little later)

But really though... how is everyone??? This past week has been awesome!! yet again another week fuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllll of successs!!! 

But before we get going, please send my regards to the Ross family! I had no idea, I am gonna send something to Elder Ross as well!! 

Sounds like you had a fun week with Kaylie and Carter, Mom! I feel like Logan must be a little jealous that they get all the attention!! We did hear about the earthquake on Saturday, That was a lot of fun, it must not have been too big, because I didn't have an inbox full of people seeing if I was alright! ;) although the bishops daughter from Camino Real told me that she was there and she felt it in her mission today. so that is always fun! 

Well, where to start...

With a new president there are new rules... some that are pretty hard... we received palos at zone conference that we need to talk better, more formal, which means we can't talk like Chileans anymore... one way to say cool is genial, that is in Spanish, but in Chile we say Bakan, well not anymore. Then there is another word that I have learned to say here learning to speak Spanish which is "po" which would be "si po" "no po" "ya po" pretty much you always use po, its super hard to give it up... but I know that I can do it!! :)

This week has really just been full of success! We had another week full of lessons with members!!! Only 14 this week, but still... from what I have seen here in the mission... its sooooooooooooooooo much!!! So that should be a hint for all of you reading this now, missionaries WANT the help of the members!!! We ended the week with 7 people for date of baptism, and then we also had 7 investigators in the church yesterday! Yeah, we are working so hard here in Rio Negro!!! 

Just want to share a couple of experiences this past week! We didn't get the chance to pass by Karen our neighbor, so I hope for that this week! But we have felt the Spirit so much here this past week!! We had divisions on Friday night and I went and taught Jacob with Hno. Sanchez who has a date for baptism on the 12th of September!! I finished up teaching him the commandments, and it was such a spiritual lesson, when his wife bore her testimony about prayer, I felt the Spirit so much!! 

After, on Saturday I went on divisions with our branch president, and we started at the house of an eternal investigator, who hasn't come to church in my time here in Rio Negro, we just talked to her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and felt the Spirit so strong, and in the end we talked about baptism and put her with a date of the 12th of September as well now!! :) I feel like its a real date because after, she asked if the president would baptize her, and so she became a main focus of our branch yesterday during our branch council. and then after this lesson, we had a family night with a less active family which was super awesome, we talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and everyone was so into the lesson it was amazing, almost started crying as well when the president started to cry bearing his testimony about the atonement.

My testimony has grown so much here in the mission, and I just want to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts, concerns. I am still out here because I receive the strength from all those!! I know that this church is true, and that through Christ and only Christ, can we return to live with our Heavenly Father with our families forever, and that is my goal. 

I love you all, trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

p.s. Yeah go check out these videos!! "come what may and love it" "create" and "mother told me" a few videos that helped me last night when I was having a tough time!! :) Love you all!!! 


Chip has an opponent... this is the new puppy of our mamita who I play with everyday before lunch! :) 

 We are the "Mormons" that live in the "Catholic" house!

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