Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 55: The "Trunkiest" Week of the Mission

Hello Hello Hello!!! 

You guys are going to kill me.... I don't have my camera here this week with me... Well I have my camera, but I forgot my cord, so I can't send pictures which is super dumb.... because I have so many pictures to send!!! Sorry not sorry.

Wow, I don't even know where to begin, you guys are gonna be in Laguna this week... Super Jealous, but don't worry, I am on a Mission, which I know makes you ALL Jealous!! ;) 

I don't even know where to start with this past week! It has been lots of fun!! hmmmmmmmm

Well we can start with Monday after we were done writing, we left to go to a house of a Menas Activo named Jorge, his son from Santiago was there and his daughter who is Menas Activo was also!! We got the chance to share with them all! They also made us a dish of Salchipop! Which is French Fries with hot dogs. Super Yummy!! :) But the next day it was not so happy with my stomach. Because we ate SOOOOOO much with oil... Hahahahaha All day Tuesday I definitely had diaria... hahahahah 

Tuesday, I got to say bye to Elder Gibelyou! He was in my Zone there and we took pictures, but I still can't send them until next week.... 
Then in the evening we visited my two favorite families of Los Muermos! Family Alvarez and Familia Cuevas. It was super hard to leave Familia Cuevas, they were all crying. Like it was super cool to see, because I thought I hadn't done anything there in Los Muermos, but they showed me wrong, that I at least helped them out! The mom pulled me aside before we left and personally thanked me for helping her daughter become active again! Since she attended church this last week, and gave a talk which was awesome!! Familia Alvarez was super awesome as well!! I had lots of inside jokes with them!! They are awesome!!! :)

Wednesday we had cambios! Oh man, how crazy it was, I had to say goodbye to Elder Dennis, but oh boy how crazy it was!! I got to bus up to Osorno with Elder Walker, because he is in my zone again here in Rahue!! Elder York is still in Camino Real, and Elder Walker is now in Rahue Alto who live with the elders of Camino Real!! But I saw so many elders that I knew that day!! Elders who had cambios and Elders who were Ending their Mission!!! Ahhh it was crazy how many elders I knew this Wednesday pasado!! I didn't even realize how it was!! Like.... Super Trunky!! 

I am now here in Río Negro!! Super Awesome! I am with Elder Rasgido from Argentina. My fourth Latino Comp. in a row! (You would think that my Spanish was good or something) But its really not hahaha but it is getting better! :) Not only that but I am his ´´Mama´´ which means that he just ended his training!! He is only on his 3rd cambio!! So he is new here in the Mission, and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is!! The kid has so much Faith and wants to do so much!! So we are going to have lots of success here!! 

We have an investigator who we passed on Thursday night, named Verta. Both of her daughters are members, but her son isn't. Her oldest daughter is going to leave on a Mission here in October, to Mexico. She has a baptismal date for the 23rd of August, so we will see if we can make it happen!! And there are a bunch of people here who are getting ready for Baptism, so we will see what we can do!! :)

I can't even begin to describe how trunky church was yesterday.. First off the AP's called me at 9 and said that they were gonna come to our church, because they don't have an assigned ward right now, and they both started here in Río Negro. Then two members from Camino Real showed up, because they have a calling in the stake and apperently work with my branch!! It was super awesome to see the Familia Sepulvida, I was super happy!! Also, Elder Gubler (My first District Leader) came to our church, WITH HIS FAMILY! So we had 7 elders with us, and we sang ´´I'll go where you want me to go´´ right after the sacrament, before the testimonies! It was awesome! They all stayed during the church, and so we had 7 elders there and it just helped the Spirit be there!! After church I took a picture with Elder Gubler, and his sister pulled out her camera, which was like mine at home, and I got so jealous... Gosh dang it, I miss taking pictures!! hahahaha algunas meses mas! ;) 

Then last night?? Yeah, want to know who I met here in Río Negro!! The one. The Only. Aunt Dixie!! I walked into this house and I recognized this hermana immediately, but I didn't know from where. We were eating with them, and I just kept thinking, when all of a sudden it came to my mind that this hermana looked JUST like Aunt Dixie! So I took a picture to show you guys!! But... I don't have my camera cord... So you will have to show Aunt Dixie she has a twin down here in Chile! ;)

Really though my zone is super awesome and I can just tell you that this cambio is going to be awesome!! I am super excited to see what we can do!! Although I am a little sad, because we are changing the districts here in the zone tomorrow, I had planned an inter cambio with the elders of Las Vegas this Wednesday after our District Meeting, so I could go see my Mamita from Camino Real, they had been pumping her up for it as well, but now I can't because Las Vegas is going to a different district, and its only going to be the 4 elders of us here in Río Negro!! Although that is cool too!! We are going to move the other two elders to our house tomorrow!! That will be fun, because Elder Wood is here, and he is the cousin of Jacie Epperson! He is one of my favorite elders here in the Mission, he is HILARIOUS!! Hahaha

Anyways, that really was my week, once again, I am super sorry that I don't have pictures to send along, it just means, that next week, I am going to have to send like 40!! Hopefully I can last another week with my memory card, because I have like 10 more pictures I can take. I am gonna buy a new card next monday!! 

I am also super Jealous that you guys are going to be in California.... I expect picture of the beach!! and Sunsets!! :) 

Love you Both oh so much!!! :)

Keep killing it with the Mission Mom and Dad! You guys gotta give it your all!! You only have a couple months left!! 

Keep killing the school Brandon!! You gotta week left! Cree que tu puedes! Por que yo creo en ti! :)

Jen and Nate... You guys are in Laguna now... Enjoy the sun for me!! :) 

Ally and Jed, you guys are gonna be on the plane here real soon!! Super Jealous!! :)

I Love you all oh so much!!! 

Trying to make you proud!

Elder Connor Holt

P.s. Sorry no pictures

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