Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 74: Sing Sing Sing (Can't wait to hear that song...)

Hey todos!! Como Estan??
This week has been pretty crazy!! Well, yes and no. Ha! Like hmmmm where to start??
On Tuesday I had the chance to go to on an intercambio with Elder Lillo de Santiago in Entre Lagos!! So that was lots of fun, I had the chance to show him around, and to give him a bunch of people to pass by and now they are having cualquier Exito!! It was lots of fun, because it was like a party for me at the same time!! Everyone who saw me was super excited and were like "ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!" hahah okay.... 6 days.... ha but hey I was Happy to see them all again!! It felt like I had never left!! So that was lots of fun!!
Ummm on Friday we had a Mission Doctor come to the mission. He is in Santiago I think, but it was kinda a surprise Mission Conference, and so it was lots of fun! There were only 3 zones here in Osorno with him and Pres. Obeso, but all the others got to watch by Skype! Ha so that was a whole bunch of fun!! We got some good things from the talk he gave us!!
Really shoot... I dunno, its been a long week of walking... Ha we have contacted a bunch of people this week, and with every cita we set up, every single one fell through... We figured it was "Murphys law" last night, because the Members here are AMAZING! Since we have awesome members, no podemos tener Investigadores.... Where as in other sectores if we have investigators, the members don't really want to help... Ha so yeah its fun.
This week, we  found out during our estudios de compaƱerismo that we have a little friend! The Neighbors had a kitty, and when i tried to scare it by hitting the window it just wanted to come and say hi, so as I opened the window it jumped in and ran in our house, and it has come in like 5 times now, so we have to keep throwing it out hahaha but its fun!
Then we have had 2 three hour choir practices for our songs this past weekend. Wow, I thought I ended Madrigals in 2013, but looks like I am in Madrigals for Christmas of 2014 here in Chile, we are in 3 Choirs... We are gonna be singing at a park with a few members here on Fridayat 3 in the afternoon and the Misioneras, and then we are gonna be singing on Friday at 8 at night, downtown in Osorno in front of everyone! Then on Saturday we should be going to the Ward Christmas Devo, but last night the ZLs told us Presidente Obeso wants us to go with our Zone and Rahue to go sing in Rio Negro, and then on Sunday night we are going to be singing at the Stake Christmas Devo.... Yeah, we are going to be practicing everyday, when we are done here we are going to go practice our song with the hermanas, because now that we aren't singing in the ward Devo, we are going to be doing a special number in sacrament I think on Sunday!
Really though, that is the week, and next weeks email will probably be shorter, with how much singing we are gonna be doing this week...
Oh yeah! And our photo competition?? Well the hermanas cheated, they somehow took our idea, hahah like we practically took the exact same photo, I will send their foto next week, because they didn't send it to me today... :/ So yeah!! It was fun though, so we have another week to see who is gonna win!!! 

Although, I forgot to mention Elder Jeppson and I have gone Christmas Caroling! So that has been fun, because we have gotten some weird looks!! But those who have let us sing have been super awesome! But we haven't had the chance to go back to any of them yet, we'll see if it was truly successful this week, as we try and go back for our citas!!
But that is about it here in Osorno, do you guys have plans yet for Skyping?? We will find somewhere to do it this week, but you guys gotta give me the time you want to do it! Since last year for number 1 it was super early, and for number 2 it was late, so you guys tell me what when where why how and all that fun stuff!!
I Love you guys so much and I pray for you every single day!! See you in 10!
trying to make you proud,

Elder Connor Holt

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