Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 67: Echado de Rahue de NUEVO...

Hey all!! 

So yeah, I have a crazy letter today... Week 68 was super Crazy! Lots of feelings that went down, excitement, disappointment, sorrow, betrayal, just lots... 

Where to start?? Well how about, I can't reply to your letter today, because I haven't read it yet, and there just is not enough time, so I will be reading it after!! 

Anyways, I probably should start out by saying that Elder Rich and I are now in a new sector! We are in the Zone of Osorno now and we are in the sector of Entre Lagos! Why you ask?? Well that's where the fun part of the story comes in! I will give lots without all them deets (details) and what not! 

So this past week we started the week out with lots of excitement Elder Rich and I! We were planning on doing so much! We had a bunch of people telling us they wanted to come to our new Clase de Ingles that we had just started and we were gonna do lots there!! 

Although something bad went down when we got a call on Wednesday from the other elders saying that President Obeso just called them with some "Weird" info.. He was kinda angry with Elder _____ because the stake pres had called him, saying the branch pres from_____ had called to say that he saw Elder _____ take Elder _____ by the neck and punch him in the face... Elder _____was super confused and put the phone on speaker so that Elder ______ could hear, and Elder _____ just started to laugh!!! Ha so that part was funny, so they then called us and told us what happened, so we tried calling both the stake president and the branch president like 100 times each, neither answered...

So the next morning we went to go talk with some members about this problem that had occurred to see what they thought we should do to make things better, and after the Branch President called me to ask why we called so many times. We ended up setting an appt. with him to meet with him at 8:30 that night, and so we did that and then finished our day of proselitismo which was awesome! Then that night we went to go talk to presidente and we were there until 10. 
I feel so bad for Elder ______, his brother passed away at the beginning of his Mission, another brother went to jail, his mom now has cancer, he had to get his appendix taken out,

So we were called the next day saying that we were getting moved. The 4 of us. Elder Petrovelli and Elder Perkins went to Puerto Montt, and Elder Rich and I went to Entre Lagos!! We were called at like 6:30 on Friday night, and so we only have 2 and a half hours to go say bye to everyone that we could!! So we got to the familia de Jacob, pero Jacob no estaba, ummm Victor y Ana, Jose Luis y Eugenia, Ricardo y Carla, y in the end we went to Familia Quintanilla and invited Victor y Ana, and the familia of our Mamita so that we could say bye to them all!! That was definitely the hardest, because they were all the maddest about the whole situation, and in the end we sang "God be with you till we meet again" Yeah, no ha bien ojos secos... Todos ha bien llorando después eso! 

On Saturday we left in the morning and Familia Quintanilla took us here to the bus station in Osorno! We then got on the Bus with the Zone Leaders, and one of them is Elder Powell from my group in the MTC and also Elder Robertson is in my zone now as well!! But we got to Entre Lagos around 5 and we were told that we had a basketball cita with an investigator, and we went with the only joven chico de todo 20 personas en our rama!! It was super awesome! We were told that there was going to be like 20 people there, when in realidad there were like 50 and they had 4 teams and it was like a legit game of 4 quarters of 10 minutes each! So we got put on a team and we got to play, then when we weren't playing we were talking with the people on our team or the people in the stands and it was super sweet! But I dunno if we are gonna have the chance to do it again.

Yesterday we got to the church and it was super sweet!! Although super small!! Its in a house, smaller than Los Muermos, and there were only 22 people there. Yeah we'll be giving lots of talks and we teach Sunday school and also priesthood, its a good thing we have 2 hermana misioneras tambien!! 

Oh and what was super cool was on Saturday we went to lunch with a member, and we found out that he is the papa de una miembro de Camino Real!! Because she was there with her grandkids!! So I got to see some people from Camino Real which was awesome! From Familia Sepulvida!! So if you go back to January when I had my first Sober Cambio you can see a picture of them and I will be taking another with them soon!! 

Today we played basketball with our Zone and with Rahue which was super cool, because I got to see Elder Rasgido who is in the Zone again as well as Elder Christopherson!! Oh and Elder Robertson! So 3 of my past compañeros!! Ha It was sweet! And then when we were printing some photos off, lo and behold who came in?? The one and only Daniela from Camino Real!! She was my first investigator from Camino Real, and what was funny is she knew it was my birthday! But she cheated because she said she knew from Facebook hahaha oh well it was super fun to talk to her for a bit!! 

But I am super happy because we have the chance to White Wash the sector!! I have always wanted to White Wash a sector, because its more of a challenge and you don't have any preferenced members or people to pass  off to the other compañero!! So here we go!! We are gonna work our butts off here!! 

I Love you all so much!! Thank you for your emails, prayers, and Love in general!! I use it all everyday!! 

Trying to make you Proud,

Elder Connor G. Holt

Ps. Don't worry mom, only like 8 weeks... I think!

 Familia Almonocid Vargas

Jose Luis y Eugenia (They are inactivos who I really cared about and tried to help so much and they came at least once!!)

 Ricardo, Carla, y Josefa!! Some of my Favorite Members in the entire Mission!! 

Tamara our investigator de Ingles

We just had to take a picture like this with "Real" Guns!! 

Victor y Ana 

Mamita Nancy, Papito Eduardo, y Seba

Familia Quintanilla

Jacob (The only converso we could say goodbye to...)

Mi Distrito de Río Negro

5 palabras "Por Que Estamos en Chile"

Con Daniela Hoy día! 

Yeah at the Mall?? Its not even Halloween and they are starting their Christmas stuff!! 

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