Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 65: One Freakin Crazy Week...

Hello everyone (in a deep voice) Since I am now a Man... hahaha just kidding! 

Anyways... I don't have very much time, because we went to Volcán Osorno hoy día como Zona!! So we just got back to Rio Negro, and now I gotta write the fam here and Presidente still!! So I dunno if I am gonna have time to write anyone else back today... Sorry not sorry! (If that's still in...)

This week has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Crazy!!! The best part?? There isn't gonna be ANY pictures of it.... This morning I was blue-toothing some music from one of the other elders phones to my phone, and then I needed my card for my camera, and then all the pictures were erased.... So I am gonna work on getting those back this week, so sorry Mom, you'll have to watch for next week's episode to get the pictures of everything that you'll hear about today!!! 

Where to start with... How bout when I turned 20?? Well, I woke up in the morning and did my exercises like normal!! It was a good morning, and then I got in the shower, and when I got out, I came into my room to find "Breakfast in Bed" made by my companion, so I took it down stairs and ate and it was super sweet!! I figured I was gonna be safe, because Elder Petrovelli wasn't feeling well, so he was in bed still and I knew they would try and do something!! But after I finished, all the elders whipped out some gifts which were awesome!! Then my companion told me that our neighbor Karen was just about to leave so we ran outside, but when I realized I was alone, I turned around and saw him jumping on me, and then a pot full of Flan was thrown all over me!! Then Flour... So yeah.... Had to go shower again, and do all that fun stuff!! I will explain it better when I get home one day, because let's just say I had to change my clothes 5 times and by the end of the day, I was wearing my companion's pants, which aren't the tallest of shorts...

At the end of the day as we were coming home, we got a call from the other elders saying they were gonna go to the hospital because Elder Petrovelli was feeling really sick!! So we went with them at 10 pm and we left at 11 pm because the paramedic told him he would be fine until Morning. Well... In the morning, we ended up calling the President's wife, and she had us leave Immediately for a Hospital in Osorno!! So we left, and after the analysis we found out that Elder Petrovelli had Appendicitis, and also stones in his Vesícula... So he went into Surgery immediately! It was pretty crazy... But I had the chance to give him 3 blessings this last week. Also after we gave him a blessing before he went in for surgery, we saw another lady who was about to go through surgery, and my companion and the hermano we were with both felt the Spirit at the same time to go ask her if she would like to have a blessing, and at first she said no, but then she let us! After the blessing, she was crying and it was super Spiritual!!!! 

Just so you know, Elder Petrovelli is okay here now!! He is now just resting in the house!! But we visited him on Friday when we had to go to Osorno for a Meeting!! That was fun!! 

Then last night, we went to the house of the Elders in Camino Real and Rahue Alto! We slept the night there, and I got to talk to Mamita Chaipul on the phone, and also Hermana Makarena, but we were there with them, because today we went to the Volcano Osorno!! IT was super fun!! It was a great night spending it with the elders there, and having another chance to spend the night with Elder Walker my trainer!! Today we had a Snow Ball fight, the Gringos vs the Latinos!! It was super fun!! But I only have photos from that today!! Sorry, I am gonna try and get my pictures back tonight with a member that we have plans to do a Noche de Hogar!! 

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes! I just wanna wish my Dad the Happiest Birthday tomorrow, right along side with Erik over there in the UK!! Love you guys!! 

Thank you for all your prayers!! And just know that Elder Holt is gonna be "Playin that Funky Music, because he's a White Boy!" Heard that song on the bus today and so its gonna be a "Funky" Week!! :) 

I Love you all!! 

Trying to make you proud

Elder Connor Holt

Ps... Sorry I lied, this computer USB ports are glued shut... So you'll have to wait until next week... Love ya'll!! 

Elder Holt and Elder Gibelyou on Volcano Osorno

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