Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 56: El Espiritu Freakin Santo

Well Howdy ya'll! 

So first things first, I can not tell you how jealous I am that you guys are all in warm weather... Not Raining... On the beach... In Laguna... and as Mom says, its the LAST TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :( Of course it has to be the last time.... just because Elder Holt isn't there.... 

So I didn't get an email from Sister Palmer, because she is in her casa now huh?? I was wondering about why I didn't get an email from her today, but she has officially "died" then huh? next is Elder Hale... here in December!! he is gonna be home here real fast!

Don't even worry about pictures, you are going to have 16 today.... so they are all loading up now!! hahahaha

Sounds like the missionary moms lunch was a lot of fun! its funnY that you are going to be eating with more tomorrow, because we have zone conference tomorrow and I will at least be with Elder Medling because he is still in the office, 

(sorry if this email is really misspelled, this keyboard is messed up and I am tired of trying to erase with the broken backspace...)

Lets see... something that I have noticed here in Rio Negro is, I am back in the world of fleas.. Elder Wood told me the same, them fleas love our gringo blood, and we both are just bit so much, but I have been free of fleas for a couple days, so that is always good!! ;) 

Anyways it has been one awesome week!! really though!! we have seen so much success this past week! 

Lets start with last Monday night we went to the house of Jacob and Veronica. they are a couple for a looooooooooooooong time, Veronica is a member and Jacob is an investigator for a loooooooooooooooong time, he practically is member, I think for like ten years something like that, but this past Monday, we had a lesson on marriage and the plan of salvation, and we told them in the end that if they could pray right now, and ask Heavenly Father if they should be married on the 6 of September and then baptized the same day that God would make it happen through miracles because they have been trying to get married for some time and that Elder Spriggs (one of the aps) would be able to be there. (he started his mission here) and wanted to be here for his baptism. so we got down in the end of the lesson and prayed about it. The Spirit was there. it was amazing and they chose to be married on this day .

Tuesday morning during the meeting for leaders, elder spriggs called me and was super excited1! HE told me that Jacob had called him and said that he was gonna get married on the 12th of September and then baptized the same day!! It was super cool!! He asked Elder Spriggs to baptize him, so it will be super cool because he will be going home after that and the fact that he started his mission here and now will end it here as well with a baptism!!

So we called Jacob after the meeting and he told us he had some great news to tell us and that we needed to come over that night@11 so we did divisions in the night , because we had a meeting with the elders of camino real and our branch presidency about a program that Chile is working with and with the missionaries. My comp told me that is was amazing that they had a ton of success and the spirit was there, that he said he needed all the lessons taught to him, and he was super excited!! At the end of the lesson, Jacob just couldn't hold it in anymore and blurted out they had a date for marriage and for his baptism!! So it was super cool to see he has lots of excitement!!! 

Also on Tuesday we moved the other elders to our house that is gigantic! 


Thursday was the birthday of my comp. but sadly he was sick that day with a cold, and got me sick. 

We had a super sweet lesson on Saturday night with the president of the branch who is only 27 years..... he has 8 years more than me... crazy.... he is president of the branch. In this lesson there were us two, the president and a family of three, a mom, a son of 23 and a son of 9, all were members but the son of 9 and we taught them of the plan of salvation, and set him with baptism date for the 30th. So that will be lots of fun! The Spirit was there and it was awesome to work together with our branch president!! 

After this lesson we went to the house of the President to give a family home evening, because his family is all less active except for his mom, but I can not tell you how much Spirit was there... like it was all just there. It was amazing. I loved it, and I am just feeling more and more of the Spirit every single day here. I love the feelings of the Spirit. 

Something that I realized today is time is going so fast. like really there just is not enough time to do anything... gah I do my things, and then I can't do everything here... it just doesn't work... so I have to figure something out.

But hey all you guys who are reading this, if you want to do something really cool!! go help the missionaries. you don't have to go on splits, (although that would be amazing as well) but offer your house, give them a reference, or go on splits. really this is the work of the Lord, not the missionaries, and we need your help! Go read chapñ. 13 in Preach My Gospel!! Please and thank you! :)

Anyways, I love you all and just want you to know that my testimony has grown so much, i know without a single doubt that this is the ONE AND ONLY true church over all the earth!! You all are amazing!! thank you for your prayers, and you are all in mine!! 

Trying to make you proud

Elder Connor Holt

 Elder Gibelyou and I

Familia Cuevas de Los Muermos

Elder Jurado and I

 This is Josefa, I was told by her mom that I brought her back to activity!!

Familia Alvarado

 Me and Elder Gubler

 "Aunt Dixie and I"

 another :)

Yeah this was here in the market next to our house

Rio Negro is beautiful right??

Do I have to say more??

Feliz Cumpliaños Elder Rasgido

i was eating a "Man Cake" it was #Delish

this many transfers left...

 I bought this today, because I have been having trunkie swimming and water polo dreams this past week...

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