Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 75: I'm Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas

Well shoot.... Week 75?? Like does that mean I am 3/4 of the way through my Mission or what?!?! Wow... I dunno what to even think about that. A Crazier thought?? How many days I have left... But we'll get to that a little later on!! :)

How are all you guys?? Trunky for Christmas?? I sure wasn´t.... Until Friday!! but yes, you can now say that I am SUPER stoked to talk with all of you guys on Thursday!! All though, it STILL doesn't feel like Christmas... Even if it is my second one out here, there still is no snow... Man...

Anyways with calling on Christmas, What do you guys think about calling like around... hmmmm like 9 oclock?? That is about 1 here, and my companion wants to talk to his family at the same time there in Cali!! 

Anyways now to talk about our Crazy week of Singing??

Yeah lets see, every single day we were singing! It was super fun! I Loved it, but we sure didn't feel like Missionaries!! If you want to hear one of my songs, you can go search for Bruce or Jill Beecroft on Facebook, they are one of the couple missionaries and they filmed my song last night with 7 other people, so that was lots of fun!! 

Before all of that, it was super scary last Monday night, when we got a call from the AP's saying, "Hey we are gonna have an Intercambio on Wednesday..." Crap... was all that went through my mind, that has never happened my entire mission!! But when they came it was awesome!! We had an Awesome intercambio for like 3 hours to work a tun in our sector and try and find some new people, without much success... But it was awesome!! I was with Elder Kevesdy!! Awesome Elder!! Sings like a Boss!! 

Then on Friday before our concert, we had a Christmas Devo with Pres. Obeso the Missionaires from Rahue and Osorno!! It was super awesome, and we got a dinner as well!! super Yummy, and super Spiritual!! He told us that we should go sing to less actives on Christmas, so I think we will be doing that!! :)

We performed on Friday night, in the plaza de Osorno!! So that was lots of fun!! We sang all of our songs, one of my favorites?? Carol of the Bells, oh man that one was SO much fun! Then we did this crazy song called "Hallelujah" which was part of the Messiah... Yeah it was crazy for a choir of a bunch of people who haven't sung before, but last night it turned out AMAZING!! 

Then we were told that on Saturday last week we would have to not go to our ward Christmas parties, since like every single ward had theirs that day, and to be going to Rio Negro to go sing!! I was super stoked!! Then I was told I wouldn't be able to go.. I was super bummed, so I asked the APs when we were with them, and they said sure, and so the ZLs called me and said that I could go, and so I was super stoked, then they called me like an hour later on Thursday night saying that I couldn't go... Which was a bummer, so I didn't end up going.... I had to stay with an office elder that didn't sing, and we worked in the office which was fun, but I now know I REALLY don't want to be an office elder hahahaha unless I am called to be one, but yeah, much better to be out roaming around!! 

Then yesterday since we didn't got to the ward place on Saturday the 4 of us in Ovejeria had to have a Special number in sacrament "Oh darn..." I wasn't too upset, we sang "Angels we have heard on high" it was super good as well! :) then we had our last concert there in our Stake Devo! It was super awesome and super spiritual!! We sang more songs than on Friday and it was awesome!! That's where if you go look up the Beecrofts you will find our songs!!

Tomorrow we have our last concert!! With like 20 Evangelicos who live next to us, our 1st councilor signed us up!! So we will see how that has to go down!! Ha!! 

SO yeah, like really?? "Sing Sing Sing" like I said last week, but we won't have a total normal week, until the week after New Years ha! So we'll see how things go down!! 

Anyways, I Love you guys all so much!! Please thank Grandpa and Uncle Mike and Aunt Cathy for the Money!! It helped me today!! :) I can't wait to see you guys on Thursday!! You guys should also record their talks and the talk of Spence!! That would be super cool!! 

Thank you for everything that you do, and all your prayers!! 

Trying to make you proud, 

Elder Connor Holt

Oh yeah and thought you would like this... 
190 days left.... 
I am starting Senior year here in 10 days and I will be getting out for summer next June! Crazy.... Looks like Mrs. Sorenson is gonna have to deal with me for another 180 days!! ;)

 Elder Lillo and I in Entre Lagos

Solo tengo 4 mas...

Our kitty friend

#ShareTheGift that God has given you as well

 last week after emailing we found this "steal man" So I paid him 200 pesos and he came to life and moved and then took a picture!! It was lots of fun!! :)

Obviously I've gained some sort of weight here on the Mission if two hermanas can't pull me up!! ;)

The other Picture of the competition for last week


Look the Chileans have grown in a year! ;)

Elder Kevesdy and I in front of the only Christmas house here!

Teeter-Totter fun with the Missionaries of Ovejeria!! 

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